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Barbara Crampton ( An Unofficial Website )
Barbara Crampton ( An Unofficial Website )

A Scene From From Beyond

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This lady has not made that many movies but if you look at the few she has chosen to appear in, most have been pretty damned good. That is why I have chosen this lady to grace this website. You will also find a gallery, film stills, video/dvd sleeves, polls and links to other related sites.

Before I begin let me be honest and admit I have yet to watch all of her films due to the fact some are deleted or have never been available to buy.

If you have any pics or info on Barbara Crampton and wish to submit it to this site, It would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Rob Llewellyn

A Scene From Cold Harvest

The Latest Film Starring Barbara Crampton is


In order to be accepted by BATS, the most elite (and deadly) sorority on campus, Christine will have to demonstrate more than just school spirit. While Christine begins the pledge process with the good intentions of putting an end to this wicked institution, her strength of character is put to the ultimate test as her new sisters try to win her over with their menacing powers. Will the guidance of her abnormal psychology professor (Barbara Crampton) be enough to save Christine, or will the witchcraft, torture, and mind control tactics used by the sorority sorceresses deliver her to the same fate as the countless naive freshmen before her?

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