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About Wolverine68(that's me)

Another hard day, workin like a dog.

Real Name- Greg

Alias- Wolverine68, my friends call me W68 for short,..
I have also been called Beavis too, but not by anyone who lives to talk about it.

Afiliation- I\m a lone wlf now, but word to my people in the ATC.

Location- Crooklyn N.Y.

School- Kingsborough

Ocupation- Can you spell WRITTER?

Hobbies- Brimstone duh!! Ok reading & writting, no I'm not a dork.
Beware, a close 3rd hobbie is ass kicking, I might be certified, lol.
I also like video games, preferably Final Fantasy, the game of all games, it includes everything.
FF2 is my favoririte for plot & great character classes, though FF7 comes close for graphics & playability, & another great plot.

Pets- I have 3 dogs (the above is not one of them).

Best TV shows-
Modern: Brimstone of course, & I try to catch The Daily Show with John Stewart, it's brilliant.
But Angel is the show that keeps me glued to the screen. I like the idea of a demon being the hero.
Cartoons: X-Men & Gargoyles.
Older Shows: Cheers, Happy Days, Tales From The Crypt, & Twilight Zone.
I'm a bit of a mystery goer, huh.

Movies- I love horror movies. Give me a good zombie flick, George Romero rules.

All of his films are great, though Day Of the Dead is strictly for the effects, as the plot is pretty lame, and awful acting. Night Of The Living Dead, without a doubt, I know is the best horor film ever. It put something into so many other later films, Evil Dead & Demon Knight (which are also great films).

Music- I like all types, if it's good (& it's good if I say it is) then I can dig it.

Take on religion-It's pointless, ah, I remeber a wiseman (Stalin) said it was an opiat to the masses.
God is nearly as useless. (This however remains an individuals choice in my country at least. Though some seek to change this with an unconstitutional pledge of alegiance).
Thus a major reason why I think Brimstone is such a unique show, it gives the person the ability to keep there own views on god, or not even like god. (Hey, you asked.)

Computer: I have an iMac G3. I threw the pc to the dogs, lol.

I respect apple, they truely make computers, not like these other companies,
who only build a shell & fill it with wipersoft (microsoft).

Books- The best books I ever read, are by R.A. Salvatore. He has written alot,
but my favorite is The Dark Elf Trilogy, about Drizzt Do'Urden.

It deals with a Drow(dark skined elf from the subteranian), who can no longer live among his evil people, so he leaves for the surface.
Book 1(Homeland), deals with life in Menzoberanzan, is very sad for reasons I cannot explain with out telling you the whole book. If you think you have it bad, read this, you will probably change your tune.
Book 2(Exile), is his journey to the surface, he makes some friends, but will they all make it to the surface? Will his people, & there evil goddess, let him go? This book laged a little in the middle (like J.R.R. Token did in the Hobit), but was still very good, & Salvatore wrote one of the most brilliant fights I have ever seen or read for Drizzt here.
Book 3 (Sojourn), is where Drizzt learns to live on the surface. He faces many hardships from racism, to surviving the cold winter. But eventually the sun will rise everyday for him.
If I had to pick one of these books to take with me to a deserted island, it would be very hard. But I would pick Sojourn, not cause it's the last book, with a happy ending, far from it. It was written very well, he learns to live in a new world, he even learns a new trade (kind of), & puts a goodly god into his life. There is something unexpainibly touching about this book, particularly, when human finally acepts him. It is sad yes, but Drizzt acepts his fate & deals. Homeland just about as good, I only say one is better is I absolutely had to choose. Fortunately, now, a collectors edition has been made, with all 3 books in one, so I have no need to ever be without these 3 books.
Drizzt faces many enimies, giants dragons, armies. He even survived an encounter with a great red dragon alone, because he used his wits alone. Luck & friends do help out alot, that;'s why it so realistic. Look not for him facing monsters for the best fights, but rather a villian for his biggest test. Just whan you think they've had every adventure they could, Salvatore writes something new in, but he recycles ideas too. But it never gets boring, there are points when old demons return. He also knows how to write a good fight scene, which probably helped me write some of my fight scenes.
Ok, I will stop here, cause this is not a commercial. I look at Drizzt as someone I'd like to be more like, "what would Drizzt do" I ask myself."
I'll leave you with this, it is the only books I have ever reread, other then "Things Fall apart" by Chinua Achebe. I never read alot in my life, now I can't stop, I even learned to read on the bus, which (for me at least) is an aquired skill. "Books are light houses, in the dark sea of time" to quote a line from an episode of Gargoyles.

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Note: Drizzt Do"Urden, & the novels he apears in, is (again) written by R.A. Salvatore, & belongs to him and
TSR/Wizards Of The Coast. Final Fantasy, belong to Square Soft Inc, as does there music (including the theme
from Final Fantasy 4-FF2 American-playing on this page), which is composed & aranged by Nobuo Uematsu.