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Batman's other vehicles share a consistent organic design with the Batmobile, making them all truly of a collective piece.

The Batwing in Batman Forever was completely re-designed from the version seen in the first Batman film. It is now swifter, sharper and more dynamic. It was also much flashier (look the neon lights). The cockpit could be transformed into the little bat-sub, which was wholly created by John Dykstra's visual-effects department in cyberspace as a computer-generated image.

''By air or by water'' Batman asked Alfred, referring to which vehicle he should use to attack the Riddler's headquarters. ''Why not both?'' asked a voice from the dark. And Robin introduced himself to Batman. The Batboat was another vehicle designed by Ling with Tim Flattery's assistance. "We took the Batmobile and incorporated elements of it into the Batboat, and then got a marine expert to make sure that we designed a hull that was seaworthy," explains Flattery.