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Pairing: Spanderish *Read and you'll understand*
Rating: Adults Only!
Chapter: 1/1
Feedback/Concrit: Absolutely! In comments or e-mail
Warnings: Whore!Fic
Summary: Spike finds a little treat waiting against a dark lamp post.

Just something I wrote when the IRS pissed me off. Needed my boys and some smut. A high five and thank you goes out to [info]_sharvie_ for the helping hand!!! (Even though it took time away from her wonderful writing. Everyone go read For the Love of My Brother) *smooches* See how I managed to get a pimp in? *grins*

But read this first cause I said so dammit!! :-)



Spike drove past the various desolate street corners, searching for the perfect someone to fit the mood he was in. Things must have been slow, barely a person around or maybe he was late and he’d missed most of the action already. He pulled the old, rattletrap of a DeSoto up to a stop sign and lit a cigarette, cocking his head the way of the alley as he blew smoke through the open window. That’s when he caught the sight that drew all of his attention. Young… younger than most out on these ratty streets, but looking as if he belonged there, leisurely stretched out, leaning against a burned out lamp post. Spike grinned and pulled the car around in front of the boy.

“You lost, mate?”

The young man blinked and shuffled toward the car, leaning his upper body into the passenger side window. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

Spike smirked, blowing a stream of smoke in the direction of the stranger. “How much?”

The kid smiled, casually tugging on a strand of brown hair that curled around his ear. “With a car that looks as bad as this, I doubt you could afford me.”

Spike’s brow lifted in surprise and then he flicked the finished butt out the window. “Someone needs to teach you some manners.”

The boy rolled his eyes and picked at an uneven fingernail. “Fifty for a blow, hundred for a fuck.”

Spike eyed him suspiciously. “Bit expensive for an area like this, don’t you think?”

“Told you you couldn’t afford it.”

Tapping his finger against the steering wheel, Spike tried to give the appearance of indecision, but the truth was, he’d planned on picking him up the moment he saw him. Not that he was about to let on to that. Now that he was introduced to the kid’s cocky attitude, he couldn’t wait to test the boy’s boundaries.

“What’ll it be? I got other people willing to pay. They see me talking to you for too long, my business is shot for the night.”

When Spike didn’t answer right away, the boy sighed and stood back up. “Knew I was wasting my time.” He turned around and strode back over to the pole, leaning back against it, bending his leg at the knee.

“Hey!” Spike called, pushing the passenger side door open. “Get in.”

With a goofy grin, the kid slid into the car and closed the door behind him.

They drove a quarter of a block before Spike shifted his attention and turned to look at him. “You got a name?”


Spike waited, and then frowned. Not very forthcoming, the little shit. He shook his head when he realized that was all he was getting out of the boy. “Well? What is it?”

“Why do you need to know?” The boy was moving closer, edging his way toward Spike.

“Guess I don’t,” he answered back with a shrug. “Figured you’d want me to call you something when I’m buggering you.”

Instead of answering right away, the boy turned his head to stare out the window. Finally, he replied, “It’s your cash, call me whatever you want.” Spike smiled. Yeah, this was gonna be fun.

Things were quiet until they pulled up to a traffic light, where Spike again turned to him. “Got a usual place? A room or something?”

The boy nodded. “You paying? Cause I can do it right here, doesn’t matter.”

Spike sighed, frustrated, “Bloody hell ,” but nodded, “Yeah, I’m paying.”

The kid pointed up ahead. “Two blocks on the right. Shit motel but they got beds and hot water.”


He signed for the room as Spike stood in the background, leaning against the wall, smoking. It was obvious by the disinterest of the man attending the desk that the kid was a regular, not even bothering to check his ID, which for the record, would have been a fake anyway. No way in hell he was eighteen. He flung the keys to Spike and headed through the door. “You coming or what?”

Spike’s brow rose as he looked incredulously at the boy, but followed anyway, one hand in his pocket, the other wrapped around a smoke, tossing it to the ground when they reached the room.

