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Rating: R

Summary: There's a first time for everything.

Anyone else ever read the stuff you wrote a long time ago and cringe? Yeah. And by the number of times I cringed rereading this I'm gonna go with unbeta'd, cause there is no way she would have let me get away with half the mistakes in here. Oy!

His First Time

Truly Tazi

"It's ok pet. You just lay back and trust ol' Spike."
"I'll be gentle. I promise."

"I know it's your first time, it's ok, I've never done this before either."

"We'll take it slow and easy."

"No worries, ye' ?"

"Let's, I think on your back would be easiest."

"There ya go, yeah you look good like that."

"Laid all bare, and open for me. Just waiting for me to begin. Mmm, pet, I can't wait to taste ya."

"All nice and juicy. Gonna be good, I know ya will."

"Why don't we start with a nice rub down. Hmm?"

"Relax us both, it will."

"I'll just dribble some of this oil on your skin, not to cold is it?"

"Mmm, rub it in a little. Nice, ye' ?"

"There that's it, relax, let yourself go."

"Open up for me pet, spread your legs wide, so's I can prepare ya."

"It's ok, slow and easy, remember? Nice and gentle."

"Just let me ease my fingers in, make sure you're stretched nice and wide."

"Heh. Betcha never thought you'd ever have a vampire's hand up your arse, did ya?"

" It's ok, pet. I never thought I'd be doin' this either."

"Ok, almost done. Just let me get all this inside ya and we'll be ready."


"Ye', luv?"

"Just finish stuffing the damn turkey, and get it in the oven, so you can get your undead ass in here, and stuff me!"

*chuckle* "Be right there, luv."

The End

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