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KSC Glock 18C


Simply put, I love this gun. Concerning its power, I have made a number of my adversaries bleed using .20 gram BBs. It has all the FPS you will ever need and probably will ever get from a medium size pistol. Although KSC advises that you do not use top gas, I have never used anything else and have had no troubles. I do usually shy away from using the fully automatic mode, for excessive use will most likely break the slide using top gas unless you buy a metal slide, which will cost you around $40. As for its accuracy, it is what you would expect from a gun with a 4-inch barrel. It will shoot whatever you want to within its range, reasonably speaking. With no wind, I have shot people from distances that equal some AEGs. The stock magazine holds from 60-80 shots worth of gas when full. The internal hammer can get annoying, as it is easy to forget when the gun is cocked. With time, though, one gets used to it. One more thing this gun lacks is a valid safety. It has no real trigger lock, as Glock has substituted it for an awkward contraption built into the trigger. On second thought, who needs a safety anyway?

Glock 18C Cosmetics

This gun is painfully realistic. Every trademark is there; every symbol is there. The preciseness of this gunís look is one of the more exciting things about it. When compared to an actual Glock 18C, it is hard to find differences. The rail frame comes in handy when using accessories. The gun has a nice overall finish. Unfortunately, the metal slide hurts the gunís image a little, for it is a darker and shinier than the rest of the gun, making it look a little out of place. This too, however, is realistic- the slide sticks out on real Glocks as well. The gun is a little on the light side, but this is the case with almost all airsoft guns. The only bad thing is that it looks like all the other Glocks in the series. But after all that isnít KSCís fault, right?

A finger channel rubber grip is one of the only things this gun lacks in this category. I would recommend buying a replacement grip if you have the money. The blowback is nice and quick. The gun just feels right in your hands.


I have had this gun for about a year and have used it at least once every two months. I am fully satisfied with its performance both as a backup and as a primary weapon. I recommend it to anyone who does not want to spend $250 for a nice AEG or to those who have the cash to buy an AEG and a good secondary weapon. I bought it at for $130.
Rail-Framed Accessories

Accuracy: 9/10
Looks: 10/10
Sights: 9/10
Reliability: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Feel: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Review written by Malcolm White