“Alex,” the boy said, kicking his shoes off into the corner.


“That’s what you can call me.”

“Well, Alex, does Johnboy out at the desk know you’re hookin’ underage?” Spike asked, sliding out of his long, leather duster, laying it on a chair beside the bed.

Alex looked up, weary at first, almost showing a hint of fear at being found out, but then answered, “He doesn’t care. Johns don’t usually wanna leave their name and there’s only so many Joe Smiths in the world. I pass him a twenty now and then and he leaves me alone.”

“Good. Didn’t want any surprises from the local do-gooders tryin’ to save a poor kid from an evil monster,” Spike scoffed and plopped down onto the bed, pulling himself up against the fake wooden headboard. “So, get with it, then. Strip.”

Alex looked up through the hair covering his eyes. “Don’t waste time, do you?”

He cocked an eyebrow and smirked. “Just checking out the merchandise. After all, I’m paying for quality goods, right?”

“Whatever.” Alex shrugged and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it onto the floor. “You never told me what to call you,” he complained as he slid his jeans down his legs, displaying his naked body for Spike to see.

With his eyes fixed on the tanned, muscled flesh, Spike flipped the buttons on his jeans, pulling the material open slightly. “Spike.”

Alex grinned. “You’re making that up, right?”

“I’ll tell you the whole story when we’re done, mate.”

“Yeah, right,” came the sarcastic response. “So,” a couple of strokes over his stomach and Alex asked, “what do you want? I don’t have all night.”

“Cheeky little cocksucker, aren’t you?”

Alex shrugged, trying to get things moving by climbing onto the end of the bed. “I tell it how it is.”

“I got that, yeah. So… am I your first trick tonight?” Spike’s eyes slowly drifted over the naked body, kneeling by his feet, and licked his lips provocatively. “Cause I’m not much for leftovers.”

Alex placed his hands on the end of the bed, crawling up slowly until he was kneeling between Spike’s legs. “Guess it’s your lucky night then. So, what do you want?”

With a smile full of snarky intentions, he slid down slightly and said, “Pull me out, pet. Suck on it for a bit, yeah?”

“I usually get paid first.”

“Yeah, well- not exactly sure what I’m gonna do with you yet. You’ll get your money, don’t worry ‘bout that, mate.”

Alex stopped for a moment, undecided. He didn’t trust too many people, but this guy seemed to have an honest face. Looking a little skeptical, he went against everything he’d learned about whoring and pushed his hand into Spike’s jeans, pulling out the long, hard cock hidden beneath. “Damn that’s nice. Kinda hopin’ you are loaded. Lot of things I could do with a cock like that.”

Spike closed his eyes and snickered, laying his head back onto the pillow. “Fifty?”

“If you come in my mouth.”

“Mmm,” Spike moaned, “Get to work then.”

Alex shifted his body and moved onto his stomach, one hand resting on the top of Spike’s thigh, the other gripping the base of his cock as he licked his lips. He knew exactly what to do to get a trick worked up. His tongue darted out and ran the length of the underside to taste the flavor leaking down the long shaft.

“That’s it, pet. Suck on the head like a good little whore. Make it nice and big.”

Alex obeyed and worked his lips over the tip, sucking in his cheeks, tonguing the slit as he moved his hand up and then back down the shaft in a steady rhythm.

“Bloody fuck!” A large gasp, and then, “take me deep, deep as you can. Swallow my cock,” he ordered.

Alex moaned and did just that, sitting up slightly to gain a better position and then without any more warning, engulfed Spike’s entire cock to the root.

“Gah… fuck!” Spike’s hands reached for the dark hair, twisting and pulling, positive he was hurting the boy, but Alex didn’t complain, instead, swallowed and pulled off, only to slide back down again with even more enthusiasm.

