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Werner Stocker

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Werner Stocker as 
Darius in Band of Brothers German actor Werner Stocker created the role of Darius in Season One of Highlander and won both the admiration and the hearts of its fans. Werner was already known as an actor in his home country, but it was Highlander which brought him to the attention of American audiences. Darius proved to be a very popular character, and fans were saddened when he was killed in the final episode of Season 1, and even more so when they learned of Werner's tragic and untimely death from cancer in May 1993.

Although Werner often worked in television, his real love was film. Unfortunately only three of his films are available on video in the U.S. The others are available only in Europe, and most are now out-of-print and difficult to find. Links to my reviews of the films that I have seen are listed below, along with links to other websites with information on his work.

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