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Rating: NC-17 (it’s a little smutty)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all. I’m teaching him to share!

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Author’s Note: Spike is all chip-less and soulful. Other than that, it’s AU all the way.

And let’s not forget: Loads of thanks, hugs and naked Spike cookies to Mel, for both the beta-ing and the words of wisdom. (smile)

Winner of the Batpack Valentine's Day FanFic Challenge 2004

Not Just a Spell


Xander hovered in the doorway of his bedroom, watching the object of his affection lounging on the sofa reading a magazine. He could do this. He’d faced God-knows-how-many monsters, a bona fide Hell God, and one very scary Willow, he could ask the Big Bad to go out with him. Piece of cake. If maybe the cake was laced with arsenic and full of razor blades. Right. Deep breath. Here we go. Be goofy yet adorable, be goofy yet adorable…


Spike looked up from the latest issue of Rolling Stone growling at the interruption.

“What?” he snapped.

“Wanna go play some pool?” Xander couldn’t hide the hopeful, mildly nervous tone evident in his question.

“Why?” The blond seemed to be genuinely puzzled.

“Because it would be fun!”

Instead of replying, Spike just looked at Xander suspiciously.

The brunet smiled at him engagingly and sing-songed, “I’ll even buy you beer!”

The vampire sprawled on his couch just shrugged. He was getting bored anyway, a round of pool would help him pass the time. “Fine. We’ll play pool.”

All night long Xander was attentive and friendly, and much to his surprise Spike found that the whelp was good company when he wanted to be.


Xander looked at his vampire and smiled to himself. He had fun last night and he was sure that Spike had also enjoyed himself so he was angling for a repeat performance.

“Hey, Spike,” he greeted the vampire cheerfully.

“What do you want?” came the irritated reply.

“Wanna go to The Bronze with me?” Xander asked, smiling as prettily as he could, while Spike emitted his put-upon, long-suffering sigh.

The vampire looked him over before asking resignedly “Are you going to hound me til we play pool again?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” the boy said, flashing his patented aren’t-I-adorable smile that always worked on Willow.

“Fine. But you’re buying me the good beer. None of that nasty local stuff.”

Hearing that, Xander tried really hard not to bounce. “Whatever you say, Soulboy. Get a move on then.”

What followed was a repeat of the previous night with Xander being friendly and attentive. In fact, if Spike didn’t know better he’d swear that the whelp was flirting with him. But that was impossible. The boy was straight as they come, and anyway, he hated vampires generally, him in particular.

<24 hours later>

Xander was once again hovering near the vampire. Over the last couple of nights he’d become more confident that Spike liked him and he had decided that tonight would be the night he would actually make an overt move on Spike and hope to all that was good (and evil!) that the blond would respond. So, here we go, big smile, aaaaaaaand action!

“Oh, Spiiiike, watcha doin’?”

The vampire glared at him. “Fuck it. What do you want whelp? What’s up your stupid Hawaiian sleeve? Are you deliberately trying to drive me mad?”

Xander smiled softly at Spike’s exasperated tone, secure in the knowledge that what he had up his ‘stupid Hawaiian sleeve’ was something they would both enjoy. “Actually, no. Wanna go grab a beer?”

Spike openly stared at Xander as if he’d completely lost his mind. “Have you completely lost your tiny little mind?”

“Just ‘cause I wanna get a beer with you?” the brunet asked, pretending to be confused.

“Well, yes! You hate me remember?”

“Aw, don’t say that. I don’t hate you anymore. So, you coming with?” Xander asked hopefully.

“Right. Will you excuse me a minute?” Spike used his patented
keep-Dru-calm voice.

Big, brown eyes smiled at him expectantly. “Sure. But we’re going out after, right?

“Yup, whatever you want, pet.” Still speaking soothingly, the vampire backed away warily, grabbing the phone as he went to his room where he quickly dialed Willow’s number.

“Red? Did you put any kind of mojo on the whelp?” he asked worriedly and immediately moved the receiver to a safe distance as the witch yelled indignantly in his ear.