Spike was trying not to thrust, feeling the urge to fuck upward into the warmth, but resisted, letting Alex control the pace. The boy was obviously good at his job, so he’d let him do it. Especially since the way he was sucking, Spike was damn sure the boy was enjoying it. If his mouth felt this nice, he could only imagine what his ass was going to be like.

Unconsciously, Spike’s hands began pushing, forcing his cock further, making Alex deep throat until he felt the boy’s nose tickling his short and curlies. The sight alone caused him to lose it, and he began fucking, rocking his hips as he slammed his cock in and out of the accepting mouth. When Alex cupped his scrotum and then pushed a knuckle against his ass, Spike let go and came with a strangled cry, releasing a steady rush of fluid into Alex’s mouth. When Alex began licking the spilled cum, Spike pulled him off, needing a minute, his cock too sensitive for any kind of contact.

“Bleedin’ hell. Where’d you learn to suck a bloke’s cock like that?”

Alex licked his lips and smiled. “Practice makes perfect.”

“Fuck,” Spike sighed, trying to gain control over his traitorous body. He was completely limp from head to toe, good in a post orgasmic kind of way when you know you’ve been royally buggered, but it was no time for relaxation. He hadn’t even fucked the boy yet.

“Come ‘ere.”

Alex eyed him curiously.

“I don’t bite. Just, come up here beside me.”

With a long gaze, he moved up the bed and settled his body beside Spike’s. Unsure, he flinched when Spike moved in to kiss him.

“What? You don’t kiss?”

“Sometimes. Just, surprised you want to after I just -”

“Because you taste like cum?”

“Well, most guys don’t –“

“Most guys are sodding idiots.”

Alex nodded and this time didn’t back away when Spike’s lips touched his. In fact, he deepened the kiss, letting Spike taste exactly what was floating on his tongue. Distracted, Alex’s breath hitched when he felt a hand on him. A hand that began sliding slowly up and then back down, stroking his cock until he was moaning with each movement.

“Your turn. Wanna watch you get yourself off,” Spike whispered, his voice low with a seductive edge.

“But I’m supposed to be –“

“Servicing me?” he interrupted. “Believe me, watching you tossin’ off, seeing your face when you come – worth every extra penny I’m gonna give you.”

The promise of more money had Alex happily moving, rolling onto his back, pulling his legs up to plant his feet firmly on the bed. With one hand behind his head, he fisted his dick with the other and slowly began pumping.

Spike slithered off the bed, tucked himself away and reached for his smokes, lighting one and inhaling deeply, never taking his eyes off. The boy was beautiful, sprawled out, whimpering as he hardened in his fist. Alex was gasping; his breath wavering between being heavy and then ragged and Spike could hear his heart beating sporadically against his chest.

“You only do men?”

Alex met Spike’s eyes, surprised. He wasn’t expecting conversation while he jerked off. It was a bit distracting, but he tried to answer just the same, shaking his head and whispering, “No.”

Spike studied him curiously. “That’s… odd. Most blokes in your line of work usually set their sights on men.”

“Some of them,” a heavy breath, “bring their girlfriends or wives… so they can watch me with them.” Alex closed his eyes and slid his fingers around the head of his cock, tightening his hold and began to thrust slowly into his fist.

Spike blew a stream of smoke upwards and chuckled. “Kinky buggers. So, do you fuck ‘em? Eat ‘em out? Make ‘em come while their husbands tear into your ass?”

Alex’s eyes were rolling back now, almost to the point of coming, but he was trying to pay attention to Spike at the same time, making things a little more difficult. Halfheartedly, he answered, “Yesss.” Another breathless groan and then, “or sometimes…” He closed his eyes and shuddered, letting out a long, deep moan, pushing a finger into his ass as he came, his hand still pumping slowly, even as it was bathed in milky fluid.

Sometime during the display, Spike had discarded his cigarette and was now sitting on the bed, one leg bent and dangling off the edge as he casually palmed his cock through his jeans.

“Bloody nice show, mate. Love the finger bit,” he rasped. “So… what was that you were saying?”

