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They were quite a sight.

24 people stared at them in the hallway.

One was blonde. She was covered in blood, and reeked of it. She looked rather pissed off at the world.

One had dark hair. She was skipping with an autograph and thank you note from one “Hannibal Lecter.” She was smiling.

The blonde was glaring at her . . . and everyone staring at them until they reached an office where they promptly walked inside.

“We want a promotion,” the blonde began.

“We need a promotion.”

The blonde glared again until the brunette shut up. “We want a vacation.”

“And a raise!” the brunette added hopefully. “And a better office-place-thing!”

“Will you shut up?”


They turned to their boss, a large sunflower, who was currently glaring at them. Can you knock?

“No,” the brunette answered defiantly.

“Krishna . . .” the blonde moaned.

The sunflower scowled. What makes you think that I will give you this vacation?

“We need a vacation. Estelbain just . . .” The blonde didn’t finish the sentence.

“Serenity’s a bit traumatized. I think a vacation might do her some good.”

You do, do you?

“Yes, I do,” Krishna stated in a business-like manner. A business-like manner was very rare from Krishna.

The Sunflower Official raised an eyebrow . . . or would if it had eyebrows. What were you going to do on this vacation of yours?

“Anime tour!” Krishna told it brightly.

The SO looked aghast. Anime tour?

“Don’t worry. We’ve talked to the people that do that sort of thing; we’ve got it all worked out,” Serenity stated.

No one gets a vacation THAT easily.

Krishna pouted.

That’s not going to work, Krishna.


Neither is that.

Serenity rolled her eyes. “What do we have to do?”

Work harder.

Serenity’s eye twitched. Krishna shrunk back in case Serenity exploded. Instead, Serenity spoke calmly. “We do work hard.”


“We do.”

The SO frowned at them. I’ll think about it. If you kill a Sue first. Two of our Harry Potter agents are on vacation from a Filch/Dumbledore slash.

“Harry Potter? OOH!” Krishna squealed. “Me happy now!”

Then you don’t want a vacation anymore?

“I never said THAT . . .”

Kill the Sues and I’ll think about it.

“Aren’t you going to ---“

Krishna grabbed Serenity and pulled her out before Serenity could finish her sentence.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Let’s kill the Sue and go on vacation!”

“But we might not even get a vacation! It never promised us that!”

Krishna pouted.

Serenity rolled her eyes. “Fine. Let’s just kill these Sues.”



Krishna sighed. “Yes, Serenity.”

“Fuckin’ Sues!”

Krishna gasped.


“You said ‘fuck.’”


“You’ve never said ‘fuck’ before.”

“Well whoop-dee-doo for you. I don’t give a shit. I need a goddamned vacation!”

“Aaahh, Serenity’s lost it!”

To Krishna’s surprise, Serenity grinned. “Was I really that convincing? Will it convince the SO to get us a vacation?”

Krishna was speechless.

“I take that as a yes. Now what house should we be in?”

“They’re in Texas.”

“Shit, I forgot.”

“So we have to be normal teenagers and wear . . .”

“Wear what?”

Krishna gulped. “Preppy clothes!”

“Agh. Can’t I wear all black?”

“Apparently not, we’d stand out too much.”

“Shit. Now I may REALLY go insane.”

Serenity worked with the computers for a moment. A portal opened. She hopped in, muttering something about vacation. Krishna followed.

On the other campus Vanessa and Angela were talking about the upcoming movies. "What about going to see Lord of the Rings?" Vanessa suggested. "Nah, that's a boring movie. Plus Kelsey told me what happened to you and her the last time yall went to see that movie, so no!" Angela laughed.

“What the fuck?” Krishna questioned. Her eyes seemed to light up. Red. Very red. “Lord of the Rings? Boring? Where the fuck are they living?”

Serenity continued watching, eyes narrowing.

"Gosh, our lives are boring, all we do is go to school, go home, do homework, go to sleep and then go back to school the next day. How boring." Angela said. "Well, our lives wouldn't be so boring if stupid Clear Stream High School actually had cute and sensible guys here." Vanessa said.

“Oh wow. They don’t have cute and sensible guys. I feel so sorry for them,” Serenity murmured sarcastically. Krishna nodded.

Directly after Vanessa said this, their biology teacher, Mr. Bidthespot asked them to go to the office to direct a few new students to class. Once asked this, Vanessa and Angela looked at each other, laughed, and scrambled out of the class in a hurry. Biology was always boring, and they were always trying to find a way to get out of it.

“Bidthespot? That is the most stupid sounding name . . .”

“I very much so agree.”

“Go forward,” Krishna told Serenity

“My pleasure.”

“Why are you being nice?”

“I dunno . . .” Serenity opened her bookbag to find the scene control gadget. She squealed. “Yay! It worked!”


“Look in your bookbag,” Serenity said excitedly.

“Uh, okay . . .” Krishna pulled out her bookbag and dug through it. She pulled out a rather sharp object. “Holy shit!”

Serenity was examining a katana. “It worked!”

“Farfarello’s knife! And you have Aya’s katana!”


