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January 23rd,2006


If you're looking for new content this week you're shit out of luck because I don't have anything completed. I could have half-assed a bunch of stuff and thrown it up here without giving a damn but I'm ru(i)nning this site and if I think something is so far below my usual low standards that it either needs work or shouldn't see the light of day without a major edit/hack job then so be it.

To be straight with you I've been busting my ass with "non-MBH" related activities lately so I haven't had a hell of a whole lot to devote to this site and the fact that I have ANYTHING up here in the new year is a miracle unto itself. Oh well...what the fuck can I do other than basically deal with it. As always the NEWS has been updated daily (and I'm surprised I've been able to do that) so that's at least SOMETHING that's going right.

Good news from of the bands that if you're reading this site you SHOULD support because these they're one the best local bands around here.

SKULLSHIFTER: New Demo Track Available for Streaming

NJ-Based metal band SKULLSHIFTER is now offering a pre-production demo of a brand-new track called 'Strain' to announce the launch of their just-completed web page.

'Strain' is the first tune to be recorded by SKULLSHIFTER since the release of their debut CD "Here In Hell" last Septembre. This song is exclusively available through the band's recently debuted MySpace site,


Unmastered and unpolished, 'Strain' captures the seething raw energy and clenched-fist aggression of a hungry up-and- coming band on the NJ metal scene.

For more info on SKULLSHIFTER, visit their official web-site at


or email


That show will be reviewed for thew site and it will be the first (but certainly not last) concert review for 2006. Be there or pose!

Fuck it all to fucking hell-Chris

January 16th,2006


This is going to be brief this week so here we go.

TWO NEW HORROR REVIEWS ("The Mutilator" and "Shredder") and a new RANT have been posted. METAL REVIEWS will be posted next week.

I planned on having a few more HORROR reviews but I thought about it and I'm going to review the movies,post all of them on one page and give a general overview of the entire film series that I had planned on posting two parts of this week. I'm not giving away the title of the series...just be assured that it's a decent series and that THIS is going to be the way I plan on doing this shit from now far as series are concerned.

I was also reading some of the old HORROR and FILM REVIEWS that I have posted and I have realized that they kind of suck (like this whole site doesn't ?) so I am going to work on revamping them. NOT CHANGING MY OPINION OF THE FILMS (if I think a film sucks then I still say it sucks...the reviews are just going to be improved a bit) but fixing pages which suffer from lackluster content (again,like this whole site). It's going to be work and it'll also be a way to make sure that I keep busy on this site. I put aot of time into this site...but I also slack off alot when I should be busting my ass on this site. So what if only a few people ever see the damn site...that isn't the point...the point is that some shit needs to be fixed for the betterment of this site and damnit it's going to get fixed.

As usual the NEWS pages are updated daily and the TOUR DATES and LOCAL SHOWS pages are updated when I usually get info so check those every now and again for some good shows coming around the NY/NJ Area.

I'm out for now...check below for some killer shows coming around. Those shows are also listed on the LOCAL SHOWS page so check there as well.

Stay Wasted-Chris!

January 14,2006

Tonight's BONE DADDY show at Jammer's in Avenel has been canceled by the venue. If you were planning on attending PLEASE DO NOT GO. We apologize for any inconvenience, both we and Jammer's management were looking forward to this show very much. Don't worry, though - it WILL BE RE-SCHEDULED for a later date. Other shows dates are pending as well.


CJ - BONE DADDY guitarist

JANUARY 11,2006

Just got word about this show.

BONE DADDY (featuring CJ from SKULLSHIFTER) will be playing a show this weekend. In CJ's own words...

"We've got the whole night, so expect our usual array of crowd pleasers, including AC/DC, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, KISS, METALLICA and PINK FLOYD. The night begins around 10pm."


1450 St. Georges Ave. (Rte. 35)

Avenel, NJ

(732) 574-8226

JANUARY 9,2006

OK...I KNOW,I KNOW...I said January 3rd and I didn't update the site but I have a good reason for that.

The reason is because I didn't get done everything that I wanted to get done so I basically said fuck it and decided to keep working on the site until I thought it was good enough to be unleashed on the world.

I got done alot of the shit I had planned on getting done but at the same time there were things I wanted to do and didn't get around to due to being other too busy with other pages or being to busy doing holiday shopping and finding a job and all of that merry fucking bullshit so for those of you who waited and waited only to get fucked over on the me,you'll be happier now.

I changed the buttons on the site again...I HAD to for the simple fact that the others didn't have any sort of form or consistency to them. They were shit! They were fucking garbage! The ones that are up now are much,much better for the simple fact that they are a bit more uniform as far as size goes and they're just fucking better looking. The navigation buttons also had to be changed so those got changed as well. As you can tell I had ALOT of them to do but I know they're better than the other ones I had up here not too long ago.

I also archived everything from last year...rants,metal reviews,news...if it could be archived I took care of it and trust me it was no easy task but it had to be done and so it is done. Check it out if you want to.

I also added a few new things to the site. I have added an IMAGE GALLERY which basically displays alot of the images I have used on this site over the past eight months. I revamped the HARD ALCOHOL page a bit...adding my personal feelings on all sorts of hard alcohol in addition to what was on that page in the first place. Revamped the THANKS page because I met ALOT of cool motherfuckers last year (DTA,SKULLSHIFTER,and tons of other cool dudes) and added a FUCK YOU page for those who deserve to be raped with barbed wire vibrators before they fucking die. I added a page about DRINKING GAMES which is currently under development. If you have a YAHOO account I have also included a link to my LAUNCHCAST station...MBH Streaming internet radio...Humanity truly IS going to hell in a handbasket and it's all here,for you,on METAL BEER HORROR. I've also got a few other ideas for pages and a few other things under development so this will be another year where pages will exist for a month and then I'll get sick of them and get rid of them.

As for now I have up some new METAL REVIEWS. I would have some film reviews up but I'd rather wait and get them right instead of rushing them and having them look like total shit. That's something I plan on emphasizing this year...the quality of the content that is posted here. I want to make this site better than it is and better than how it has been in the past. Considering that I write like shit will make it that much harder but hopefully I can make this thing somewhat respectable in the future.

I also added a ton of new LOCAL SHOW and TOUR DATES on top of updating the NEWS page daily. Speaking of LOCAL SHOWS there are a few great ones coming up soon.

MAGUS BEAST will also be playing a show on MARCH 4TH with OVERKILL and PRONG at the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville,NJ. This shows gonna be fucking insane and if you're reading this page you better get your ass out to this show and support one of the best local bands going today. You COULD pay a shitload for thickets to this show but you can get the cheaper from MAGUS BEAST so get your ass to their site and send John an E-MAIL and get cheaper's more money in your pocket for beer and shit.

Have a good one,Crappy New Year,Stay Drunk,blah...blah...blah...THRASH!!!!!!-Chris

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