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Nov 14, 2004

High, Flying, Fucked


Xander was practically vibrating with energy. He had never felt so good in his whole entire life. Ever! He was bouncing happily down the street to his house, chattering to Willow.

“I feel good, don’t you feel good, Wills? We should aaallll feel this good aaaaaaallllll the time.” He gave his friend a wobbly one-armed hug. “Are we going home? Spike’s home! He’s a vampire, you know, all monstery and growly.” Xander growled for effect, squishing his nose and wrinkling his eyes. Willow just smiled weakly at him and urged him down the path.

“Were monsters that pretty when we were kids Wills? Cause I never thought that monsters would be pretty before Spike. Don’t you think he’s pretty? All compact and muscled with a yummy ass. Oh no wait, yummy arrsse cause he’s all British and stuff. Hey, Willow? I’m kinda hungry, got any twinkies? We should go back and get twinkies!” Xander declared and turned around to go back to the car.

“No!” Willow exclaimed in horror. “Xander, sweetie, you have twinkies in the basement remember? Loads and loads of twinkies and a yummy British vampire?” she cajoled, taking Xander by the shoulders and turning him back around towards the house.

“I have a yummy British vampire?” Xander asked wide-eyed and amazed. “I do don’t I?! I have a Spike. My Spike.” He declared and moved purposefully to the basement door. After a couple of failed attempts to get the keys in the lock, Willow gently took them from him and opened the door herself, ushering him inside.

“Sppiiiiiiike. Ohhh Spiiiike.” Xander yelled.

“What the hell is going on? Can’t a vampire have some peace and quiet in this bloody place?” Spike grumbled, getting off the couch wearing nothing but a pair of unbuttoned jeans, hair all
in disarray.

He stood in the middle of the room glaring at Xander and Willow. “What?”

Xander stared at him for a moment. He pointed to Spike and turned to Willow. “See? Pretty!” He said triumphantly as if the blond’s very appearance proved his point.

“Xander, there’s twinkies in the kitchen, go see if you can find them.” Willow said, watching as her friend got all excited about twinkies and hurried to the kitchen.

Spike looked askance at the brunet. “Is he drunk?” He asked incredulously.

“No, he’s high.” Willow replied. “We went for a drink at the Bronze and someone must have slipped something in his drink because he had exactly one beer and then got all…like this!” She pointed at a happily bouncing Xander, opening and closing drawers and singing the Love Boat’s theme song.
“Well what do you expect me to do with him?” Spike asked incredulously.

“Just keep him here and don’t let him do anything stupid.” Willow said as she climbed the stairs. “I have Tara locked in the car in exactly the same condition and I have to get her home as well,” she concluded and slammed the door in his face.

“Great, just great.” Spike muttered and turned to find Xander happily demolishing a twinkie and looking at him expectantly. “What do you want, Harris.”

Xander kept grinning at him. “Wanna watch cartoons with me?” He said enthusiastically.

Spike shrugged. Might as well watch cartoons with the kid. Not like there was anything else he could do anyway. He turned the television on and settled himself down for a mind-numbingly boring evening.

Xander bounced over to the couch and sat down, looking intently at the television and periodically giggling.

Some time later, Spike realized that the boy had been quiet too long and turned to find Xander staring at him intently.

“Did you want something?” He asked, exasperation dripping from every word. His annoyance quickly turned into surprise when Xander leaned over and clumsily pushed his lips against Spike’s. The blond felt Xander’s tongue trace his lips before the boy went back, a happy little smile playing at his lips.

Before Spike had time to process the kiss, Xander was straddling his lap, kissing him harder. The blond pulled back, only to have Xander follow him and nip at his lips. Spike pushed against the boy, trying to hold him away.

“Xander, no.” He said commandingly. “You don’t know what you’re doing, and if you keep doing it, I’m gonna get staked.”

My pretty vampire,” Xander pouted and leaned forward again. Spike reared his head back, wanting to avoid another kiss, but the boy went directly for his neck, trailing open-mouthed kisses down the pale column. Spike grabbed Xander by the shoulders and pushed him back again.

