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Welcome to Fort Worth Airsoft, a site devoted to those that play the Game in the Dallas- Fort Worth area in North Texas. It contains reviews, 'war stories', ideas for scenarios, and guides written by me and my fellow airsoft players. We hope that you find this site informative and interesting. Please send any broken links reports or comments to Simon or Malcolm and send any questions about airsoft to Dosdovi

This page is currently under lots of construction.

1/21/03: Wow, what a weekend. Just letting you know that glock18 and m9 pictures are coming, and reviews of the marui M4RIS and the marui MP5A5 are also on their way.

1/16/03: This is Simon. Just hoping everyone is getting ready for the upcoming event. also, everyone should check this out: A test I made that tells you what airsoft gun is right for you. It's very cool and works fairly well.

12/31/02:just added pictures to the tac master review and the glock 19 review and the p90 review. Check em out some of em are really good pics!-Cameron

12/29/02: Happy Holidays folks, I just finished the Glock 19 review, and I shall have pictures, O yes it will have pictures.-Cameron

12/04/02: Another work in progress that hopefully will be finished is a player profile section, complete with up to date stats like kills and deaths if the player chooses. Email me ( Dosdovi ) or Simon (sgooch ) if you want to be included. Include guns owned, favorites (links, movies, guns real steel or fake), what you do other than airsoft (if you don't do airsoft then don't bother;) and maybe ,if you want, a picture of you.

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