“I did not! I don’t do that anymore! When will everyone understand that?”

“No need to yell now,” he immediately tried to placate her.

“Sorry, it’s still a touchy subject. What’s up with Xander?” Willow asked earnestly.

“He’s been acting funny. Being all friendly-like,” Spike explained.


Spike glared at the phone, wondered if he'd somehow stumbled into an alternate reality where he and Xander were the best of friends, and resumed the conversation. “So, why would he do that?” he asked in measured tones.

“'Cause he likes you maybe?" Willow ventured a guess.

“Red, the whelp doesn’t like me. Now please tell the nice vampire what’s going on." For the second time that night Spike used a tone of voice usually reserved for Dru during one of her fits.

“Fine. It’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, there’s this curse thing, 'cause Xander did a spell when we were in school. Not a big spell really, a little spell , but well, Goddess Diana got kinda upset, and she only wanted to teach him about real love you know? So, it’s not really a curse as such, more like a love charm, and so every year, for the two days before and on the day of Valentine’s Day, Xander gradually gets the courage to act on his feel…attraction, yeah that’s it, attraction, to someone. Peaks on V-day and should be over by tomorrow. Yeah. That’s it. The whole story. Not leaving even a tiny little detail out. No sirree.”

It took Spike about a minute to sort through all that. Willow in babble-mode never ceased to confuse him.

“But wait, you said attraction, right? So it can’t be me 'cause the boy’s not gay.”

“Well…actually he is bisexual.”

“What the fuck do you mean, he’s bisexual?” the vampire yelled angrily.

The door opened and Xander’s head popped into the room. “Everything okay in here?” he asked worriedly.

“F-fine, pet, be out in a minute,” Spike stuttered.

“Okie-dokie,” Xander smiled and agreed easily.

The vampire sighed and returned to his conversation with Willow.

“So, you’re telling me that some stuck-up Goddess got upset about some spell he did when he was in high school and now the resident demon-magnet has an irresistible urge to shag the body he’s attracted to? And he’s bisexual? And you didn’t think to let the hot, male vampire flatmate know this?” his voice rising steadily with each word and ending in a very loud growl.

“No need to yell!” Willow huffed.

“I’ll yell if I bloody well want to!” Spike just yelled louder

“There’s no reason to be so upset, Spike. It’s not like it’s such a hardship to hang out with Xander!”

Spike reconsidered the alternate dimension theory.

“Have you all gone crazy? That’s it, I’m calling the Watcher.”

“No! He doesn’t know!" Willow screeched desperately.

“He doesn’t know? The whelp is under some kind of love spell and the Watcher doesn’t know?”

“He was rather upset at Xander at the time and we didn’t want to make it worse. And it’s a love charm,” she emphasized.

“How did he cover it all these years, anyway?”


“Oh. Forgot about the demon chit. So, she dumps him and I get lucky…”

Xander popped his head back in and pouted prettily at the vampire. “Spiiiiiiike, come on! I wanna go out!” he whined.

“I’m coming, whelp! Gimme a bloody minute, will you? Red, he better not stake me after the spell is finished or I swear I’m coming back to haunt you!”

“It’s not a spell, it’s a…”

Spike slammed the phone down and got up. Just give the boy what he wants. Not so tough. Right, game plan: Go out with the whelp. Enjoy yourself. Did it the past couple of nights, didn’t you?

Spike grabbed his jacket on the way out the door. “Come on then, pet, night’s not getting any younger.”

This time when Xander flirted, Spike flirted right back. And when the brunet checked out his ass, he went right ahead and pressed it against the boy. He was pleasantly surprised at what Harris did when encouraged - he went for all the flirty touches, holding his hand or touching his lower back to guide him through the crowd, letting their fingers touch when passing him a beer, touching his forearm when he leaned in to talk to him, whispering in his ear instead of shouting at him to be heard over the noise of the club. Being the sole focus of Xander Harris’s *positive* attention was an experience to be savored.

