Eyebrows Make the World Go Round
And here’s the proof:

Here is Samuel West as Major Edrington demonstrating the simple Expectant Eyebrow Raise

Disney’s Ron Stoppable modeling the Suggestive Eyebrow Raise

See, even monkeys have awesome eyebrows. Here is Jack the Monkey showing off his Baleful Eyebrow Lower

Kenneth Branagh as Benedick Raising his eyebrows

Kenneth Branagh again as Benedick, this time Right-Handed Cocking his eyebrows

Brad Sherwood, who somehow manages to defy the conventional rules of Eyebrow Acrobatics and shape his brows into tildes

Jack Davenport as Commodore Norrington, performing something between a Suggestive and a Bemused Eyebrow Raise

Christian Bale as Demetrius showing off the Anguished Eyebrow Lower

Disney’s Thomas showing off the Dubious Right-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Sam Rockwell as Francis Flute, modeling the Affirmative Eyebrow Raise. Or Right-Handed Cock. Or something.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow scoring a 9.9 with his Worried Eyebrow Lower

Jason Marsden showing off a Subtle Right-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Jon Stewart showing off a Not-So-Subtle Left-Handed Eyebrow Cock

The Lego people like eyebrows, too. This Lego man is demonstrating the Angry Left-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Jason Marsden again, showing off a More Blatant Right-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Mike Myers as Charlie MacKenzie performing a Left-Handed Eyebrow Cock that can be seen from space

Disney’s Owen Burnett demonstrating his Right-Handed End of the World Eyebrow Cock

Robert Lindsay as Sir Edward Pellew, doing a simple, but effective, Smug Eyebrow Lower

Billy Boyd as Peregrin “Pippin” Took displaying his version of the Expectant Eyebrow Raise

Greg Proops’ masterful Right-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Disney’s Puck flaunting a Bemused Left-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Stanley Tucci as Puck encompassing a whole string of expletives with his Oops! Eyebrow Raise

Disney’s Thomas shows that there’s more to those eyebrows than just Dubiousness. They can also do the Amused Right-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, cocoa-blasted and performing the If You Say So Eyebrow Raise

Orlando Bloom again as Will Turner, pulling of a very impressive Left-Handed Eyebrow Cock

Hugo Weaving as Elrond flashing his Eyebrows of Doom at two unfortunate Hobbits

Another of Jon Stewart’s famed Left-Handed Eyebrow Cocks

And Stewart’s Daily Show buddy, Stephen Colbert, demonstrates a wide variety of Eyebrow Acrobatics in America: The Book

Paul McGann as Lieutenant William Bush shoots a Left-Handed Eyebrow Cock at Hornblower, I believe

Noah Calhoun, played by Ryan Gosling, raises his eyebrows in something between amusement and embarrassment

Ryan Gosling shows off another of his tricks – the Slightly Confused Lower

Jason Lee shows that the Eyebrow Raise can be used to project elitism, too

Alan Rickman gets in on the action with (from left to right) a Slightly-Pained Knit, Amused Raise, and Slight Devilish Raise.

Ben Affleck is another of the many members of the Dogma cast with interesting eyebrows. Shown here are the Puzzled Knit and Amused Raise

Loki puts Bartleby’s Raise to shame with Matt Damon’s Expectant Raise

Rufus (Chris Rock) uses his magnificently executed Raise to make a point

And Kevin Smith uses his eyebrows to convey all manner of emotions as Silent Bob, including this Quizzical Raise

Terrence Corrigan as Midshipman Wellard, pulling off an impressively pointy Raise

Forgiving the fact that the cowboy hat and hair make him almost unrecognizable to those of us who know him almost exclusively as Lex Luthor, one cannot deny that Michael Rosenbaum’s Amused Eyebrow Raise is impressive (and absolutely adorable, to boot)

Kevin Hearn, best known as Barenaked Ladies’ shy keyboardist, dubiously Knits his eyebrows

Duran Duran’s keyboardist, Nick Rhodes, has some interesting eyebrows, as well. Here he is, either performing a Left-Handed Cock or a full-out Raise (only being able to see one of his eyebrows makes it a bit difficult)

And here we have Duran Duran bassist John Taylor demonstrating a beautiful Left-Handed Cock (where have all the righties run off to all of a sudden?)

Gerard Butler Knits his brows in this shot from...some movie that I haven’t yet seen, but which I’m sure he is fabulous in

A very young Ben Savage almost gives his co-star a run for his money with this Left-Handed Cock

Tim McInnerny as Lord Percy Percy performing first a confused Left-Handed Cock and an expectant Raise
Thanks to Captain Chaotica!! for these pictures.

Rowan Atkinson as Lord Edmund Blackadder, demonstrating the You Have GOT to be Kidding Me... Right-Handed Cock
Thanks to Captain Chaotica!! for this picture.

Dominic Monaghan as Lost's Charlie Pace showing off his Dubious Raise
Thanks to Ashley for this picture.

The always entertaining Dane Cook and his brows. In the first picture, I don't think he's actually doing anything with them, other than having them. The second shows a Left-Handed Cock

Chris Barrie as Arnold J. Rimmer performing a rather smug...Right-Handed Cock? I'm not really sure.
Thanks to Captain Chaotica!! for this picture.

Lena Headey as Angelika showing off a stunning Right-Handed Cock

Heath Ledger chilling out off screen on the filming of Brothers Grimm and giving...something a beautiful What the...?! Raise

Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) adding gravitas to his statement with a Raise

Christian Bale Cocking his left brow ever so slightly in order to enhance his drunk act while portraying Bruce Wayne

Liam Neeson has a spectacular Left-Handed Cock, which he shows off in this shot from Batman Begins

Patrick Troughton, seen here as the Second Doctor, had absolutely fantasticly charming eyebrows.

And here he is as Salamander, proving that he can do Evil Eyebrows, as well.

Third Doctor Jon Pertwee's eyebrows weren't quite as delightfully energetic, but they got the job done.

...And, anyway, Pertwee's co-star Nicholas Courtney's eyebrows helped make up the difference. The first picture shows Courtney as Bret Vyon in the First Doctor serial "The Dalek's Master Plan," and the rest are stills of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

Richard Franklin (seen here as Captain Mike Yates) had some nice eyebrows, as well.

Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor had a lovely right-handed eyebrow cock.

Tenth Doctor David Tennant's eyebrows are just as hyperactive as the rest of him.

But the Eyebrow King is...
Will Friedle, who can do things with his eyebrows that would thrill anyone. Yup. See?

Raise: eyebrows are higher than when in the relaxed position
Lower: eyebrows are lower than when in the relaxed position (opposite of the Raise)
Arch: see Raise
Cock: one eyebrow is Raised, one is Lowered
Right-Handed Cock: right eyebrow is Raised, left is Lowered
Left-Handed Cock: left eyebrow is Raised, right is Lowered
Knit: the inside ends of both eyebrows are brought together, forming a wrinkle