“Come on, pet, let the pretty vampire go. You don’t want the pretty vamp to be all dusty in the morning do you now?” He asked softly, using the tone that always worked with Dru when she was in one of her more insane spells.

Xander stared at him for a moment and just when Spike thought he’d convinced the boy to leave him be, Xander leaned forwards and bit hard at the base of his neck. Spike’s eyes widened in shock, and he went completely still. Taking advantage of Spike’s stillness Xander slid his hands inside the blond’s jeans, grabbing his ass and pulling him upwards.

Moments later, a warm hand palmed his crotch, and a downright hot mouth bit hard at his nipple. Spike stopped caring about his imminent dustiness. The boy obviously wanted him, and he hadn’t had a warm, willing human in his bed for years. Xander was going to come down to earth to find Spike’s taste in his mouth and come leaking from his ass, the blond thought, smirking as he pulled the brunet closer and kissed him hard, swallowing his happy little moan.

Xander smiled into the kiss, thoughts centered on ‘pretty lips, taste so good, he feels so nice.’ He wanted to taste his vampire all over, needed to feel him everywhere. Xander wriggled down to the floor and knelt between Spike’s legs. He wrestled with the blond’s jeans, trying to tug them off but they were obviously evil cause they were holding on to Spike and wouldn’t come off.

“Want to taste, Spike. Evil jeans won’t let me taste.” He whined and reached up to lick at Spike’s nipples again. “Taste so good, I want more, let me have more.” And suddenly, the evil jeans were pushed down, and he could finally lean down and take Spike’s cock into his mouth.

Spike let himself fall back on the couch, closing his eyes to better enjoy the feeling of a hot mouth suckling on his prick. Xander was a bit clumsy, but, oh God, the heat and the enthusiasm more than made up for that. He let his fingers card through the boy’s hair, gently pulling him closer, feeding more of his cock inside. Xander hummed happily as Spike arched his hips pushing harshly inside making the boy gag and pull back.

He opened his eyes to see Xander staring confusedly at him, as if trying to make sense of what just happened. Suddenly Xander jumped up and ran behind him.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Spike demanded, hoping to all that was unholy that the boy wasn’t going to leave him like this.

Xander heard Spike ask him something but he was too busy rummaging through the bedside table to pay much attention to him. He wanted more! He heard Spike call his name again and turned around, holding his treasure up triumphantly.

“Want more Spike,” he said bouncing over. “I want to taste you all over and have you on me and oh God, Spike will you fuck me? Please?” He asked, stumbling in his haste to get the words out, trying to undress himself as quickly as possible.

Spike watched the madly undressing human, waiting ‘til he was naked before he answered.

“Yeah, okay.” He said, trying to keep his voice as casual as possible--like burying himself in that hot little body was no big deal.

Xander squealed ecstatically and handed Spike the lube, jumping on the bed and spreading himself out on his stomach. “Fuck me Spike, please fuck me, do it now, hurry, please.” He babbled, pushing his ass up and holding his cheeks apart with his own hands.

For once Spike agreed with the boy and hastily lubed up his fingers. He prepared the Xander as fast as he could, making sure he was stretched enough to cause minimum pain. Even as high as he was, Spike was sure the boy could still feel it if enough pain was caused.

Xander moaned and pushed back against the invading fingers, trying to push them inside him, as deep and hard as possible. He kept up a steady stream of words, begging and pleading for Spike’s cock, telling him how good he felt, how he wanted more.

Spike finally deemed Xander slick enough and quickly lubed up his cock.

“Hush, pet, you’re getting what you want now, relax.” He whispered and slowly pushed inside, reveling in the tight, hot feeling and the moans and whimpers accompanying his entry.

Reaching under Xander’s body, Spike grabbed his cock tightly, pulling in time with his thrusts, slowly at first and then harder and faster until his hand was a blur passing over Xander’s prick.

A few thrusts later, he felt Xander’s ass clenching around him, and moaned his release buried deep inside the boy’s body.

Xander collapsed on the bed, and promptly fell asleep, a sated smile lighting his face even in slumber. Spike thought about getting up and making his way to a cemetery. Come morning, he was sure to need alternative accommodation. Even if Xander let him stay in one undusted piece he was sure as hell not going to allow him in the basement again. But first, he’d rest his eyes a little. Fucking the boy sure was energetic work.

