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Rating NC 17

Pairing Spike/Xander
Distribution: Want? Take, have. Just   tell me where please, so I can go lookie

Warning: Daddy!Kink Don't read if this squicks you

Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I have high hopes.
Beta'd by [info]Laazikaat   but I kept playing with it so any mistakes are my own.
Feedback always appreciated, but be gentle please.

Summary: Spike's been a naughty boy, Daddy's going to have to punish him

Daddy Dearest


"Well?" said Xander as he held the offending object out to Spike.

Spike had the grace to drop his eye's and look guilty as he took in Xander's angry face and the overflowing ashtray

"You've been bad again, haven't you, Baby?"

Spike glanced up at Xander through his lashes. "Yes, Daddy," he said

"You promised me you wouldn't smoke in the flat again" continued Xander "You fucking promised"

"S..sorry Daddy."

"You always say sorry, and you always do it again,"Xander said

"I really am sorry, Daddy," Spike said in a tiny voice. "Are you going to have to punish me?"

"Yes, Baby, Daddy's got to punish you, don't you see?"

Spike kept his eye's lowered to hide the flash of excitement in them.

Xander sat down on the couch and spread his legs, making himself comfortable.

He reached for the bottle of whiskey on the side table and poured himself a glass.

"Take your clothes off, Baby, he said, taking a sip of the smooth malt whiskey and enjoying the burn as it went down

Spike tore at the buttons on his shirt in his eagernes to comply

He pulled the shirt from his body revealing the new nipple ring daddy had given him for Daddy's birthday last month

The shirt off, Spike unbuckled his belt and pulled it through it's loops, letting it drop to the floor.

As Spike reached for the buttons on his fly, Xander had to shift a little to ease the pressure building against his zipper.

Spike dropped his trousers and slipped them over his bare feet

Xander was grateful yet again that he insisted that his baby go commando at all times

Spike had a beautiful cock. For a little guy, he was built like a mule, ten inches at least and almost as thick as Xander's own monster

Which was making itself felt right now

"Good baby, Xander said in a husky voice. "Now go and fetch the red paddle, the one with the holes in it.

"Please Daddy, not the one with the holes," Spike whimpered

The holes cut down resistance and made the paddle a lot more painful

"Don't argue, Baby," Xander responded. "Daddy's very cross with his baby and we might have to use the belt as well if Baby keeps arguing like this.

"Sorry Daddy, I didn't mean it, I'll get the paddle," Spike said, scampering off immediatly.

Xander took the chance to rearrange his cock while Spike was out of the room

He was hard enough to drill holes in the wall, but he had a job to do, and he believed in being a good Daddy to Spike, and good Daddy's had to keep their Baby's disciplined.

He didn't intend skimping on the punishment.

Spike brought the paddle over to Xander and held it out.

"Good Baby, now come lie down here over daddy's lap," Xander said, moving Spike's smaller body across the couch, and positioning Spike's leaking cock between his spread thighs, where there was minimal friction. This was a punishment, after all.

Xander's own cock was pressed up against Spike's hip, however, getting maximum friction.

Xander caressed the pale globes in front of him with his free hand, then slipped it underneath Spike's body and took hold of his boy's throbbing erection. After all, he loved his boy, and wanted Spike to remember that.

Spike groaned and began to thrust into Xander's hand.

Xander gently pumped Spike's cock a few times, then the hand fondling Spike's cock stilled and he brought the one holding the paddle down hard in quick succession five times onto the pale ass stretched out on his lap

Spike bucked wildly on Xander's lap, his hip rubbing against xander's erection as he reacted to the sudden pain

Xander put down the paddle and rubbed soothingly at the reddend ass, while beginning to fondle Spike's erection again

"Daddy...daddy...daddy...hurts daddy..." sobbed Spike, as Xander soothed the inflamed skin.

"Now baby, you know you were bad, Daddy's only doing this for your own good," said Xander gently, as he stilled his hand on Spike's cock and picked up the paddle again, sending five more harsh slaps smacking onto the lovely ass on his lap.

