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Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Status: Finished

Summary: Spike. Xander. Donuts. And a lot of smut.

Warnings: Unconventional use of pastries. M/M Slash.

Word count: 4723

Beta'd by [info]spikedluv.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Glazed and Filled

Truly Tazi

The redhead bounced out of the chair, turning the power off on her laptop and closing it as she stood. “Well guys, that’s it for this Scooby tonight. I told Tara I’d be home early so we could watch a movie and cuddle before bed,” Willow announced to the group of close friends she had been researching with.

Giles laid the ancient volume gently on the table, and then removed his glasses, placing them on the page he had been reading before glancing up at the young wicca. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, Willow. Since things are slow at the moment why don’t we all retire early this evening?”

Buffy slammed the book she had been pretending to read shut, sending a small puff of dust into the air and causing Giles to wince at her treatment of one of his beloved tomes. “I’m all for that idea,” she chirped. She raised her arms above her head, twisting her neck side-to-side, trying to stretch out muscles that had become stiff while she sat inactive.

“I’m gonna do a quick patrol before heading home to help Dawnie with homework,” she added as she stood and grabbed her jacket from the back of her chair. “Giles? Training in the morning?” she asked while sliding her arms into the sleeves and pushing her chair back under the table with her hip.

“Hmm, yes. I think a small session will do. Nothing too strenuous. I’ll meet you here after breakfast, say around 8:00?”

“Will do,” Buffy agreed, smiling affectionately at her watcher. She turned to Xander who had started cleaning up, throwing away a few crumpled napkins and some styrofoam coffee cups that were either empty or contained leftover, cold, congealed cappuccino.

“Hey, Xan? You take Spike with you and make sure he gets home safely, ‘kay?” she ordered playfully, winking at her friend and grinning when the blond vampire sounded in with an affronted complaint about cheeky slayers and looking forward to having ‘one good day’.

“Don’t worry, Buff,” he said, countering with a wink of his own and a conspiratorial grin, “the Xan-man is on it. Got this whole housebreaking of not-so-evil vampires under control.”

“Oh, do tell” and “Yes, please” were Willow and Buffy’s giggled responses. Giles bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing at the vampire’s horror-stricken face. Everyone ignored the indignant, “Oi, still evil here! And I am not bloody well housebroken. I’m a master vampire, not a soddin’ house cat!”

Xander stuck his hands in his pockets and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet. Looking thoughtful and trying to appear serious, although unable to hide the amusement in his eyes, he explained to his audience, “Well, see now, the trick is to go the long way home so I can take him walkies before locking him in for the night.”

“Really?” Buffy asked, feigning deep interest in the topic of discussion.

Willow’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline and she covered her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing. And although the cough that came from behind Xander sounded suspiciously like a watcher trying to cover a snort, it couldn’t have been. Watchers were just too dignified to snort. Weren’t they?

“Oh, yeah,” Xander answered Buffy, nodding his head and ignoring the low growling coming from the not-so-dead guy. “See,” he continued, pulling his hand from his pocket so he could gesticulate in the air while he explained, “if I take him home the long way, chances are good we’ll run into some baddies. Then he can get in a good workout ripping a few demons limb from limb, maybe get in a good evisceration while he’s at it. Nothin’ like a little carnage and frolicking in the bloody entrails of your enemies to wear out a pet vampire so he’ll sleep through the night.”

Chuckling inside as he watched Willow and Buffy pull ‘eww’ faces while at the same time trying to hold back their laughter, he went on. “Yeah, see, if I do it right, I can go home, clean up, go to bed, and not be bothered with having to wake up in the middle of the night to let out the hyper vampire scratching at the front door.”

Taking in the death glare said vampire was aiming at the back of Xander’s head, Willow and Buffy gave in and guffawed, tears coming to their eyes. Even Giles couldn’t resist chuckling aloud, in a controlled watcherly fashion of course.

