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celtic knotceltic knot
celtic knotceltic knot


by Celyn

I miss you.
I never met you,
but I miss you.

I have a hunch, that if you were still here
I would have fallen in love
instead of fallen in regret
for what might have been.

You take my breath away,
and make me feel like autumn,
whenever I look at your face
or your eyes as green as the sea.

You make me feel like echoes
whenever I see your eyes,
earthly-wise and keeping your fatal secret
while you played immortality.

For a moment in Paris,
my heart ached and my eyes rained
as I walked over ancient stones
moving my feet where you had before me.

I'm dining on ashes again,
for yesterday and what might have been,
and I wish again, that once I knew you,
you could have given me forever.

(©Celyn Totten July 1999, used here by permission. All rights reserved. Please send your comments to Celyn.)

celtic knotceltic knotceltic knotceltic knot

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