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Wisconsin Project X

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Movie available through Midnight ReleasingW.P.X. Fully Loaded Special Edition DVD HERE!

About the Director & the Film

Wisconsin Project X is a SciFi movie that will take you on a wild ride and scare you along the way. An experiment goes wrong at a local lab in Wisconsinville, Montana during the creation of artificial humanoid organisms. These man made creatures break free from the lab and create chaos for everyone in the town. Now the small town underdogs have to save their home before it is too late. The movie is slated to be released on July 5th 2011 by Brain Damage Films world wide, Coming Soon! So spread the word and Keep your eyes open for the release!

W.P.X. Available on Netflix

Christian, "I've always loved making movies and have never stopped since I was a young kid. Back in the day I would hook up my vcr, camcorder, Karaoke machine, and edit my home movies into (what I thought) feature moviemasterpieces. Movie making has been a fun hobby of mine, I love telling stories and making them happen on screen. My movies are all low-budget-No-budget, all financed from my empty pockets, and using whatever I have around me to make the movie possible. I got this idea of a zombie movie when I was in high school and called it 'Wisconsin Project X'. The movie was completely different then and I never ended up making it. But, then 10 years later, now I wanted to make that movie. And, after a couple of drafts, the movie became this whole new story. I got my friends and family involved and we had a blast making a great horror monster movie. Somethings to look for when you see the film; the makeup effects of the zombies are a combination of duct tape and traditional makeup effects. I really don't lie when I say the movie was made with no budget. We basically made it out of duct tape, spray paint, and cardboard. I also, shot the entire movie on a small Digital Hi8 Camcorder -- it is all I had at the time. And, man it really works."

Director Christian Ackerman has produced a number of independent features and has won awards such as: National Hometown Video Festival 2003, Non-Professional Original Teleplay, 2003, Award was for the independent film "Catastrophic Denouement" written/directed/starring by Christian Ackerman A psychological thriller about an ax murder. Best of the NorthWest Video Festival 2005, Award of Excellence for Video Art/Animation, 2005, Award was for "Midnight Mansion House of Haunts" written/directed/voiced actor for all characters by Christian Ackerman A animated/live action puppet Halloween children's movie.

Wisconsin Project X is Written/Directed/Produced/Starring Christian Ackerman