“Ha, bloody, ha. That’s right, pick on the poor vamp who can’t so much as pinch you without his friggin’ head feeling like it’s implodin’,” Spike grumbled, shifting his glare from one human to another. “When I get rid of this chip...”

“You’ll still love us as much as we love you,” Willow finished for him as she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

Spike stiffened and then relaxed into the embrace, nuzzling his nose into the redhead’s neck, inhaling the scent of female musk and incense. His demon growled possessively, ‘mine’, as it recognized the scent of one of its claimed humans. “Demon’s don’t love,” he half growled, half grumbled.

“Uh huh,” Willow responded placatingly to the vampire’s half-hearted declaration. “Right.” She brushed her lips lightly over Spike’s cheek and then released him. “Good night, Spike.” She turned and hugged Xander, kissing his cheek more firmly. “Good night, Xander. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Xander squeezed his best friend tightly. “Careful on the way home, Will. Love ya.”

“Don’t worry, Xan, I’m walking her home,” Buffy reassured him. She glanced past Xander, catching the other blond’s eye. They exchanged a silent communication, Spike reassuring her that Xander would make it home unharmed. She gave the vampire who was once her mortal enemy, but whom she now trusted with the lives of those she held dear, a small nod of thanks and then turned to go. She threw a “later guys”over her shoulder and then was out the door. Willow gave Giles a quick hug and hurried out the door to catch up with Buffy.

As Giles followed the two females to the door, entreating them to “please, do be careful” and “watch each other’s backs” on the way home, Xander collected the unfinished box of donuts and the adorably pouting vampire he had brought with him to the research party. Well, the vampire hadn’t been adorably pouting when he’d brought him. Adorable, yes. Pouting, no. Xander didn’t mind though, he knew his vampire-type male friend -- or is that male-type vampire friend? -- anywho, Xander mentally shrugged, he knew Spike wasn’t really mad at him.

“We’re gone, too, G-man,” Xander declared, brushing past Giles to get through the open doorway, Spike right behind him.

“Alright, you two. Off with you then. And please, do try not to find too much trouble. I wouldn’t want either one of you to get hurt,” Giles said, and then caught himself up short. “Er, ah, what I mean to say is...,” Giles stuttered.

“Right, then,” Spike interrupted, clearly as stunned by the watcher’s words as Giles was. “Let’s go, whelp,” the vampire barked, shoving past Xander and out the door. Xander just smiled and nodded at Giles, not commenting on the exchange that just took place. “Night, G-man.” And then he was out the door following Spike as Giles locked up behind them.

The two friends walked in companionable silence, neither really feeling the need to say much. They were comfortable enough with each other now that words were really not necessary to communicate. Ten minutes into the walk home Spike’s posture shifted, announcing to Xander that the vampire was now on the hunt.

Xander slowed, letting the vampire get ahead of him, content to just watch the show. Just around the corner on the far side of a big elm tree Xander finally caught sight of what Spike’s senses had alerted him to long before Xander would have noticed. He didn’t recognize the small, man-sized, scaley green demon feeding on what looked to have been a dog at one time, but he did recognize the look in its eyes when it finally caught sight of Spike coming out of the deep shadows into the dim light of the street lamp. Fear. You didn’t have to have vampire senses to know that this demon was scared.

Whatever it was, it didn’t put up much of a fight. After a feeble attempt to escape the master vampire, it settled for shrieking helplessly as Spike tore into it, sending bloody gore flying in all directions. When finally there was nothing left of the corpse in front of him worth his attention, Spike threw his head back and roared into the night. Xander’s heart beat double-time in his chest and his blood surged into his cock making him painfully hard. The far off answering growls and howls made the hair on the back of Xander’s neck stand up. Chipped or not, Spike was recognized in this town for what he was, the true Master of Sunnydale.

Clutching his donut box in shaky hands, and trying to walk in a way that wouldn’t rub his hard-on against his zipper, Xander followed behind Spike yet again. Three dusted vampires and one barely avoided premature ejaculation later and they were home. Xander set the box on the coffee table, then collapsed onto the couch. Spike headed for the shower to de-gore himself. Xander opened his mouth to remind him not to put his bloody clothes in the hamper on top of Xander’s, then changed his mind, closing his mouth and letting his head fall back onto the couch.

