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ATTENTION: TOURIST VISITORS TO EAST MOLOKAI ! Aloha, my name is Lee Callahan, and I am living here on a TARO farm with my husband, Jim. We hope you will contact me by phone or e-mail when planning your trip here so I can meet you that day.... I want to show you my beautiful "taro patches", flooded terraces that were a new and unique way of growing taro, invented by Hawaiians after their arrival here in 700 AD (or so) Yes, the typical Hawaiian was a farmer with a family living a subsistence lifestyle in a small valley with a stream for growing taro, his primary and preferred food. Come to visit my farm to learn more about taro, and the importance of taro in old Hawaii, while relaxing in the shade! Then take a stroll around the taro patches and try to imagine what it was like here back then. Passing by the ever-running stream, learn how the Hawaiians conserved and kept the fresh water clean, honoring the water as a lifegiving force of nature. I also want to introduce you to our Asian swamp-type water buffalo, often called the LIVING TRACTOR OF THE EAST. BIGFOOT has been living here and helping for 2 1/2 years. My husband is at work during the day but I will be home to make you greet you for this tourist activity showing off a fine example of ancient Hawaiian Agriculture, the taro patches at Honouliwai. Please give me a call in advance of your trip at 1-808-558-8922 for your appointment!! Mahalo !! When visiting east Molokai, why not experience some of the real Hawaiian culture?

10 reasons to stop at HONOULIWAI TARO PATCH FARM

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