After a pleasant and, in Spike’s opinion, thoroughly entertaining evening, the boys made their way back to the apartment. Xander walked through the front door continuing his story. “And then Buffy turned around and screeched ‘This is my favourite skirt! It’s suede!’ and then she did this spin-kick, and she kicked his head right…” Turning around to demonstrate, Xander found himself chest-to-chest with a smiling vampire. “…off…”

His voice trailed off as he became fascinated with the shape of Spike’s smiling mouth. His thoughts dwindled down to ‘pretty lips, pretty smile, pretty vampire’ and he couldn’t stop himself from tremulously asking, “Spike, please, can I kiss you?”

Spike’s smile widened. “Sure, pet.”

“Good…that’s good.” Xander leaned in and closed his eyes, his lips barely touching that smiling mouth.


“Shh…this is the best part.”

After a few moments he closed the distance and placed a soft kiss on Spike’s lips. A satisfied little smile later, he came back for more, tracing the blond’s lips with his tongue, slipping it into the cool mouth and exploring it as thoroughly as possible. The kiss soon turned hot and intense, tongues stroking, each one trying to devour the other.

Xander broke away to breathe and started trailing open mouthed kisses down Spike’s neck, nibbling and licking the flesh. He didn’t register at first that the hands that had been holding him close started pushing him away. He vaguely heard a voice calling his name, asking him to stop. Silly voice, why stop when it felt so good? He gently bit the flesh before him in retaliation before soothing it with his tongue.

Suddenly he was sprawled on the hard floor, looking up at Spike who, oddly enough, was breathing. Raggedly. Blue eyes wide and staring at him in shock. What happened? He was kissing the vampire and then, Xander no, stop. Oh. Spike wanted him to stop. He’d said no. Didn’t want him.

Xander tried to pull himself together, his voice thick with unshed tears “I’m sorry. Spike, I’m sorry. I…it…it won’t happen again.”

“What? Xander, no, that’s not what I…”

“Look, don’t worry about it, really. It’s nothing. I’ll just, I think I’ll turn in for the night.”

As he was speaking Xander crawled the few steps to his room. Couldn’t get up. Hurt too much to get up. Spike said no. He’d said stop. Didn’t want him. Stupid Xander, stupid, stupid, why would he want you?

“Xander, wait, please wait!” the vampire cried desperately.

“It’s okay, Spike, won’t happen again. Promise. Don’t worry.”

The bedroom door closed with a bang. Spike even heard the key turning in the lock. He moved to stand close to it. Heard the muffled crying. Heard the whispering. “Stupid, stupid, stupid Xander, doesn’t want you, had Angelus and Drusilla and Buffy, why would he want you? Not you, never you…”

“Oh, bloody hell.” Spike stood there staring at the door. What if the spell was still affecting him? Red. Red ’ll know. He grabbed the phone and dialed. “Willow?” The vampire’s rising panic was evident even in only that word.

“Hmm? Spike? Why are you calling me this time of night?” she asked sleepily.

“I think I broke Xander!” he exclaimed anxiously, still staring at the closed bedroom door.

“You did what?” she screeched.

“It’s not my fault! All I wanted to do was tell him to quit for a minute and he broke down!” Spike babbled.

“Spike, why would you want him to stop?” Willow asked,

“'CauseIdidn’twantittobejustthespell,” the vampire mumbled.


Spike sighed; he really didn’t want to have this conversation. “'Cause I didn’t want it to be just the spell,” he repeated more slowly.

He heard Willow sigh.

“Spike, you’re an idiot.”

“I am not!” He waited a beat. “Why am I an idiot?”

“’Cause it’s obvious that Xander has a crush on you! Has had for a few months now,” she explained.

“No, he doesn’t! He hates me! He only wants me ‘cause of the spell,” Spike insisted.

“He doesn’t hate you. He just doesn’t know how to act around you. Every time he tries to be friendly, you think he’s up to something. And I told you it was a love charm! It’s supposed to help him find the courage to go after someone he already wants, not make him lust after them!” Willow sighed. “Look, Spike, I don’t know what you did, but you better fix it. I really don’t wanna have to come at you with a shovel, okay? G’night.”

