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Welcome To Brimstonia, the best fan fic this side of hell.
"I was a cop, then my wife was raped. I caught the guy who did it, & I killed him.
Two months later I died, I went to Hell. 113 of the most vile creatures, escaped..."

Welcome To
The best fan-fic (this side of hell)
Hosted by Wolverine68

My website is dedicated to America
The beautiful, the land that I love.



5/4/08, new stories are in the works.

11/17/07, I am happy to say I have been watching brimstone on a network called "Chiller." Check your listings, and set your vcr or tivo.

4/16/07, life lesson for today

3/27/07, WOW, 2 years since I updated my news. And longer since I posted a story. Sorry about the delay, that is if anyone is still out there. I assure you we are not dead yet . . . we're just sort of in limbo.

I shall return!
With more mischief, mayhem, and malicious episodes.

The show Angel has been cancelled. However, to continue the saga, I have made a virtual spin-off called "Offspring."
Read it here

I have compiled a list of the top 10 fight scenes, as a tribute to Angel
View it here.

Our friends over @ Brimstone Virtual Season have moved. Their host was abducted by aliens, and no one else had the password, lol. Anyway, their new URL is:

The SlyFi(SciFI) Bboards are still up, & can be found
(for the time being at least) @:
Though you cannot post on them, only read.

Season 1-Actual episodes, & some cool links.

Virtual Episodes-Written by yours truely.

~Season 2~

1) Love Bites

2) Love bites Part 2

3) Good Till The Last Drop

4) Poison

5) Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Damnedest Of Them all

6) Stone Vs. Stone

7) Returning The Favor

8) The Four horsemen

9) The Four Horsemen Part 2

10) Sins Of The Father

11) The Last Temptation


1) Jack's Back

2) Sacrebleu, Sack Them All

3) When In Rome

4) United We Stand

5) Ezekiel Stone's Day Off

6) Custer's Last Stand

7) The Bad And The Ugly

8) Code Of Dishoner

9) Hellfire

10) Coming sometime this year.

11) Coming sometime this century.

~Other Features~

A new virtual series.

Theology 101
Here I answer some of the questions, that my fellow philosophers need to know.
But beware, as the Devil warns:
"More tears are shed for answered prayers than for those that go unheard!"

Your Satanic Majesties Poetry
I found something very poetic, in nearly every episode of Brimstone.

Brimstone was filled with humor, now see some of my own.

Wolverine68's "Next Nightmare"-
The horror has begun.

The Spark
An episode of the show Star Gate

Wolverine68, who exactly is he?

"Can I actually walk around with a flag on my chest and represent something that doesn't seem to exist at this point in time?"

Questions, Comments, Complaints.
All feedback is not just welcomed, it is aprieciated. Email me:

Damned souls have been condemed to this site!

Legal notice: Brimstone was created by Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris (not me), distributed by Fox (sadly), and owned by Warner Bros. All stories on this site belong to said authors. This is non profit-fan fiction, & is being made soley to provide the fans closure to what is arguably the best show ever. You may copy & save this work, provided 1-It is for your own private use only, 2-You do not alter it (anything wrong be it typos, grammer, or an event of total illogical happenings please tell me) 3-You do not infringe on copywrite laws.

To Fox & Warner Bros:
If you have a problem with my work,
well then, maybe you should restart the show.
I would even be willing to sell you my work, for a fair price too.