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03.26.03       BEC on your Machine

I finally got around to recording some samples from Rote Fahne, as well as some new unreleased stuff, and loading it up here. The quality is *not* spectacular, if you want to hear spectacular buy the tape or wait till I get a CD out. I've been assembling a lot of new Recording Equipment lately, so the CD should be out earlier than expected. Actually, there will be two CD's. The first is going to be all new material, that has been written after Rote Fahne came out. The second will be a backcatalogue of older stuff, with most of S/T and Rote Fahne (as well as a few other rare goodies that haven't been released on anything yet) on there.

To hear what BEC sounds like right now, just scroll down this page and click on the links.

Here is some of the new stuff. You need real audio player to hear it. If you don't have it, get it here.

God Damn America


Cyber Christ

Mass Hysteria (instrumental mix)  :  mirror

The End  :  mirror

Techno Halloween Sex (old mix)  :  mirror




Finally, BEC has just released a new tape, called Rote Fahne (red flag), which is availble in stores nowhere. However, it is availible through the BEC mail order machine, which means you mail me 4 bucks and I mail u a tape. In honor of ex-BEC girlfriend Maggie Thrash, who last spring successfully ripped BEC mail order off, we are insitituting a new policy of cutting off one hand (of your choosing) of those who attempt to rip off us off. Yet I digress...

The track list is as follows:

A1. Murder in the Streets    sample  :  mirror
A2. Terminate    full  :  mirror
A3. Chris Davis    sample  :  mirror
A4. Drug Free America    sample  :  mirror
A5. Satan is our Pal    sample  :  mirror

B1. Love    sample  :  mirror
B2. Airtight    sample  :  mirror
B3. Noise (airtight friendship remix)    sample  :  mirror
B4. Keep still    sample  :  mirror

The new tape is characterized by an incorporation of new instruments into our band, and is sort of a transitional phase for us. The songs vary and seem to cover a lot of styles... you can still hear the noise-pulverizing influence of early BEC on tracks like drug free America, and Noise, while at the same time tracks like keep still and Love are more melodic, and can actually be soothing to listen to. To top it off, dance floor favorites like the Fritz Lang inspired Murder in the Streets and the very Satanic Satan is our Pal add an aggressive edge to the album.

While I think this album has some of our most innovative work with tape decks to date on it, I think that the limitations of subsituting samples and dialogue for vocals become pretty clear with this album. Hopefully, that will change over the course of the next year. At any rate, the tape is still good, and you should definately get a copy.

03.26.03       DEMOLITION 101 VIDEO completed

The Demolition 101 video shows that Buried Electric Cable is not only limited to the creation of music. The short film is a 'music video' for the song Demolition 101 by Buried Electric Cable, and stars Buried Electric Cable guitarist Brian Minton. The concept of the video is to show how the alienation of youth forces kids out into the night to relieve their anger and frustration with the world in a violent way. The character in the film represents a teen that feels so alone and betrayed by the society in which he lives that he has become nothing more than a hollow shell of a being. He destroys to feel alive again or just to feel anything again. The concept of the film and the power of the song collide amazingly to produce and excelent video. Edited together by Buried Electric Cable keyboardest/ synth. tech Xian. The film is now on sale.

14.03.03       S/T is OUT!

In March, BEC's first self titled Album was released from the then-heatquarters of BEC, at 732 Mitchell Hall, 514 19th ST NW in Washington, DC. The conditions were deplorable. The instruments were primative. But from these cramped and desperate conditions, Xian and Guy Tar were able to record and produce a tape which one critic exlaimed as being, "as good as any industrial [music] I've ever heard before!" The 5-track EP ranges from dance to pulverizing, with the B-side's 20 minute long "Terminus City Warroriors" clearly raising the par in the field of intolerability.

The track list is as follows:

1. Demolition 101    listen
2. A Life of Crime    listen
3. Salvation
4. Salvation (dance mix)    listen
5. Terminus City Warriors

However, just as exciting as listening to the tape was the adventure of getting the album out. Disaster after disaster and delay after delay hounded the producers all throughout the project. Click here to read the whole story.

01.01.03       Plant Atkinson Film Project

This project culimnated in the production of the film, Woman with Train, starring Ginna Goode and a train. It was filmed entirely at the Metro Atlanta Industrial District near the CSX Transportation Putnam Connection. It is currently not availible for distribution, but it is availible for screenings.

The other film that grew out of this project is still under construction, although it has been put on the back burner. It is no title as of yet and probably won't be completed for a while. It is rumored, however, to soon be forming the basis of a new BEC music video.