“Red, wait!” Spike cried out even as he heard the 'click!’. He shook the phone in frustration. What the hell was he supposed to do to fix this! And what did a shovel have to do with anything?

“Right. When in doubt, go for classic.”

Spike started hunting around the apartment for the things he needed to put his plan into action. Forty-five minutes and a quick trip to an all-night store later, he was done. And he had thought of the perfect way to get Xander out of his room.

“Xander? Look, sorry to bother you, pet, but Willow’s out here and she’s crying. I dunno what to do about it.”

Within a few seconds the door was open and Xander was frantically asking a non-existent Willow what was wrong. Spike took in the red-rimmed eyes and the disheveled appearance of the boy and felt his chest constrict. I did that. I made him cry. Red was right, I’m an idiot. Then he noticed that all Xander wore was a pair of red silk boxers.

At the same time, Xander was looking around the living room in confusion. There was no Willow, but there were lit candles everywhere, their flickering light the only illumination in the room. Jazz music was playing softly in the background.

“What’s all this?” he asked.

Spike didn’t even realize that Xander was talking. He was too busy staring and deeply appreciating the sight before him.


“Huh? What?”

Shaking his head in exasperation, Xander repeated his question

Spike took a deep unneeded breath and started explaining the misunderstanding. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry about before. I…”

Previously hopeful eyes turned flat again at the vampire’s apology. “Spike, I told you, you don’t have to apologize. You didn’t want that to happen, and you had every right to say so”

As he was talking, Xander walked backwards and into his room. But Spike had had enough. He grabbed the boy and shoved him against the doorframe, holding an arm across his chest and a hand over his mouth.

“Oh, bloody hell, whelp. Will you shut up and listen? I’m sorry I asked you to stop because you did stop, you idiot! I didn’t mean ‘stop completely’. I just wanted you to stop for all of five minutes so I could be sure you didn’t want me just ‘cause of some stupid spell! I like you. I set this whole stupid thing up for you, you pillock! I even got you chocolate , more fool me. What? What’s that you said?”

“Mf mhaid hmm mke yh tff.”

Spike removed his hand from the boy’s mouth just long enough for him to smile brilliantly and repeat, “I said, I like you, too.”

“That…that’s good. So, wanna come out here and have some of that nice chocolate I got for you?” the vampire asked encouragingly.

Xander nodded enthusiastically and Spike bestowed a soft kiss on the happy youth as he let him go.

“Just gimme a minute to get some clothes on.”

Spike grabbed Xander again and dragged him away from the room.

“Oh, no, you don’t. I’m not letting you go in there again! Well, not without me that is. ‘Sides, I like how you look with those on.”

A blushing Xander allowed himself to be herded to the living room and sat down before the coffee table which was presently covered with a white table cloth and a few candles. The centerpiece was a huge, heart-shaped box of chocolate.

Spike settled onto the couch behind Xander and pulled the boy back against him and into his arms. He immediately started nuzzling his neck, kissing and licking his way down to the young man’s shoulder.

“Spike? I thought you said we should stop this for a while?” Xander asked nervously.

The blond barely even paused his ministrations, answering against Xander’s skin, sending shivers down the brunet’s spine “That was before. Don’t wanna stop now.”

Hands came into play, exploring, teasing, moving slowly but inexorably downwards. Xander shuddered at the sensations elicited by Spike’s extremely talented hands, and arched into the contact. As he moved back into Spike, the heart-shaped box caught his eye. He immediately grabbed the vampire’s hands, holding them away from his body.

“Spike, chocolate! You got me chocolate!” he exclaimed excitedly.

The blond groaned in frustration and dropped his forehead onto Xander’s shoulder. “How can you think of chocolate at a time like this?” he asked desperately.

Turning around in Spike’s arms, the boy kissed him thoroughly before replying. “’Cause it’s chocolate, of course. Wanna feed me some?”

