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This little candles burns for all of the
people and their families that were seperated
on September 11'th 2001 in New York City.
This candle burns for America, our loss,
and our strength and unity to come together
for these lives and our country.

May God Be With Us All

Welcome to CelticRose Creations! Here you will find all sorts of calling cards I have designed for you to use. If you don't know about calling cards then you are in for a big treat! Calling cards are an older custom of leaving a note at the home of someone you are visiting as a nice way of saying " I dropped by " or " I enjoyed my visit in your home ". Today on the net we use these the same way but in guestbooks! Also you may want to add them to your emails. There are many uses for these quaint little cards. All you have to do is put in your personal information. Name, Address, ect. All I ask is that you please leave my logo and my card design the way it is. But as for your info you can add away! I would like to thank all of the wonderful sites that provided me with the graphics and tools I needed to create these designs! Enjoy the cards and thanks for visiting my home! Please leave your card. =) Or a message in the guestbook.

P.S. If you would like me to personalize a card for you email me with what you would like on it! I also take requests for cards to be made!


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