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Season 2 Episode 4 "Poison"
Written by Greg D'Angelo

A voice says "previously on Brimstone", it shows clips from Heat:

1-Zeke & the devil are in an elevator, The Devil pushes the emergency stop button & says "we don't play dealers choice mr. Stone, 113 wayward children sent back to my loving embrace, or one belivered husand whos heart was in the wrong place, will wake one day to find himself, easily replaced"

2- Zeke & Gwenn in bed, he says "I want to tell you something, a few years ago my wife was raped, & I wanted to kill the man who did it, so I did, afterwoulds I paid for it" "why are you telling me these things?" "Because I want you to know that I understand" "listen, we can love each other." "Not anymore!" he replies. Then they fight, he shoots her eyes & sends her back to hell.

Scene 1: It's night time, 3 boys pull up to a house, another boy runs out. A woman walks out & says "have fun" "thanks mom, i will" replies the boy who gets in the car. "Happy birthday John" the others say as they punch him, "gee thanks, so where are we going" The driver turns around & says "it's a suprise party" the guy next to him takes out a blind fold & says "we got this for you" "what for" John asks "you want it to be a suprise right" says the guy, john nods. The guy continues "then you gotta wear this" He puts the blind fold on John, & they drive off. They pull up to an isolated house. "Alright" the driver says "we're here" they all get out, the driver helps John "can i take this off now" "no, not yet" says another guy who walks over to John. The driver says "alright John hold on to us" they walk up a path to the house. "Alright take it off" says one of the guys. john takes it off, & looks around "you're joking right" "no" another guy replies, "your 16th birthday, you're a man now" says the guy who drove as he takes out some money & hands it to John. "Thanks" he replies "you guys are the best" John is in a room laying in bed with a hooker, she asks him "are you comfortable" "yes" he says "good" she replies as she gets up. Back outside, one of the guys is pacing back & forth, he stops & says "why the hell is this taking so long" another guy (who's playing a video game) stops & says "maybe he's going all night long" he & the 3rd guy laugh. The 1st guy says "but how could this take so long, he's a virgin" "was a virgin" says the 3rd guy, & the other guy adds "hey not everyone is a one minute wonder like you, he & the 3rd guy laugh again. The 1st guy then says "ha ha ha, anyway i got better things to do than wait here all night bored to death" "Shut up Ian" shouts the 3rd guy "and let me read,... I told you to bring a book" He picks up a book & starts reading, the camera then shows the title: Dante's Inferno. Then a man is heard screaming. Intro/opening credits

Scene 2: Zeke walks into a bar, called Poison, he sits at the bar the bartender asks "what'll it be" "screwdriver" replies Zeke. The bartender turns around & fixes the drink, & gives it to Zeke, who takes it & downs it, he hands the glass back to the bartender & says "I'm not done" "what's eating you" "what" replies Zeke "what's bothering you" "I'm fine, it's just been a long day" "Hey if you don't want to talk, but i can tell you're a man with a lot of troubles" "oh, how's that" "From the long face you wear, it's just like everybody else who comes in here, there all either guys like you or thugs" "I dought there like me" The bartender turns & fixes another drink. "Alright i'm a cop" says Zeke "oh, am I under arrest" jokes the bartender. "What, no" says Zeke, they laugh. "It's the suspects, alot of the time evedence shows,... I don't know, maybe that there was some justification" "like self defense" replies the bartender "something like that,... & yet they still get hell for there crimes" "and it bothers you doesn't it, like a burdon on your soul" "exactly" says Zeke. "Let me ask you something, are you doing the best job you can, are you fair?" Yeah." "Then put some faith into that higher justice system we have!" "Thanks, but I became a cop to help people, it just seems that these people have no one to help them" the bartender replies "listen, you're trying to protect people, by arresting suspects, anything after that is not the fault of you but others" Zeke takes his screwdriver & drinks it, "yeah, you're right,... but my job now, it seems like a little bit more than I signed on for" "you ever think about another job" "believe me,... it's a little to late for that" he finishes his drink & put the glass down, "well thanks" says Zeke "advice always comes free with a drink at Poison" A man walks behind Zeke & says "hey monkey boy, you're in my seat" Zeke laughs "come on take another seat i'll give you a free drink" says the bartender to the man. "Shut up" he replies. Zeke gets up & says "you know this is funny, I was about to leave,... but because you're a pig faced jackass you're not gettin the seat" he punches Zeke in the jaw, who is totally unaffected by it, he grabs the guy by the shirt & head butts him, the guy falls & screams,... 3 of his friends run over, Zeke kicks the 1st guy in the gut, he falls in pain. The 2nd guy punches at Zeke, but he blocks & grabs his throat, then the 3rd guy hits Zeke from behind with a bottle, Zeke shove the 2nd guy away, who falls onto & over a table. Zeke grabs the 3rd guy by the hair, he then trips his legs out & let's him fall on his ass,... the bully (who wanted Zeke's seat) charges at Zeke, he grabs him,and says to him "alright already, you can have the seat" Zeke then throws the guy into the place he was sitting.

