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My Sword Page

The following pages contain pictures and sometimes brief commentary on swords I either currently own or have owned. Please enjoy.

Albion Number Three: The Yeoman!
Another crappy shot I probly won't replace cause I'm too lazy...

The steely goodness continues, with the arrival of my second Albion sword, the NextGen Crecy!
When I get some time and decent lighting, the money shot will go here...

I am proud to announce (to the six or so people who have ever visited this site) the newest addition to my
growing steel family- my first Albion NextGen, The Squire!

This is my first Atrim- the AT1518 Longsword with spike guard, two-banded green leather
grip and matching scabbard by Christian Fletcher!

Finally got my Last Legend Taketoshi katana! Decent sword, looooong wait.

NEWEST: Albion Yeoman

Windlass Fighting Dirk

My Current Desktop: Sweet XVIs

Last Legend Taketoshi Katana

Masahiro Masakage Katana


Albion Crecy

Albion Squire

Hanwei Damascus Viking

Windlass Leafblade

Windlass Sword of Dracula

"Ugly ArmArt"

Other Swords

Quotable (but non-sword-related) Quotes

Pic of Chicks Kissing...Just Because

Obviously, everything on this site is copyrighted, either to myself or the original sources in cases of linked images.

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