Spike jumped and thrashed on his lap, rubbing against his cock and making Xander hard enough to drill holes in the wall.

He stopped and fondled Spike's weeping erection as he soothed his inflamed ass again.

And so it continued, Xander alternating punishing blows with the paddle and then gentle caresses of Spike's leaking cock, spreading precome liberally over his boy's balls as well.

He carefully covered every inch of his boy's ass, watching the skin go from its original creamy white to a soft pink, then a dark dusky pink and finally a deep red.

When Spike's ass had an even rosy glow all over, he stopped and dropped the paddle on the floor.

"All finished Baby," he said, pulling Spike into an embrace and hugging the sobbing vampire to his chest.

"You were very good for Daddy"

"I won't do it again," Daddy, sobbed Spiked into his chest

"That's my good baby boy," Xander agreed, "my baby's always trying to please Daddy.

"Oh yes, Daddy, want to please Daddy," nodded Spike

Well, you can do something for Daddy, now, Baby" said Xander, as he took Spike's hand and guided it to his rock hard erection

'Look what you've done to Daddy, Baby. "Xander said breathlessly as Spike began to fondle the massive cock with both hands.

"Now, can you fix that for Daddy, Baby?"

"Oh yes, daddy, shall I sit on it for you Daddy? You always like it when I sit on it"

"Yeah, Baby, you go run and get the lube for Daddy now," said Xander, and smiled at the eagerness with which his boy ran to obey.

"Here, Daddy, shall I get myself ready for you?" said spike, taking the cap off the tube.

"Yeah, Baby, Daddy would enjoy watching that, kneel down here where Daddy can see you properly."

Spike knelt with his back to Xander and poured a good dollop of the gell onto his fingers. Then he leaned back and Xander held his breath as a finger slowly breached that beautiful hole.

Xander unzipped himself quickly and got himself out. Capturing some precome from the head he smeared it over the shaft and gave himself some relief.

Spike had three fingers inside his ass now and Xander couldn't wait any longer. He knew Spike needed to have his whole hand inside to prepare properly for his Daddy's huge cock,but he was frantic to get inside that tight hole, and anyway, this was punishment for his naughty boy.

"Climb onto daddy's lap, Baby" he croaked, and Spike didn't need to be asked twice.

Straddling Xanders thighs, he lined up Xander's huge cock and slowly impaled himself on it.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" Xander screamed as his huge cock-head disappeared into Spike's tight hole" So fucking tight! Oh Baby, so good, so fucking good.."

"So big, big.."

Slowly xander's massive erection disappeared into spike's ass inch by painful inch, and finally Spike was sitting flush on Xander's lap.

Xander leaned forward and captured Spike's mouth with his own. His tongue dived inside and twisted with Spike's as he waited for Spike's body to adjust to the huge intrusion

Lust wiped out his control.

"Come on Baby, make Daddy feel good", Xander said, slipping his hand between them and giving Spike's nipple ring a twist.

Spike jumped and began fucking himself on Xander's huge cock

"Fuck," panted Xander, "So good...gonna come, Baby..not gonna last long..."

Spike pistoned his smaller body on Xander's cock, his own cock hard and leaking

"Love you Daddy," he cried, as he slammed down repeatedly.

"Love you, too, Baby," gasped Xander, reaching for Spike's hips and jackhammering his sweet boy onto his straining cock.

"Oh fuck...fuck...coming, Baby, coming....

Coming Daddy...coming now..." cried Spike, spasming around Xander's huge erection

Xander's cocked pulsed repeatedly into Spike's ass as he hugged him tightly to his chest

"Thankyou, Daddy" whispered Spike against Xander's neck

"You took your punishment really well, baby, Daddy's sorry he had to punish you. I hope you've learned your lesson"

"Oh yes, Daddy, I wont smoke in the house again, I promise

The End

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