Alex cleared his head and sat up, wiping his hand on the bedspread as his eyes followed the movement of Spike’s hand. Letting his breath even out, he said, “Some women… they just want to watch too.”

“Fancy a bit of homoerotic play, do they? Get off on their men buggering a pretty boy?” Spike asked with a wicked grin. “Bet it’s the snobs too. The squeaky-clean type citizens? Always the sodding deviants, they are. ”

Alex shrugged. “Don’t ask, don’t care.”

“Skeletons in everyone’s closet I’d wager.” Spike stood up, pulling his shirt over his head, revealing the tight muscles of stomach and abdomen disappearing inside the waist of the jeans.

Alex slid to his knees and crawled toward Spike, stopping once he was kneeling in front of him. “I bet you have a whole graveyard in yours.”

Spike smirked knowingly. “Something like that, yeah. Had my fair share of naughties. Take yourself, for instance. Think I’d want anyone to know I’m here with you? Spill my dirty little secret?”

Alex pushed his hands inside the jeans and slipped his fingers around to cover the clenched buttocks. “Well you’re not married. Knew that right off.”

“Right perceptive.”

“No ring.” A subtle squeeze of his fingers and Spike was moving forward, pushing his body against the boy. “Girlfriend?”

“Not to speak of,” came the quiet answer.

“Boyfriend then?”

“Hey!” Spike complained, obviously offended.

Alex tilted his chin up, regarding Spike curiously. “Yeah, okay. You have noticed I’m a guy, right?”

“Listen, wanker. Just because I like to fuck a bloke now and again doesn’t mean I’m a bloody pouf!”

“Okay, whatever. Not really caring here. You got money? It’s all good.”

“Fucking right, mate. Time you start earning it.”

“You’re the one who started the conversation. I thought we were done when you shot your load. Besides, how do I know you’re not gonna jip me, huh? Still don’t like this not paying first crap.”

“Fine.” Spike pulled away from the boy’s arms and wandered over to the chair, grabbing his coat. Fumbling through the pockets, he grabbed a wad of money and slammed it down on top of the nightstand. “Better? Can you fucking relax now?”

Alex’s eyes narrowed. “As a matter of fact, yeah I can. I’m not fucking guys like you because it’s my dream job, lack brain. Got bills, rent to pay.”

With sudden speed, Spike was back over beside the bed, pressing against him, bending Alex backward onto the mattress. “Careful, pet. Would do you well not to piss me off.”

“Bet it makes for a good fuck, though.”

Spike eased up and backed off, letting the boy have some space. “Like it rough, do you?” He took the liberty of climbing out of his jeans, dropping them to the floor beneath him as Alex smiled coyly.

“Yeah. I’d bet my money on it you like it rough” Spike returned, pushing Alex again until he was down on his back, pinning him in place with his body. “Know you like sucking cock. Can’t deny that one, the way you swallowed me down. Desperate for it, almost.”

Alex bucked up, urging his cock against Spike’s, gripping Spike’s arms tightly with his fingers.

Spike continued, not letting the steady slide of their cocks distract or temp him. It was all about control, and he wasn’t about to give it up. “Can’t wait to find out if you’re just as desperate when I’m riding into that ass of yours.” He leaned down and licked Alex’s bottom lip, teasing just enough to make the boy squirm underneath him.

“Little whore like you… I know what you want.” This time, it was Spike who ground down, rubbing and grinding hard against him. “And you’re gonna beg me for it.”

“No.” It would have been more believable if Alex’s voice hadn’t sounded so pathetically desperate. Just like Spike had said.

“No?” Spike slid down, taking a nipple between his teeth and twisted. “Don’t think you’re getting it, boy.” He licked the peaked nub and then moved onto the other one, biting down enough to cause Alex to yelp. “Mmm, think I’ll make you my bitch. Use your ass, your mouth… keep you locked away for when I feel the urge to pump into something tight and wet? My own fuckboy whore. How’s that sound, huh?”

