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Produced in 1990 by Sunsoft, this game is loosely based on the classic first Batman flick. With a few notable exceptions (Batman Returns for SNES, Batman Returns for Sega CD etc) most Batman games...eer..sucked. This NES version, unfortunatelly, is not one of the exceptions. Many NES fans like this game, but I never found it enjoyable.

GRAPHICS: Below average. The sprites are small and ugly, especially Batman himself. He is painted entirely in blue, his jaw is not flesh, his belt is not yellow etc… just blue. Some of the backgrounds, though, are OK. Pretty well-drawn for NES.

SOUND: Nothing to brag about. Some music tracks are pretty OK but nothing that really shines. Typical NES-action-game fare. The SFX have also the usual NES quality.

GAMEPLAY: A simple platform game. Batman can run and jump or stick to the walls. Unfortunatelly there isn't the infamous grappling hook. In order to defeat his enemies he can punch them or throw various weapons at them, such as batarangs etc. The control is a bit unresponsive. The level of difficulty is pretty high and there are no passwords. Each time you lose a life you go at the beginning of the stage. The levels follow the story of the film very loosely. You will travel through the city streets, Axis chemicals and a sewer to reach Gotham Cathedral where you will face Joker. There are various bosses at the levels, and some of them are frustratingly hard to beat.

OVERALL: A typical below average film-licensed game. If you want to play a Batman game based on the first film, you better try Batman 1 for Genesis or the MAME Batman game. The NES version is nothing worth mentioning...


Gotham City Streets

First Boss

Sewer Lab

Gotham City Cathedral

The Final Confrontation: Joker