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Xander snuck into the Magic Shop, looking around to make sure that Spike wasn’t there. To his great relief, the only blond head in the room was Buffy’s.

“Hello, my gorgeous ladies.” He said jovially, smiling at the girls. “And Giles.” He added after noticing Giles’ raised eyebrow. How come everyone could do the eyebrow thing but him? He wondered absently, taking his place at the table. Spike could even do it while he was draped over him, thrusting lazily in… NO! Thoughts like that were not allowed! No twinkies for you, evil, vampire-loving brain, Xander thought and mentally glared at himself. I don’t want Spike anymore, remember? No more Spike-shaped thoughts. Especially no sexy, thrusting Spike thoughts.

After a few months of secret meetings and admittedly hot sex, Xander had gotten worried that he was getting in too deep. It had been fun when it started, but Xander wanted more, and since he wasn’t getting more; he didn’t want any. With this in mind, he told Spike that they were over. He’d told Spike they were over on three different occasions. The vampire just laughed and looked at him, and Xander somehow found himself falling into bed with him again.

After the third time, Xander decided that there was only one way to stay strong. He started avoiding the blond and doing his best to never be alone with him. Whenever he couldn’t avoid Spike, he would ignore everything about him, including the effect the vampire had on him and the naughty thoughts that sprang to mind whenever Spike was near.

So far it sucked.

“Xander! Sure as I am that your hand is a very interesting sight, I would really appreciate it if you could pay me some attention while I talk to you.” Giles’ irate voice burst Xander’s thought bubble, and he jumped in surprise.

“Sorry G-man, was just… erm… thinking, about stuff. Yeah. Construction stuff. Boring for you guys... construction. No need to ask for details. Cause construction, boring!”

Giles merely raised his eyebrow at the young man’s babble and waited for him to stop.

“Please don’t call me that. On second thought, never mind, you’ll do it anyway.”

“Sorry, Giles.” Xander grinned, completely unrepentant. “What did you want me for?”

“Could you please check the shelves down at the basement? One of the potions we keep there was broken and it ate through some of the wood. It doesn’t seem serious but I just want to be sure they’re still steady.”

“Sure thing, G-man.”


Spike walked into the shop just in time to see Xander go down the basement steps. He watched thoughtfully, trying to understand what had gotten into the boy. They’d been shagging for a couple of months now and as far as Spike was concerned, it was bloody brilliant. He hadn’t had someone warm to play with since forever, and Xander had the hottest, tightest, prettiest little hole he’d ever been in.

The boy seemed to have been enjoying it, as well, so why did he insist on this silly idea of ending it? Spike didn’t understand what had gotten into the boy but he wasn’t about to let it get in the way of some fucking hot sex! Making sure the rest of the Scoobies didn’t see him, Spike snuckdown to the basement. He stood next to the stairs for a moment, watching Xander work.

“Still avoiding me then, pet.” He said, more a statement than a question.

Xander visibly jumped, turning around to look at Spike, wide-eyed and terrified.

“No Spike. It’s just over. We’re over.” Xander replied, mentally cursing his voice for trembling.

Spike walked towards Xander, forcing him to walk backwards until his back was pressed against the shelves.

“Over, are we?” he drawled softly reaching out and stroking Xander’s neck. “So why do you shiver whenever I’m near you then, Xan?” Leaning close, Spike nibbled on the boy’s ear. “Why does your heart beat so loudly when I touch you?” He whispered, trailing his lips down Xander’s neck. Reaching down, Spike cupped the brunet’s erection and massaged lightly. “This doesn’t feel like we’re over, pet.”

Xander closed his eyes as sensation upon sensation rushed through him, ready to just give in to them, let himself enjoy the pleasure.

“Xander? Willow’s going for donuts, want anything?”

Buffy’s voice jarred him back to reality, and he managed to find enough presence of mind to yell out a “no” before pushing Spike back.

“No Spike, I told you, it’s over.” He repeated and made to leave the room, only to find himself slammed back against the shelves and held there. Before he had time to react, Spike had lowered his zipper and taken him out.

“Spike! What are you doing?” He exclaimed angrily, fighting to escape the arm pressing down on his chest. “Stop it before I yell for help.”

The blond merely smirked at him, his hand wrapped around Xander’s cock, pulling him steadily.

“Oh? You want your little friends to find you with your cock hard in my hand?” Spike laughed and tightened his hand, drawing a gasp out of the boy. “Maybe we should give them something more interesting to watch,” he drawled and, without releasing Xander’s cock, sank down on his knees, pressing his free arm against Xander’s pelvis to hold him in place. He looked up to see Xander watching him, expression caught between desire and fear.

Spike leaned forwards slowly, making sure that Xander knew what was coming before licking a path from the base of his dick all the way to the crown. He groaned at the familiar taste and closed his eyes as he closed his mouth around the tip of Xander’s cock and sucked softly, bobbing his head, slowly working his way down.

Xander reached down to pull Spike off him. His hands tangled into Spike’s hair but he couldn’t bring himself to tug him away. He stared down at Spike’s blissful expression as the blond took his cock even further into his mouth. Making a half-hearted attempt to pull him off, he murmured, “No, please, we’re over.”

Spike opened his eyes and looked up, daring Xander to push him away, his free hand opening the boy’s trousers and pushing them down to the floor before moving up again to cup and massage his balls, dragging a muffled moan from him. Xander loved this, and Spike knew it. He was not going to give him up without a fight. His boy, to play with and fuck and hold.

How could he ever have thought he could give this up? Xander thought, and stopped struggling, letting himself enjoy the sight and feel of Spike’s mouth on him. The blond knew all of Xander’s sensitive points and was hitting every single one of them with his tongue and his teeth.

Spike’s head lifted up and Xander immediately started begging him not to stop, hands combing through his hair, gently pushing him back down.

“I thought you wanted to end this, pet.” Spike said; Xander could hear the smirk, but he didn’t care.

“No, not ending, no stopping, please, Spike.” He babbled helplessly, repeating himself until the blond took him in again, humming all the way until his nose was buried in brown curls, and Xander was deep inside his throat. The hand holding Xander steady against the shelves pushed between his legs and circled his hole before pushing just a little bit inside.

Xander tried not to cry out as he came, pushing himself in Spike’s mouth as deep as he could go before collapsing limply on the floor. Strong arms gathered him up until he was leaning against Spike chest and a soft voice whispered in his ear, “Not over, pet.”

The End

Nov 14, 2004

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