Spike opened his eyes to see Xander sitting up on the bed, sheets held up to cover his chest, obviously trying to figure out what the hell was going on. He closed his eyes again and counted down, three… two…one…

“You took advantage of me!” Xander yelled, clutching the sheets closer to his chest.

And there it was. Spike sat up and glared right back at the brunet.

“For the millionth time, people, I’m evil! Taking advantage is what I do!” He yelled. “’Sides, you were too good to resist,” he mumbled.

“I was?” Xander asked, looking amazed and pleased. “Really?”

Spike looked kinda uncomfortable at having admitted that and reluctantly expanded. “You kiss damn well for a mortal. And I dunno what you’ve been doing lately but the new lean look suits you.” Warming up to his subject, Spike suddenly remembered the reason for his capitulation “Oh, and you bit my neck! Only so much a vampire can take.”

Xander smiled, looking very pleased with himself for a few moments until he remembered that Spike had taken advantage of him and he quickly frowned. Rather belatedly he realized that he’d had sex with a man. Okay, not so much a man but a male vampire who looked a hell of a lot like a male human. He stared at Spike. Yup, definitely male. And he’d had sex with him. Not only that but he liked it. He, Alexander Lavelle Harris, had had sex with a male vampire and liked it. Letting himself fall back on the bed, he covered his eyes with an arm and groaned miserably. He was gay!

Spike watched Xander’s expression go from angry to contemplative to terrified to depressed.

“What now?” he finally asked curiously.

“I’m so gay.” Xander replied, arm still covering his eyes.

“And you just realized that?” Spike asked incredulously.

Xander bounced back to sitting just to glare at Spike.

Yes, I just realized that! Not like I’ve been going around having sex with men all this time Spike!”

“Calm down, pet. No need to get angry.”

“No need to… Spike I just realized I’m gay and you’re laughing at me!” Xander jumped off the bed and poked Spike on the chest.

“Not laughing, pet. Just wondering why you didn’t realize it before, is all.” Spike replied, trying to placate the brunet. If he played his cards right he might win himself another night with Xander. He hadn’t been kidding when he said the boy was good and he was never one to turn down a chance for pleasure.

“Well stop wondering then!”

Spike shrugged and decided not to wonder if Xander realized he was standing there in all his naked glory.

Xander paced next to the bed, trying to figure out what he was supposed to do now. He was pretty sure that gay men did not run after women, and he’d gotten used to that. He thought about all the gay men he knew and the films he’d seen with gay men in them. Larry was gay and a complete jock, and Xander was apparently gay and so not like that. Mr. Finklestein next door wasn’t so much gay as a complete drag queen and Xander had no desire to dress like Barbra Streisand. Which brought him to TV gay men. He was not a snappy dresser and had no appreciation for musicals whatsoever. Far as he could tell, the only thing they had in common was... well, liking men!

He should probably get a boyfriend. That’s what gay men did, right? Have boyfriends. Willow turned gay and got herself a girlfriend pretty much right away. He should do the same. Experiment with the liking of men a little. See what it felt like when he wasn’t high as a kite.

“I could help with that you know.” A voice suddenly intruded in his thoughts.

“What?” Xander exclaimed.

“With the experimenting part. You’ve been mumbling about boyfriends and the like and I was just saying I could help with that part.”

Xander immediately became suspicious. “And why would you want to do that?”

“Wasn’t lying when I said you were good. And I haven’t had a human in ages. Wouldn’t mind indulging in that heat again.” Spike said and shrugged.

“So we’d be what? Fuck-buddies? I could live with that.” Xander said, grinning at the thought. Spike was very attractive and relatively harmless. More importantly, there were no strings attached and no demon surprise; he already knew Spike was a demon. And look! He could experiment right now if he wanted! Grinning happily, Xander climbed on the bed, straddled Spike’s lap and leaned down to kiss him.

The following day, Xander walked to work with a bounce in his step and a twinkle in his eye. Yup, experimenting was definitely of the good.

The End

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