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Tank's Page

Tank came to us on Jan. 16th, 2005.
He was 21 lbs at 8 1/2 weeks old!!! He will be a BIG boy...just what Daddy wanted!

The early pictures below are from his first home. (Thanks Tammy!) :o)

Tank at 10 months old...and looking all grown up! ;o)

Tank at 8 1/2 months old...and still growing? ;o)

He's almost as tall as Daddy!

The size of his face shows the steady growth.

Daddy's companion at work!

Aren't these cute bunnies...??? hahahaha

Hanging out!

Surfing the web for tasty cats! :o)

Tank at 16 weeks old & 50 lbs! Shadow is our 47 lbs Husky.

Baby Tank and Tank with his 132 lbs dad, Lakota.

Tank with his 100 lbs mom, Sierra. Tank at 6 weeks old.

Tank at 8 weeks old.

Tank at 7-8 weeks old.

Tank's first night home with us.

Tank at 10 weeks old...getting his first grooming session.

Tank playing hide'n'go seek with Shadow.

This dog loves his water!

Tank is very smart...very sweet...and very funny!

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