“Dude that’s so cool! How’d you do it?”

“Computer stuff, you wouldn’t get it.”

“Eh, probably not. Next scene?” Krishna suggested, still studying Farfarello’s knife.

“Okay,” Serenity said distractedly, still staring at Aya’s katana. She haphazardly pressed a random button.

“Aaaaahhh! Where are we?”

“Crap I didn’t look! We’re in the oblivion!”

“Chapter 46? They haven’t gotten that far in the friggin’ story.”

“Sorry.” Serenity fiddled with the gadget again. “There we go.”

Vanessa and Angela walked towards the office, laughing at each other. Angela opened the door as Vanessa walked in. "Hi, we are here to direct the new students, Mr. Bidthespot sent us." Vanessa said to the office clerk. Without even looking up from her work, she pointed to two boys and a girl sitting in the waiting room.

The first boy looked very distinguished, with slick blond hair. The second had wild red hair and a grin on his face. The girl looked a little shy with a book in her hand.

“Draco, Ron, and Hermione?”

“I think . . .” Serenity muttered, still drooling over Aya’s katana.

“How come they’re not fighting?”

“Hold on . . . Draco and Hermione are in the same room at the beginning of a fic and he’s not calling her a Mudblood? This makes no sense.”

“Don’t make sense of the Sue fics . . . please don’t.”

Vanessa, being the forward person she is, introduced herself and Angela to the bunch. Vanessa was eyeing the blond hair boy. She thought he was really cute, but the redhead was bad either. She looked at Angela and winked.

Angela liked the blond hair boy, who introduced himself as Draco. As they started to walk out the door, Vanessa started talking to the girl who was named Hermione and the redhead boy who's name was Ron.

"So where do yall come from?" Vanessa asked Hermione. Ron laughed. "Well we can pretty much deduce where you came from, right here, down in Texas." He grinned. Vanessa was hooked. She no longer cared about the blond, Ron was the one for her.

"We are from London, exchange students." Hermione said. She was wearing a hideous skirt that went below her knees and knee high socks. Angela and Vanessa both agreed later that in order for her to survive here at Clear Stream, she would need a makeover, fast.

“Hermione wearing a hideous skirt?” Serenity’s eye twitched slightly.

“Oh, Hermione’s your favorite character in this, isn’t she?”


“You remind me of her.”

“Thank you. Now what does her skirt look like?”

Krishna glanced at the Words. “Not described very well.”

“It’s probably decently Gothic.”

“Ooh, fun.”

“That’d be hideous to them. But what’s hideous to them is fantastic to us . . .”

They all had biology so the whole bunch headed upstairs. Angela had a chance to be with Draco without everyone else, they were all talking and were pretty far ahead in the hallway. She decided to talk to him. "So what brings you here to dull old League City?" She asked. "Well, umm." He trailed off as he looked at her.

For that moment time stood still. Both were transfixed on each other. Just then a teacher came down the hallway and asked where they were supposed to be. They told they teacher, but he was stubborn and gave them both d-halls. They didn't talk to each other anymore and walked back to class.

“Crappy grammar, no use of spell check apparently. Charge them.”

“My hand’s tired.”

“Oh boo hoo.”

Serenity glared at Krishna. Krishna stared fixedly back.

“Next scene.”

“Fine.” Serenity pulled out the scene gadget and pressed a button. They zoomed forward to the next chapter.

“Ooh! We zoomed!”

As Vanessa and Angela walked back in the room with the new students, heads popped up and Mr. Bidthespot looked up from his paper he was reading from to see what all the commotion was.

To both their luck, Draco sat right in front of Angela and Ron sat to the right of Vanessa. Hermione, got stuck in the back of class, and she looked pretty angry when she found out that was her PERMANENT seat.

“Ooh. All caps. It must be special.”

“Of course.

"Hey Ron, so what are you doing on Saturday, me and a couple of my friends were thinking about seeing a movie, interested?" Vanessa couldn't believe she was doing this. But she just felt so comfortable around Ron. Before he had time to answer Mr. Bidthespot told them to stop talking and pay attention.

Ron tore out a piece of paper from the open spiral where Vanessa was supposed to be taking notes and he scribbled that he would love to, but he had to check with his other friends first. He also wrote down a 10 digit number and wrote below it, "Ron's cell. Call me after school."

“RON HAS A CELL PHONE?” Serenity exploded. The Sues glanced back at their seat in class. No one else paid any attention, as they couldn’t be seen by them.

Krishna hit her. “Shut up!”

“B-but how can Ron W-Weasley have a f-freaking cell phone?”

“Blame it on the Sues.”

Angela could tell that Draco had an interest in her because he kept looking back and winking at her, and every time she blushed. She felt her phone vibrate and she pulled it out. She found a new text message but couldn't recognize the number. She shrugged it off and opened the message.

It read: "We weren't formally introduced. My name is Draco Malfoy and I come from a school in London that has a stupid name, so don't ask. I don't really know anyone here, and I was wondering if I could hang out with you and your group for the first couple of days. Text me back if you have a problem with that. Luv, Draco."