The blond whined, “No, wanna kiss you.”

Xander grinned, and replied, “You can do both! Neat little trick I learned from Anya.”

He leaned over, grabbed the box, and selected a chocolate. “Now, hold half of it with your teeth, don’t bite it, just hold it,” he directed.

With a long-suffering sigh, the vampire followed the boy’s instructions. Xander straddled Spike’s legs, cupped his face with his hands, and started nibbling on the chocolate until he reached the mouth holding it. He then proceeded to lick the lips clean of any chocolate traces before reaching inside. His tongue explored, learning Spike’s taste, and looking for every last bit of the delicious sweet. By the time he was finished, the vampire was moaning and pulling him close to his body so that they were flush against each other. Xander drew back and smiled.


“Hell, yeah!”

The next hour was spent slowly consuming the chocolate. By the time the box was empty, Spike’s hands had wandered down inside Xander’s boxer shorts to cup and massage his ass, and they were both thrusting and grinding slowly against each other. Spike slipped a finger between the firm cheeks and rubbed it against the boy’s pucker. The result was instantaneous as Xander moaned into the kiss and pushed against the questing finger.

“Like that, pet?” Spike purred.

“Oh, God, yeah. More Spike, please…”

Laughing softly, the vampire pushed the boy upwards. “On your knees, Xan, come on.”

Lifting himself onto his knees, Xander found that his cock was now level with the vampire’s mouth. The hands left his ass to push down his shorts and suddenly Spike was licking the hollow next to his hipbone while a finger traced his mouth.

“Lick it, pet,” Spike whispered huskily.

Xander immediately allowed the digit into his mouth twirling his tongue around it and sucking on it. A few seconds later the finger was back teasing his hole, stroking, and circling, and pushing in. Feeling the finger reaching inside him, Xander pushed back and then forward, thrusting his cock right into a cool, wet mouth that immediately started a light sucking action, just strong enough to drive him crazy.

“Spike, I need…ah…more, just…oh yeah…more please.”

With a final lick, the mouth was removed.

"More what, love?"

Xander groaned at the loss of contact "More…your mouth…more," he babbled.

A shudder traveled the length of Xander's body as Spike laved the sensitive vein on the underside of his cock before sucking the head between his lips. Hands gravitated towards the vampire’s head, threading through his hair, and holding him close. Pulling back, Spike licked the head, his tongue dipping into the slit. By that time, Xander was moaning continuously.

"Like that, do you? What about this?" Spike lowered his mouth to engulf the boy's straining cock in one swift move. Xander screamed and thrust into the cool wetness.

"God, Spike! Want…," he moaned as the blond swallowed around his shaft. "Need to see you. Wanna fuck you Spike, wanna come inside you…"

Spike pulled off Xander. “Ins…”

The vampire hastily unbuttoned the fly on his worn jeans and tried to pull them down without dislodging the brunet. When he realised that was impossible he growled and raised his head to look pleadingly at Xander. Before he knew it, the boy was off the couch pulling off his boots and attacking his jeans, dragging them down as fast as possible. When he finally removed them, he knelt between Spike’s legs and trailed his mouth down the cock before him, pausing to suck and lick his balls. Xander pulled him to the edge of the couch and pushed his legs further apart and upwards, with a terse instruction to ‘hold them up’, before continuing his exploration of the vampire's body.

Spike held his legs up, knees touching his shoulders, and groaned harshly as Xander finally tongued his hole. Hearing that, the boy stopped and turned his own words against him. "Like that, do you?" he asked huskily.

"Fuck, yes!"

Xander smiled and returned to his task. Spike could feel a hot wet tongue licking and probing, and then stabbing inside him. When he could no longer think straight, the tongue retreated. Spike couldn’t hold back a growl as he opened golden eyes to look at the human.

“Where the Hell do you think you’re going?” he growled.

“Need lube. Told you, I wanna come inside you.”

A few seconds later he was back and Spike opened his eyes to see his boy standing there just looking at him with this part-hungry, part-awed expression in his eyes.

