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So, I go away for the weekend and this whole Spander kiss meme gets started. I just couldn't stay out of this one. So, here's my contribution

The Spander kissing meme


“No. I’m not kissing Spike.”

“You have to Xander. You spun, it landed on Spike, you have to kiss him,” said Andrew.

“Thank you, Andrew. I had forgotten how this game works.” Xander turned back to Willow. “I’m not kissing him.”

“You agreed to play knowing that there could be same-sex kissage.”

“Yeah, but I was thinking girl-on-girl action.” He grinned.

Spike just sat there staring at the bottle. Why me? Why am I even participating in this stupid game. I’m a vampire. I’m over 100 years old. And I’m playing Spin the Bottle with a bunch of teenage girls, that Andrew git, and some Scoobies. Buffy’s not even here. And the whelp’s freaking out about kissing me? I should be the one freaking out. That’s it, I’m out of here.

Spike started to stand.

“Stop right there mister. You can’t leave yet. You’re the kissee and then it’s your turn to spin. You’re not walking away from this now.” Willow was using determined voice and determined face.

“Fine.” Spike mumbled as he sat back down. He looked over at Xander. “Can we get this over with already?”

Xander hesitated. “Fifteen seconds? How about 2 instead?”

“Rules are rules, Xander. Come on, you know you want to.” Xander turned around to see Faith standing in the doorway, smirking at him. Great. Now I’ve got an even bigger audience. They’re probably going to critique this.

“Fine.” He crawled across the circle and sat on his knees in front of Spike. The two stared at each other for several seconds and then finally Xander leaned forward and touched his lips to Spikes.

“One one-thousand. Two one-thousand.” Willow counted.

Spike’s lips were cool beneath his own, but normal. There was no taste of blood, just a faint hint of cigarettes and whisky, and that wasn’t so bad.

“Three one-thousand. Four one-thousand.”

He pressed harder and Spike pressed back. Xander opened his mouth slightly and gently bit Spike’s bottom lip as his hand came up to cup Spike’s jaw.

“Five one-thousand. Six one-thousand.”

Spike reached out for Xander’s shirt and pulled them closer together then pushed his lip out as Xander began to work it with his teeth and lips.

“Seven one-thousand. Eight one-thousand.”

Xander opened his mouth further and ran his tongue over Spike’s lips. Spike let his own lips part as Xander pushed his tongue inside.

“Nine one-thousand. Ten one-thousand.”

As their tongues danced, Xander slowly pushed Spike back until they were sprawled on the floor, Xander on top of Spike.

“Eleven one-thousand. Twelve one-thousand.”

Spike’s arms went around Xander, one hand in his hair, the other on his ass as the kiss went on.

“Thirteen one-thousand. Fourteen one-thousand.”

Spike thrust up against Xander and they both moaned. They did not break the kiss.

“Fifteen one-thousand,” Willow said with finality. The kiss went on. Everyone in the room was silent, watching the two men lying there, bodies and lips pressed together, limbs and tongues entwined.

“Umm... guys... time’s up. You can stop now.” And the kiss went on. Spike rolled them until he was on top.

Spike pulled away for a second and stared at the man below him. Xander’s eyelids slowly lowered and then opened again, clear and wanting. And then Spike was kissing Xander.

“Umm...guys? ... It’s Spike’s turn to spin.”

The End

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