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Since this film apart from Batman himself also included the ''kids of the Bat'', there was a need to introduce special vehicles for them. And since both Dick (Robin - Chris O'Donnell) and Barbara (Batgirl - Alicia Silverstone) were bikers, what would be more suitable for them than custom bat-bikes? So in the film there were two bikes for them, Redbird for Robin and Batblade for Batgirl. Since Batgirl was introduced near the end of the film, the Bat-Blade appears in the final fight sequence.


The Batgirl used this bike in the final fight of the film. This vehicle can (supposedly) function under the most extreme weather conditions. A special device controls the freeze levels, so the engine can function even in temperatures under -40 degrees Celcius.

Batgirl's bike is a 600cc, 95 HP Honda prototype and 3.2 m long. Supposedly it can reach 175 km/h on ice. It's special design keeps it upright even in difficult curves of the road.


Like Bat-Blade, Robin's Redbird is based on a Honda 95 HP prototype, and is 3.2 m long. It can (supposedly) reach 280 km/h in 6.9 seconds. It has an LCD display on the tank to inform the driver about the current status of the vehicle such as fuel etc. It can also shoot a hook from the front, like the batmobile in Batman Forever. Apart from the silly red fluorescent lights that it had, it was the only good-looking vehicle of the film.