When Spike finally emerged from the bathroom wearing only an old pair of Xander’s sweat pants that clung to his hips, barely, Xander felt like he had regained control of his libido. He watched as the vampire sauntered into the kitchen, collecting a couple of beers before coming back into the living room and joining him on the couch. He cocked a brow when Spike placed one bottle between his splayed legs, and then twisted the cap off the other before taking a big swallow that consumed a third of the bottle. “You gonna share?”

“Nope,” Spike dead-panned, not even glancing at him.

“Um, okay. Eh, why not?” Xander asked curiously.

“Mad at you,” the vampire responded in the same flat tone.

Xander grinned. “No, you’re not,” he stated, poking the other man in his side.

“Am too,” Spike declared vehemently, trying not to flinch when Xander poked him, tickling him.

“Are not,” Xander retorted, poking him again and snickering as Spike tried to swat his hand away from his highly ticklish side.

“Am,” snort, “too! Quit it, ya stupid git,” Spike growled to keep from laughing while swatting at the hand that was poking him. When he saw Xander’s hand shoot out quickly, he snatched the bottle from between his legs with vampire fast reflexes. Having no bottle to grab, Xander’s hand grabbed hold of the only thing left in Spike’s lap, his cock.

Spike hissed and thrust his hips forward into the warm hand in his lap. His cock twitched and began to fill. Xander squeezed the cock in his hand and leaned into the vampire, whispering, “Are not,” before claiming Spike’s mouth just as he opened it to argue.

Xander heard Spike moan as he devoured him, thrusting his tongue into the other man’s mouth, the taste of Spike and beer exploded across his tongue. He watched as the crystal blue eyes in front of him deepened in color and dilated. He pulled back, panting to catch his breath, and stifled a groan when the tip of a pink tongue came out and brushed over soft, thin lips.

While Spike was off-kilter, Xander took the open bottle from his hand, swallowed a good portion of it, and then placed the almost empty bottle on the coffee table. He pushed Spike down onto his back, lifting himself to let the vampire raise his legs up onto the couch, and then lowered himself on top of the slightly smaller frame beneath him.

He pressed his hips forward, causing his trapped erection to rub against Spike’s now-swollen cock. Spike hissed, “Xxxan..,” before he dove in and claimed the vampire’s mouth again. He slowly pulled back, nipping at the soft skin of lips and chin. “Cor, pet,” Spike moaned.

Xander’s response was a questioning “Mmm?” while he licked and sucked on the sensitive skin of Spike’s neck.

“Drivin’ me nutters, pet. So bloody hot, you are... Ungh, do that again... Yeah, there... Harder... Fuck!”

Xander grinned evilly at the vampire’s reaction to being bitten on the neck. He knew what an erogenous zone it was for the other man. He chuckled softly to himself at the groan of disappointment that came from his lover as he moved on, down over the hard chest until he came to a pert nipple he could take pleasure in tormenting.

He played with the little nub of flesh, enjoying the way it hardened at his touch. He wanted badly to bite down on it, break the skin, hear his lover howl, and taste his blood. But he knew Spike was close and that would send him over the edge, ending his fun. Xander wasn’t ready for it to end yet, he was enjoying himself way too much.

He glanced up at his lover just long enough to confirm that Spike was now lost in the sensations Xander was inflicting on him, then moved lower. The muscles of Spike’s stomach rippled against his lips and tongue as the vampire panted gently. He felt Spike’s fingers tangle in his hair and he relished the small twinges of pain it produced on his scalp. The tormenting... The pain... Xander loved it all. He was definitely a closet masochist. He’d have to explore that more at a later date with his lover, knowing Spike could take him to levels of pleasure he’d never experienced before. But right now, he had other things in mind.

