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DFW Airsoft

The Glock 19 is a 9mm pistol created by (well just guess cause I'm not telling). It was designed to be similar to the Glock 17 exzept it is meant to be a carry pistol, so it is smaller, much smaller.

An advantage to the glock series of pistols is the ergonomics and durability, not accuracy. Ergonomically they are easy and quick to draw and get shots off with. This is because they have a slightly larger angle between the barrel and the grip. Thus, the sights are lined up quicker enabling you to get a shot off quicker. Another advantage to the ergonomics to this gun is the sights; nice, big, easy to line up and stay that way. The durability of the glock series of pistols is very good. Glock tests their pistols for their durability, run them over with trucks, pour sand down the barrels, and so on.

KSC replicated this series of pistols very well, and the Glock 19 is no exception. When I opened the box I was suprised by two things. One, it is really heavy, it actually outweighs my tactical master.This is an almost perfect replica, the weights are almost exactly the same.The two little "buttons" on the side of the frame are to field strip the Glock, like the real one. There are two exceptions to the almost perfect feel of the Glock 19. One, it is MORE accurate than the real Glock 17 and 19 (yes I have shot them) and I have no problem with this. Two, the trademarks on this gun are a little off. The big G and the lock inside of it are not really there, instead there is a G. Also the Austria along the slide is not there , and in its place is MILSIM. I hate it when there aren't the right trademarks but they are close so its not that big of a deal. Other than those this gun is perfect. On the magazine there are 1-15 little holes to show how many bullets are left, however for this feature to serve its full performance it the bbs would have to load from the back. Never the less, this is very good attention to detail on KSC's part.

It is very durable, this gun can take a lot (I do not encourage pouring sand down the barrel or running it over with a automobile). The slide and frame seem to be different shades of plastic because they have different textures. This is also like the real Glock series because they have a metal slide and a plastic frame, hence different textures on the frame and slide.

Some other less noticable advantages to buying a ksc Glock 19. Ergonomics as I have described above and durability are the main points of this pistol. However, there are some other smaller ones. To load the mag up with gas you have to pull a cover off of the mag, so you wont see the valve normally (adds to the realism. To put bbs in you pull down a little spring, if you do it right the spring will stay in place and you can pour bbs into the mag. The sights are outlined with white so they are easier to line up, and the rear sight is adjustable for windage.

After opening the cover to the valve for the mag I inserted Green Gas into the mag. I have always used green gas and have experienced no problems yet. The green gas gives it a very good kick, very crisp, very quick, felt very good, but controllable.

Like I had said before, the accuracy is very good, better than the real Glock 19 might I add. However a little more accuracy is desired. The accuracy is around 2" groupings at 10 yards, not great. But this minor problem ,like all others, are fixable. 6.04 innerbarrels are available, along with many other accesories.

realism- 9/10
value- 9/10
sights- 9/10

Although there are a lot of 9s on the score, to me this gun left a little desired. But it is a good value and a good begginer's gun. It is very popular pistol, very durable, and most likely the best Glock by KSC (I haven't shot the glock 34 yet).

-Cameron Dosdovi