Scene 3 (Please note I invision 'Call Me' by Blondie to be playing here): A man is walking down the street, the hooker from earlier aproaches him, she says "hi, lookin for me" His jaw drops, she leads him into a house.

Scene 4: Zeke is walking down the street, after a while he sees the devil standing next to a not so dressed woman (ie; hooker), while talking to another man, he shakes hands with the man, who then walks off with the woman. Zeke walks over & says "how's business" "ahh mr. Stone, welcome to nevada, such a lovely place don't you think" "Why am i not suprised to see you here, what is this like, your home away from home" "As a matter of fact, i do feel quite at home here, drugs gambling prostitution, & that desert air, it smells so good here" "i'm glad you like it, when i'm gone, please stay" The devil laughs & says "& what might you be doing here, looking for a date" "no thanks" replies Stone as he starts to walk away. "Oh come on, i know the perfect woman for you,... she's looking for a man who will take her home" Zeke just gives ablank look & walks away, the devil laughs for a while then disapears.

Scene 5: Zeke is walking down the street, he comes upon a crime scene, a police officer looks at him, so he shows his badge. He walks over to 2 other detectives & identifies himself "i'm detective Stone, so, what happened" "the latest in a series of murders, this is the 7th john to turn up dead" says the 1st "but last night was the most disturbing" says the 2nd "wh, what happened" asks Zeke. The 2nd continues " a teenage boy, only 16, went out with his friends looking for a good time,... but" he stops, "where" asks Zeke "an old house on south side" replies the 1st detective. Scene 6: Zeke walks up the path to the house, he finds the door is unlocked so he enters & searches. He makes his way to the bedroom, he looks at the bed & sees some blood on it , he lifts the sheet, the bed & floor sizzle. "Where are you" he mumbles to himself. He opens a draw a newspaper headline reads: slasher claims 6th john, he looks in the draw & finds more newspaper articles about johns being killed. "Hello handsome" says a voice, Zeke turns around to see a beautiful woman (the same hooker from earlier). "Um,... hello, i'm detective Stone i'm investigating a series of murders, can i ask you some quetions" "i'm barbera, i can help you,... that is i killed them all" "what" asks a puzzled Zeke. "They would do the same to women, i won't give you any trouble" He walks over to her "it's alright" he says, she puts her hand on his cheek, & gives him a quick kiss, she moves her hand down onto his heart. "You have no heartbeat, who are you" "i told you i'm detective Stone" "Stone, why do i know that name" "oh, i'm the dead cop working for Satan, 113 damned souls escaped from hell, yadda yadda yadda." "And now you're here to send me back, but you're mistaken we are on the same side." "What do you mean" asks Zeke. "We'll be together" "Barbera, i'm sorry, i gotta do it" He reaches for his gun & she slaps it out of his hand, it flies across the room. "You deny me love because i am a prostitute, i have feelings too!" She starts crying & falls to the floor Zeke knells down, & puts an arm around her. "It's ok, so um tell me, why were you in hell" "my pimp,... he beat me, so bad one day,... so the next day i took a knife, & i stabed him." "And then a john killed you right?" "That's right, now why is it that you were in hell detective" Zeke hesitates & replies "someone raped my wife, so i killed him" They look at each other sadly (almost as if they feel empathy for each other). "so i was right about you, you are a protector of woman" Zeke gets up & says "i'm sorry, but today i'm the guy who sends you to hell" she screams & tackles him, they brawl all over the room tearing it up, they stumble out of the room & over to the staircase where she pushes him down,... she jumps down on top of him, she grabs his shirt & starts kissing him, he puts his hands on her checks, seemingly to hold her back. Then he says "i'm sorry, you deserve better than this" he kisses her,.. then quickly gouges his thumbs into her eyes. "Noooo" she screams as she gets sucked back to hell,... Zeke stays on the floor as the tatoo burns off the right side of his chest.

Scene 6: Zeke is back in the bar, he walks over to the juke box & says "wow" he puts on a song (One Bourbon One Scotch And One Beer - by john Lee Hooker), he sits at the bar, the bartender says "you're back!" "Well, I thought i'd drop in for a bar fight." The bartender laughs & says "so what'll It be" Zeke grins for a minute then shrugs his shoulders & replies "what else,... one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer" The bartender is scene laughing as he serves Zeke his drinks.

-The End-

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