He pushed his hand into the loose-fitting sweats and cupped Spike’s ass, kneading the flesh and firm muscle. He could feel Spike’s shaft pulsing and twitching against his chest. The vampire loved to be touched and savored the feel of Xander’s hands on his body whether it was harsh or gentle.

“Xan, please, more...,” came the whispered entreaty from above. And since Xander was feeling the need for more himself, he was happy to oblige. He pushed the sweats down over the sharp hip bones, allowing Spike’s glorious erection to spring free.

He grasped the cock in his hand, running his fingers and palm up and down the smooth, silky skin as he took pleasure in simply looking at it.

Xander loved Spike’s cock, everything about it. First there was the foreskin, the way it encompassed the purplish mushroom-shaped head, the way it would slide back when Spike got hard, just enough to expose the little cum hole at the very tip, the way it slid easily up and down over the head of Spike’s cock as he worked it with his hand, gathering and collecting precum along the way. Xander envied Spike this little added pleasure, having been denied his own since shortly after his birth.

Then there was the shaft. He wrapped his hand more firmly around the cock, taking delight in the size of it, imaging the way it would feel, stretching him, causing that delicious burning sensation in his rectum. Xander clenched his ass and moaned quietly at the thought of being filled by the turgid organ in his hand.

Xander leaned forward and licked the rivulet of precum making it’s way down the side of Spike’s cock towards his fingers. The bitter salty taste of his lover’s essence assaulted his taste buds. He ran his tongue over the swollen cock head, pressing in under the foreskin to gather the precum that had collected there. Spike moaned loudly, sending a spark of deep-seated desire shooting through Xander and straight into his cock.

He closed his eyes and engulfed the purplish head with his mouth, sliding his tongue down the raised vein that ran along the bottom of the cock, until the very tip touched the back of his throat. He swallowed hard around the shaft and the vampire’s hips jerked convulsively, the fingers in his hair tightening.

He opened his eyes as he slowly pulled back and caught a glint of white from the box on the table from the corner of his eye. He smiled wickedly around Spike’s cock and reached out with his free hand for the box. He fumbled for a second, never taking his eyes off his lover or relinquishing his hold on the cock in his mouth. When he felt his fingers slide across a sticky surface, he gripped the sugary treat and pulled it from the box.

He allowed his mouth to once again slide down the length of the shaft to the bottom and back up to the top. Without skipping a beat, he released the cock from his mouth with a soft ‘pop’, placed the sugar glazed donut over the glistening head, and then pushed it down over the shaft with his lips, leaving behind a trail of mixed glaze and precum.

Spike’s head shot up off the couch with a startled, “What the hell?” He chuckled at the sight, and then let his head fall back with a deep groan as Xander started to suck the glaze off his swollen cock.

Xander snickered and continued to clean the vampire’s cock s-l-o-w-l-y, keeping his lips tightly pressed around the shaft, sucking hard as he ran his tongue along the sensitive skin. He held Spike’s hips down when he tried to thrust up in an attempt to speed up the rhythm and ignored the warning growl that followed. He knew the vampire was close to exploding one way or another and pushed to find out which way it would be. Sliding forward as far as he could until his lips pressed against the donut, Xander held that position, suckling while he ran his finger through the thick sugary glaze on the donut and then placed it at Spike’s puckered opening. He swirled his finger around the tight hole, stopping every once in a while to dip the tip in just past the nail and wiggle it around before pulling it back out again.

He continued teasing his lover in this way until he felt the body beneath him grow taut and still. With an inhuman growl and demonic speed Xander found himself face down on the couch with a very frustrated vampire on his back, growling and nipping at his neck and ear.

“It’s not nice to tease a master vampire, pet,” Spike purred dangerously in his ear, causing shivers to run down Xander’s spine. Anyone else in this position would probably be trembling in fear, but Xander’s cock throbbed and he gripped the couch cushion in tightly-clenched fists, gritting his teeth to keep from ejaculating in his pants. “So-sorry,” Xander panted out in fake sincerity.