“NOW DRACO HAS A CELL PHONE?” Serenity shrieked.

“AND HE SAYS ‘LUV’?” Krishna yelped

They shuddered in unison.

What did the "luv" mean? Did it mean like, love, or love, love. Angela couldn't tell, so she texted him back with an alright by her and sat in a dazed state for the rest of the class, only coming back to reality when Draco's texts came.

“That was very stupidly worded.”


“Next scene.”

“These are very short scenes.”

“I know.”

“Alright, off to the next one.”

The scenery blurred and changed.

“Ooh, we’re getting more descriptive!” Krishna noted happily.

"Freshman campus may leave now. Kelsey, I am sure you can help Harry find his way." The teacher said. "What are we doing?" Harry asked Kelsey while packing up his stuff, copying Kelsey. "We get to leave early to walk over to the Ninth Grade Center, the other building." Kelsey said in a matter of fact tone.

Harry followed Kelsey out, and once out of the classroom Kelsey pulled out her cell phone. "Just a quick text to my friends, walk with me." Kelsey said to Harry. They had talked all class period, and not about French. Kelsey found out that Harry came from London and he had just had his 16th birthday last September. She found out that his parents were killed, and he lived with his aunt and uncle for a while. Then he had a chance to go over here to the United States in an exchange program, and here he was, for the remaining school year, and maybe longer he added to her with a grin and a wink.

“What the hell?” Krishna looked shocked. “How can Harry’s birthday be in September? It’s in July! That’s clearly stated! Many times!”

Serenity merely glared and flicked off the Sue.

Kelsey texted Vanessa with an urgent message, saying she had very, very good, not to mention cute, news. Trying to give Vanessa a clue. Kelsey knew that Vanessa and Angela were in the same class so Vanessa would pass along the message. Plus they would see each other all next period anyway.

“Oh like wow! You like get to see your like friends again! Isn’t that like sooooooooo totally cool?” Serenity mimicked the Sue.

Krishna snorted. “Next scene.”


“Wait, do we have to go to the next scene?”

“Well I think we’re supposed to wait until the full blast of the Suedom comes.”

“What do you mean full blast?” Krishna asked solemnly.

“They’re psychic!” Serenity squealed, imitating the Sues again. “They’re the chosen ones! And Draco’s resorted into Gryffindor!”

“Shit. Shit. SHIT!”

“Breathe, friend.”

Krishna breathed heavily. “Hey, now that we know the full blast of the Suedom, can we kill them?”


“Can I use Farfarello’s knife?”



The bell rang and the biology class started to pack up and pile out of the classroom. With Angela tied up with Draco, Vanessa, being a person to be way nice to new comers, had started to walk out with Ron, but stopped to look for Hermione. Hermione, however, had other plans and cam out of the classroom, flirting with one of the basketball team members. "Oh well." Vanessa said. She and Ron had been writing notes all class period, and both knew that they would go out with each other some time soon. Vanessa told Ron that Angela and her always met their friend Kelsey over by the vending machines. Seeing that Angela and Draco were already in front of them, heading downstairs, Vanessa and Ron tried to catch up with them.

"Hey Kelsey!" Angela waved, eyeing the black haired boy who was next to her. "Hey Yall!" Kelsey said back. Ron laughed, which caused Vanessa to start laughing also. "Hey Ron! Hey Draco!" Harry said, going forward to them. "Yall, know each other?" Angela, Kelsey, and Vanessa said together. "Yeah, all came from the same school, but wait, where is Hermione?" Ron said, all of a sudden looking around.

“The hell?” A dark-haired girl came out of the bushes.

“Krishna stop it!” A blonde girl followed her.

“Why should I stop?”

“Because you forgot Farfarello’s knife!” The blonde handed the glaring girl a long, sharp, knife. The glaring, dark-haired girl licked it.

“Like ewwwww that’s so gross!” one of the Sues screamed. They thought it to be Kelsey.

“Like yeah!” another shrieked. This was apparently Angela.

Krishna, the dark-haired girl, rolled her eyes and slit Angela’s throat. “Bitch,” she spat on the Sue’s lifeless body.

From nowhere, a katana sliced through the air, drawing blood from Vanessa’s back before she fell, motionless, onto the ground. The two girls walked over the bodies to face the last Sue.

“Hmm, how should we kill this one?” Krishna asked, giggling and licking her knife.

Serenity leaned on her katana. “Hmm . . .”


“OOH! But where?”

“Hmm . . . wait!”


“We can leave her at the mercy of Draco and Ron while we hold Harry back!”

“Good idea!”


“Can we go on vacation NOW?”

You’ve got another mission.


[Serenity’s A/N: It took me the longest time to write this episode of the PPC. I really don’t know why. The Sues weren’t any worse than the others; they were good compared to Estelbain. But . . . oh well. Maybe it’s all the fics I’ve been writing. Oh well. Send the Sues so we can vacation sooner! LOL]

[Krishna's A/N: Hmm...I don't have much to say today...we'll get out another episode soon enough. Adios!]