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TV Shows

1997 - Pepper Ann (Voice of Tank, the 8th grader)
1997 - King of the Hill
1996 - Nash Bridges (Playing Carrie in episode "Night Train")
1994 - Party of Five (Playing Abby in episode "Good Sports")
1994 to 1995 - Sister, Sister (Playing Sarah)
1993 - Boy Meets World (Playing Trini in episode "My Best Friend's Girl")
1993 - Seaquest (Playing Christine VanCamp in episode "Second Chance")
1993 - Frasier (Playing Olsen in episode "Give Him the Chair")
1991 to 1992 - Drexell's Class (Playing as Brenda Drexel)
1991 to 1993 - The Torkelsons (Playing as Molly Morgan)
1991 - Blossom (Playing as Wendy in episodes "Blossom in Paris I and II")
1988 - Murphy Brown (Playing Frank's Sister in episode "On Another Plane: Part I")