“Oh, you will be, boy. You will be very sorry,” Spike whispered menacingly. Xander felt cold fingers slide down the back of his pants, and then yelped as he was jerked upward, his pants literally ripped from his body. He flopped back down on the couch, naked from the waist down. He shivered with excitement and anticipation as the cool air in the apartment caressed his exposed hindquarters. He yelped again as the vampire’s hand slapped down on his right cheek. He groaned and ground his hard, weeping cock into the cushion under his hips.

“No, you don’t,” the vampire chastised him, lifting him by the hips until he was on his knees with his ass in the air and fully exposed. “You’ve been a naughty li’l boy, now you’ll have to wait for your pleasure.”

Xander whimpered pitifully and tried to give Spike his best repentant puppy eyes over his shoulder. The vampire just ignored him, standing behind him, humming, tilting his head from side to side as he openly ogled Xander’s ass and dangly bits.

He watched mesmerized as Spike nonchalantly reached down, broke a piece off the donut still wrapped around his hard cock, and nibbled on it, the rest falling forgotten to the floor. “Sooo, Xanpet has a pastry fetish. Hmm. Well, I can work with that,” Spike announced matter-of-factly. He looked up from ogling Xander’s ass and whatnots to leer evilly at him. Xander shivered, and his eyes dilated with lust.

The vampire’s eyes shimmered with gold flecks and his nostrils flared, but he said nothing. He reached into the box and pulled out a custard-filled Long John. Holding it up for Xander to see, he pressed his middle finger into the hole, sliding it in and out, coating it with custard before removing it and sliding it into his mouth. Xander panted between slightly parted lips as he watched the vampire fellate his finger. His rock hard cock twitched and dripped precum onto the cushion beneath him. He ran his tongue over his bottom lip to catch the drool that was threatening to slip down over his chin.

He watched as the vampire removed his finger from his mouth and then held the pastry over the palm of his hand, squeezing until a large dollop of custard plopped out. He bit his lip and groaned as the custard-slicked hand took hold of Spike’s cock and began to gently but firmly stroke - caressing, squeezing, coating it in the sweet yellow filling.

Xander whimpered, unconsciously lifting his hips higher, his ass begging for the vampire’s attention. Spike chuckled, “Want something, luv?”

“Spike...,” Xander begged. “Please...”

“Please, what, boy?” Spike purred, sliding his palm over the head of his cock, pulling the foreskin back and then pushing it forward just the way Xander liked. “Tell me what you want, Xan,” he ordered.

“Want you in me, Spike,” Xander whined, pushing his ass back towards the vampire, “filling me. Please...”

“You want filled, Xan?” the vampire asked with a leer on his face.

“Yesss,” Xander hissed between clenched teeth. He was so hard he ached and he just wanted the vampire to fill him, fuck him, now!

“‘Kay, pet. Can do,” Spike said. He squeezed more custard out onto his fingers and then ran them down the cleft of Xander’s ass and over the tight little pucker. Xander gasped as the cold concoction touched his heated skin. He started to tremble and his asshole spasmed when he felt the slicked fingers glide over his sensitive hole.


Spike placed his other hand comfortingly on Xander’s lower back. “Easy, pet. Soon. Promise,” he murmured soothingly. Xander tensed, and then relaxed, bearing down as he felt the cold finger press into his passage. “Oh, God, yeah,” he babbled when he felt the slight burn as his muscles began to stretch.

He spread his knees wider, inviting his lover to take what he wanted. He heard Spike begin to breathe softly and another finger was added to the first, stretching him wider. He pushed back, pressing onto the fingers inside him, trying to get them deeper still.

He whimpered when the fingers were taken away, and then held his breath and braced himself as something a lot bigger was pressed against his sphincter. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly and bit his bottom lip as the hard shaft breeched his opening and slid home.