The fact that Alex’s cock was swelling between them made any attempt at disagreeing useless. He was so fucking turned on, he was ready to adhere to anything this man said.

“I’ll be nice, though. Slick you up good and proper.” Alex whimpered and Spike moved back up his body. “Speaking of…”

“Nightstand drawer,” Alex managed before Spike finished.

“Good boy,” Spike hissed, lifting himself off enough to reach the lube. When he turned back around, Alex’s legs were spread on either side of his and Spike moved up to kneel between them.

With the first squirt of lube into his hand, Alex spoke up. “It’s extra if you don’t cover it.”

Spike’s brow rose. “What’s that?”

“Rubbers. They’re in the drawer.”

“Bloody hell,” Spike complained. “Fucking humans,” he mumbled to himself, slicking his cock in his fist.

“Look,” Alex continued, “I don’t care. I’ll go bareback, but it’s gonna cost.”

“Yeah, yeah. Cost me a sodding bundle already. Killing the mood here, pet.”

“Just wanted to make sure…”

Spike stopped him short by pushing Alex’s legs forward, pinning them against his chest. “Time to start begging, boy.”

He tried to resist, to not give in to Spike’s game, but couldn’t help it. “Oh, God,” Alex groaned when he felt the large head against his pucker. No preparing, no stretching… just that massive, rock hard cock pushing into him.

“The name’s Spike,” came the loud reply as he took no precautions for care and slammed balls deep inside Alex’s ass.

“Ow! Fuck!” Alex yelled, trying to bare down, anything to stop the steady sting.

“That’s it, pet. Squeeze that ass, try and keep me out. So much better that way.”

Alex did just that, and Spike felt him squeezing his muscles, pushing down until finally, he was able to thrust with ease. He was gliding in on barely a handful of lube, the friction of his naked cock rubbing the walls of the tight passage. It wasn’t going to take long, the need to come building quickly, especially with the low moan of the boy’s voice and the steady pounding of his heartbeat ringing in his ears.

“Gonna pound you through this fucking mattress.” He felt Alex’s nails against his back, digging strings of scratches from top to bottom, and smelled the blood welling up. “Fuck, pet! You shouldn’t have done that,” he warned, fighting for control.

Alex ignored the comment and yelled, “Oh, God! Oh God, Spike!” He was trying to lift up, trying to meet Spike’s thrusts to force the cock deeper into his body, but Spike was stronger, holding his shoulders firmly against the bed.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” Alex begged.

Finally, Spike couldn’t resist anymore and let go, slumping down onto the larger body as he reached his climax. His lips nuzzled into the skin, tonguing the flesh beneath him. Alex was screaming, crying out his name and Spike felt the wetness between them as the boy came a second time, leaving a wet pool to soak their stomachs.

With yellow eyes, Spike leaned in. “Was it good for you, pet?” He shifted, letting the demon loose and bit deep. He felt Alex jerk, his body’s initial response to the pain and felt the struggling begin. The screaming was good. Almost as good as the boy’s orgasm, and Spike felt the rush, the immediate high from the blood as he drank it down. When he’d finally had his fill and the richness of the coppery taste began to die on his tongue, he pulled off, letting the boy’s lifeless body drop onto the bed.

He dressed quickly, knowing he had to leave before anyone who might have been remotely interested in the sounds of the screams came to see what was happening. Spike smirked as he reached for his money, the pile of one-dollar bills he’d laid on the table. Glad the sodding kid hadn’t demanded to count it. Seems his luck was changing after all.

He left the motel, high on life and full of rich blood. Now it was off to Sunnydale to search for the Gem of Amara. Maybe, he’d have time to sample a little of the population before he left with his ring. The slayer? Or her friends? He seemed to recall a boy that fought along side her. Oh yeah. He’d pay a visit all right. Bloody well addicted to dark-haired teenage boys. Even if he hadn’t admitted it to himself - yet.

The End

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