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Jurassic Park Toys List (None of these are available for sale/trade, so don’t ask!):

Jurassic Park

Dr. Alan Grant S1, loose
Dennis Nedry S1, loose
Tim Murphy S2, loose
Ellie Satler S2, loose
Robert Muldoon S2 x2, 1 loose and 1 MOC
Ian Malcolm, loose
”T. rex” Turner, loose and busted up
”Jaws” Jackson, loose and busted up
Harpoon Harrison, loose and busted up
Skinner, loose
Velociraptor S1 x2, loose
Dilophosaurus S1, loose
Coelophysis, loose and busted up
Dimetrodon, loose
Pteranodon, MOC
Tanystropheous, loose
Pachycephelosaurus x2, loose
Lycenops, loose
Young Tyrannosaurus S1 x2, loose
Stegosaurus x2, loose
Triceratops, loose
Elec. Dilophosaurus S1, loose
Jungle Explorer, loose and busted up
Bush Devil Tracker, loose and busted up
Capture Copter, loose
Jungle Runner, loose
Strike Cycle, loose
Utahraptor, loose
Command Compound, loose
Elec. Tyrannosaurus, loose and busted up
Die Cast Iguanodon and Elasmosaurus, loose

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Nick van Owen w/ hat S1, loose
Ian Malcolm w/ original head, loose
Eddie Carr x2, loose
Sarah Harding, loose
Roland Tembo w/ Turner head, loose
Dieter Stark, loose (3x Compsognathas)
Nick van Owen S2 x3, 2 MOC and 1 loose
Ajay Sidhu, loose
D.A.R.T. w/ Roland Tembo x2, loose
High Hide w/ Nick van Owen x2, loose
Dirtbike w/ Carter, loose
Glider pack Malcolm, loose
Velociraptor, loose
Dilophosaurus, loose
Triceratops x2, loose
Pachycephelosaurus x2, loose
Cyclops Raptor, loose
Young T. rex, loose
Giant Pteranodon, loose
Stegosaurus, loose
Giant Pachycephelosaurus, loose
Carnotaurus, loose and busted up
Elec. Chasmosarus, loose
Elec. Parasaurolophus x4, loose
Hummer Capture Vehicle x2, loose
Ground Tracker, loose
Jeep Dealie, loose
Mobile Command Center, loose
Allosaurus Dino-Damage Medical Lab, loose
Thrasher T. rex, loose and busted up
Bull T. rex, loose
Utahraptor, loose
Velociraptor w/ egg, MIB

Chaos Effect

Roland Tembo, loose
Tanaconda, loose
Raptor Alpha, loose
Amargaspinus, loose
Compstegnathas, loose
Ankyloranodon, loose
Velociraptoryx, loose
Paradienonychus, loose
AIR SABRE, loose
Land Sabre x2, 1 loose and 1 MIB
Trike Dozer x3, loose
Omega T. rex, loose

Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs

Velociraptor 1, loose
Velociraptor 2, loose
Tanystropheous, loose
Dimetrodon, loose
Young T. rex, loose
Pteranodon, loose
Baryonyx, loose
Pachycephelosaurus w/ Dino Trainer, loose
Young T. rex w/ Dino Adventurer, loose
Baryonyx w/ Dino Tracker x2, 1 loose and 1 MOC
Stegosaurus w/ Dino Hunter, loose
Tyrannosaurus w/ Dino Hunter x2, 1 loose and 1 MIB
Elec. Spinosaurus, loose
Islands of Adventure exclusive Triceratops

Jurassic Park 3

Dr. Alan Grant, loose
Billy Brennan x2, loose
Millitary General x2, loose
Amanda Kirby x2, loose
Eric Kirby, loose
Paul Kirby x2, loose
Alan Grant W2 x3, 2 loose and 1 MOC
Millitary Diver, loose
Raptor Motorcycle Persuit x2, loose
Commache Helicopter, loose
All Terrain Dino Trapper, loose
Raptor Attack Playset x2, loose
Alpha Velociraptor, loose
Stalking Velociraptor, loose
T. rex, loose
Spinosaurus, loose
Dilophosaurus, loose
Pteranodon x3, 2 loose and 1 MIB
Triceratops, loose
Spinosaurus Aqua Attack, loose
Tapejara, loose
Pack Raptor, loose
Brachiosaurus, loose
Alpha Pteranodon, loose
Ultra Tyrannosaurus, loose
Animatronic Spinosaurus x4, 2 loose and 2 MIB
Parque Jurassico Hybrid Young T. rex, loose


Jungle Spinosaurus, loose
Arctic T. rex, loose
Night Velociraptor, loose
Volcanic T. rex and Velociraptor, loose
Arctic Spinosaurus and Stegosaurus, loose
Desert Velociraptor and Spinosaurus x2, 1 loose and 1 MOC
Swamp T. rex and Spinosaurus, MOC


Canyon T. rex
Therizinosaurus, busted up
Arctic Jungle Runner
Tiger Velociraptor
Udesky w/ Pachyrhinosaurus
Demon Pteranodon