“Oh, God,” he moaned, and then held still, panting. He could feel both the tight muscle guarding his hole and Spike’s cock twitch and jerk spasmodically as they tried to adjust to the feel of each other. He could hear Spike murmuring softly as he gently caressed Xander’s hips. When his body had relaxed enough to go on, he pushed back on the cock inside him, signaling his lover to proceed.

He felt the vampire grip his hips firmly and knew Spike was taking charge of the situation; all he was going to be able to do was hold on and enjoy the ride. He slid his arms out in front of himself and braced them on the arm of the couch. The vampire didn’t let him down.

Spike pulled out of Xander’s passage and slammed back in with no warm up. He continued to thrust hard and fast, angling to hit Xander’s prostate on every other stroke. Stars exploded across the back of Xander’s eyes, his heart raced in his chest, and he could feel his orgasm coming on strong and fast. He closed his eyes and panted heavily as he felt his balls rise up against his body, and then howled when he felt the cold steely grip encircle his sac and pull down.

“Told ya you were gonna be sorry, pet,” Spike purred in his ear, leaning over Xander’s back as he continued to pound relentlessly into Xander’s ass while still gripping his balls. “Bad boys who tease don’t get to cum until they’re told to.”

“Please, Spike... Please!” Xander cried. He could feel the pressure building in his balls. They felt as though they would explode if he didn’t cum soon.

“Show me, Xan. Show me how sorry you are for teasin’ me and I’ll let you cum,” the vampire ordered.

“How?” Xander begged.

“Ride me, luv,” Spike commanded, stilling his hips. “Worship my cock. Let me know how much you like havin’ it buried deep inside you.”

Xander raised his shoulders up until he was on all fours. He braced his arms, tightened his thigh muscles, and thrust his body back onto Spike’s cock. Both men groaned in pleasure. “Again, Xan. Don’t stop,” Spike encouraged.

Xander pulled forward, and then thrust back. He continued to repeat this movement, building a solid rhythm and groaning every time Spike’s cock hit his sweet spot. He clenched his internal muscles, gripping the cock tightly and eliciting an “Oh, fuckin’ hell!” from Spike.

Needing to come worse than any other time in his life he could remember, and knowing he wouldn’t be allowed until Spike was ready, Xander sped up his pace. Ignoring the burning in his shoulders and thighs from the strain on his muscles, Xander rode Spike’s cock as hard and as fast as he could, a mantra of ‘Soon, please, soon’ running through his mind. Sweat running down his forehead into his eyes and glistening on his back from the exertion he was putting his body through, balls throbbing with every beat of his heart, Xander almost wept with joy when he felt the cock inside him start to swell, and the hips behind him start to pump. He felt his balls once again start to rise towards his body and prayed for control he wasn’t sure he could muster as he waited for the command.

He barely had time to register Spike’s grip on his hips tightening enough to bruise when the vampire roared, “Cum!” Xander felt his world shatter as his balls erupted, shooting his load across the couch. In the back of his mind, he registered Spike’s cock convulsing inside him, filling him with his cold seed, and then everything went black.

When he finally came to he was lying on top of Spike, face nestled in the vampire’s neck. “Mmm,” was the only sound he seemed capable of producing at the moment. He felt the vampire’s chest rise and fall as he chuckled.

“Back with me, pet?” Spike asked, amused.

“Mmm,” Xander repeated, cracking open one eye.

“Hmm, never knew donuts could be so much fun,” the vampire commented, grinning at Xander.

Xander picked his head up and grinned back at him. “You liked that?”

“Oh, yeah. Most fun I’ve had with a pastry in... Well, forever, now that I think about it,” Spike answered, reaching up to brush the hair out of Xander’s eyes.

“Sooo,” Xander drew out playfully, eyes twinkling, “you’d like to do that again?”

“Huh, yeah. Just might,” Spike answered, eyes reflecting the same spark of mischief in Xander’s. “‘Cept next time it’ll be my turn to get buggered, yeah? No, teasing,” Spike warned.

Xander reached over, lifted the box off the table, and offered it to Spike, leering. “Glazed or filled?”

The End

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