“God, Spike, do you know how hot you look? Sitting there, holding yourself open for me,” he whispered reverently.

Spike closed his eyes against the intensity of that gaze, and then felt a finger exploring his groin. Much like the mouth before, the finger started at the crown of his cock and moved down slowly towards his balls, pausing a little to trace and circle before moving on. The contact was lost for a minute before the finger returned, slicked up and tracing his hole. After what seemed like ages of teasing touches the finger was finally pushing inside him, and the burn had just started to feel good when it was withdrawn a few moments later. Spike’s growl at the retreat changed to a whimper when Xander returned, pushing a second finger in alongside the first. “There—yes. Oh, yeah, pet, just like that," he muttered breathlessly.

By the time Xander was done preparing him, Spike was twitching impatiently, pleading, begging him to fuck him, please now. And then he was there, pushing inside him, so hot he thought he might spontaneously combust.

Xander thrust into Spike until he was fully sheathed in the cool body. He groaned at the tightness and leaned in to kiss Spike just as the vampire wrapped his legs around his waist. Unable to stay still, he pulled almost completely out and thrust back in fully.

“Spike…so tight…can’t hold out…”

The vampire grabbed the boy’s ass and tried to pull him even closer to him. “’S okay, pet, just fuck me…hard and fast…” he said, the urgency in his voice lending credence to his words.

Full body shudder and Xander started moving in earnest, cock sliding in and out as hard and fast and deep as he could go. The only sound in the room was the ragged breathing and grunts of the lovers, and the slap of flesh against flesh. Until Spike clenched his muscles around the hard cock inside him and Xander buried his face in his vampire’s neck, screaming his release. The sound of his lover coming was the catalyst that pushed Spike over the edge a split second before Xander collapsed against him.

A few moments later, Spike shifted them both so that they were lying comfortably on the couch, settling the brunet on top of him.

“That was…that was good,” Xander sighed softly.

“Was more than *good*, pet,” Spike corrected.

“True, true,” the human mumbled, already half-asleep.

“So, what’s this I hear about a spell, then…”

Xander immediately tensed and raised himself to look at his lover, eyes wide with surprise and fear. “Oh, God, Spike, please tell me you don’t think this was just because of a spell!”

The vampire just shrugged, his face remaining expressionless and sending the boy away in a panic, leaping from the couch to stand in front of him, glaring down at him and screaming. “Don’t you dare tell me you think this was spell-induced. I’ve wanted you for months, damn it. Not my fault you’re blind as a bat. All the spell did was give me the courage to act on it, you…you git! And it wasn’t even a spell it was a stupid love charm.”

Xander paused in his tirade and breathed in deeply. As his anger dissolved all that was left was weariness and hurt. He tried to keep both out of his voice. “You know what? Fine. You want this to be because of a spell so you can forget about it? That's just fine. Excuse me if I don’t want to sit here and listen to your ‘it never happened’ speech.”

He turned to leave only to find that Spike had leaped from the couch and moved in front of him to stop him going anywhere. The vampire commenced to speak in a soothing voice. “Now wait just one minute. I never said I wanted to write this off, so stop putting words in my mouth. What I was going to say was that if you’re sure this whole thing wasn’t spell-induced, maybe we should give it a chance to be more than a one-night thing…if you wanted.”

For the second time that night Xander’s mood switched from despair to absolute happiness.

“You mean that? Really?” he asked hopefully.

Spike smiled. “Yeah, pet, really.” He then frowned at the brunet and continued, “We really gotta work on your self- esteem, Xan. You can’t keep thinking I’m trying to dump you if we’re gonna make a go of this.”

Shifting from a megawatt grin to a suggestive leer, Xander nodded happily and pointed towards his bedroom. “Wanna show me how much you appreciate me in there?”

Spike matched his boy’s leer with one of his own, and started towards the bedroom. “Don’t see why not. Come on then, shift that pretty arse of yours, I wanna play.”

The End

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