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Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R (just to be safe)
Summary: My response to the Batpack Bicentennial Fanfic Challenge. Write a fic about a hundred of something.
Warning: Angst and nothing but angst.

Of Time And Blood

Truly Tazi

Spike's POV


Must a told you a hundred times you're only human, luv. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you, but you're not bleedin' invincible. All warm and soft and ... too damn fragile. White hat or not, you can't just go chargin' in like the bloody calvary. Stupid... Why didn't you listen?

Just couldn't let the Slayer do her job. Couldn't let the witches do their mojo. Or maybe let the vampire, you know the dead guy, jump in and be the hero. Oh no, couldn't do that. Couldn't let someone ... anyone else be the one to get hurt. No, not you. Not my...


So much blood...

I can see the moments slip by, you know? Like movin' pictures, flashes of time. Fleetin'. Insubstantial. Surreal...

A smile, a look, a ... caress. How many of those moments were meant just for me? At least a hundred. Not enough...

Stupid ponce. Me, pet. Not you.

Where does it go? Time. Used to think it meant nothin' to a vamp. You always think there'll be more - more touches, more kisses, more days spent just holdin' each other, more ... time.

More ... blood.

But it all slips away, no matter how hard you try to hold on to it. Like liquid seepin' through your fingers. Like...

Too much ... not enough...

So much time. So many memories. A hundred shared gazes. A hundred shared kisses. A hundred touches. A hundred moans, screams...

The good kind, pet. Only the good kind.

So many ... not enough. Not nearly enough. Never enough.

Don't want a hundred... Don't want a thousand... Need forever.


Drink, pet.

The End

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