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M y A i k i d o M o v i e s
Here are my Aikido movies: Ukes are Andrew Pratt, Oh Byong-seok, and sometimes myself. If you can't view them, try downloading Windows Media Player - the basic version is free. Also, downloading the files before viewing will give your computer an easier time when watching them. The files are in abc.asf format and were produced on a digital camera by my friend Anthony Boyd who does the Korean sword art - Hae-dong Geumdo

Shomen-uchi iriminage irimi 480KB
Shomen-uchi irimi-nage 446KB
Sokumen irimi-nage New! 911KB
Sode-dori irimi-nage New! 573KB
Ryote-dori katate-mochi kokkyu-nage irimi x 2 856KB
Ryote-dori katate-mochi ikkyo x 2 1.08MB
Ryote-dori ryote-mochi kokkyu-nage irimi 465KB
Ryote-dori ryote-mochi tenchi-nage irimi / tenkan 699 KB
Yokomen-uchi kaiten-nage (henka waza) 568KB
Gyakku-hanmi katate-dori nikkyo tenkan 1.05MB
Hanmi-handachi katate-dori shiho-nage irimi / tenkan 1MB
Kubi-jime nikkyo / irimi-nage 878KB
Yokomen-uchi irimi-nage (henka waza) 446KB

Aiki Self Defence
Some of these techniques I picked up along the way, others I made by mixing principles. I made the names too - I guess some names are a bit silly really but they do match what is happening, and perhaps give another clue to the initiated . Anyway, techniques like these are really fun to do.

Naname-uchi irimi-nage 654KB
Katate-dori kosoto-gari 1 601KB
Tsuki kosoto-gari 2 597KB
Renzoku shomen-uchi o-uchi-gari 809KB
Tsuki - nikkyo / wakigatame kaiten-nage henka-waza 667KB
Renzoku shomen-uchi kaiten-nage / tenchi-nage henka-waza 557KB
Shomen-uchi waki-gatame 841KB

And if you are interested: Korean Music mp3 3.57MB (It's a big file, but a great song)

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