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The Spike/Xander Pornathon master list is now up. Thank you [info]tgray for organizing this. Here's my entry.

Title: Masturbation Theater
Author: Moosesal
Pairing: Spike/Xander with Andrew
Written for: riani1 for tgray’s Spike/Xander Pornathon
Request: No daddykink, non-con (though if somebody has to be talked into something that's OK), or brutality. Preferably alone, but I've got this weird urge for Andrew to be observing, maybe taping
Beta: Thanks as always to Silvertedy for the fabulous beta. ::hugs::

Masturbation Theater


Andrew had been spying on Spike for three weeks now. He'd managed to rig a camera in the rafters above Spike's cot. The monitor and recording equipment were tucked away in the bottom of the linen closet. He'd made himself a little hiding spot--his own private video booth.

He'd spent many hours over the last few weeks in clandestine observation of the sexy vampire he longed for, but knew he'd never have. They'd had their brief moment when Giles had ordered them both up to the old mission. The closest he'd come to being with Spike was wrapping his arms around his waist on the motorcycle. He'd thought then that maybe he could be someone to Spike. Now he knew why that’d never be.

On the screen, Spike and Xander lay curled up on the cot, sound asleep. Hitting the Rewind, he watched yet again what had happened while he'd been cooking dinner for the girls. When the tape stopped, he pressed Play and sat back to watch the tale unfold.


Spike was lounging on his cot reading when he glanced up at the basement stairs. Andrew read the words “What do you want?” on his lips.

Andrew saw Xander enter the frame. He felt himself smile then frowned. A part of him had hoped that if he couldn't have Spike, maybe he could someday be with Xander. Now he realized why that wasn't likely either as Xander stepped to the edge of the Spike’s cot.

Not for the first time, Andrew wished he had audio and more cameras. The angle didn't allow him to see Xander's face, but from the shaking of his shoulders, he guessed that he was crying. His suspicion was confirmed when Spike reached up, wiping away tears before speaking.

Xander dropped onto the cot next to Spike, elbows on knees, face in hands. He shook his head and then looked over at Spike.

Spike brushed Xander's hair from his eyes and said something. His look was reassuring and kind. And then he grinned. So sexy.

Xander said something back, and Andrew could tell he was disagreeing. He seemed angry and upset. Which probably made sense, considering all he’d been through with Caleb and everything.

But Spike didn’t look like he took the bait. His face was soft and gentle as he spoke. How come Spike’s never like that with me? He’s probably offering Xander sex and stuff to make him feel better.

When Xander next spoke, Spike shrugged then answered. Andrew clearly read Xander’s “Huh?”

The banter continued until Spike sighed, shook his head, and barely moved his lips as he muttered. Oh. I love it when he mutters little things under his breath. *sigh*

Wish I could hear this. Spike and Xander talk always turned Andrew on.

The conversation went on a bit longer, and then Xander looked like he was going to bolt. But Spike leaned in and brushed his hair off his face again, cupping Xander’s cheek as he said something else.

Andrew edged closer to the screen as Xander surrendered to Spike's touch. He kissed the air as Spike softly touched Xander’s lips with his own.

More words, another kiss. Xander closed his good eye, and Andrew held his breath.

Andrew's heart raced and his breath caught as he watched Xander lay back. Spike knelt between his legs, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them off, leaving Xander in his t-shirt and boxers. Pushing the shirt up, Spike leaned down to pepper Xander's chest with kisses. He sucked Xander’s nipples and tongued his navel. Andrew felt himself grow hard.

Xander sat up so that Spike could finish pulling his shirt off. When it was out of the way, he lay back down and turned to face the wall, eye shut tight. Spike stopped. Said something that made Xander shake his head.

Xander turned back to face Spike, his face wet and flushed, his chest heaving. He shook his head again and said something Andrew thought was “I can’t.” His eye was still closed.

Spike crawled up over his body and kissed Xander's good eye and then the patch. He wiped away more tears. Andrew saw Xander take a slow, deep breath and relax before opening his eye and looking hard at Spike.

Spike took Xander's hands in his own and squeezed. More talking. Xander nodded.

Come on, enough with the talking. Just do it already.

Xander watched as Spike pulled his own shirt over his head. Andrew sighed at the sight of Spike's smooth, defined chest and stomach. Beautiful. Enviously, covetously, he took in Xander reaching up and tentatively touching Spike, wishing it was him in that bed. Xander didn’t seem to be enjoying himself as much as he should. This was Spike. The man was sex on legs. Xander should be honored.

Spike next removed the rest of his and Xander’s clothes and then stretched out atop the other man. Andrew moaned and rubbed himself through his jeans. He wanted to take himself out, but knew once he touched skin to skin, he wouldn’t last long.

Andrew’s eyes were glued to the monitor. Xander’s head was tilted back slightly and Spike was kissing and nipping his neck as he rocked gently against him. Andrew felt, rather than heard, Xander groan as he let his arms wrap around Spike -- one hand on his lower back, on in his hair -- pushing back. Nothing was said, but it was clear that Xander wasn’t hiding anymore. He pulled Spike up and kissed him.

I need more cameras! Andrew fretted when all he could see was Xander’s hands in Spike’s hair. Whatever passed between them changed everything, because Spike dropped down to kiss Xander. They rolled onto their sides, and Andrew could see them moving together, against each other, as they explored with hands and mouths.

Spike stroked Xander’s shaft with a steady rhythm and pushed himself back and forth against Xander’s hip as they kissed. Xander tentatively caressed Spike’s body. Now, that’s more like it

Andrew reached out and touched the screen when Xander trailed his fingers down Spike’s side to his hip. His hand stayed there for a moment and then cautiously slipped down and grazed Spike’s cock. Andrew gasped and reached for his zipper as he saw the look of pleasure on Spike’s face.

As Xander and Spike jerked each other off, Andrew pulled himself out and began pumping his own cock. He wanted what they had. He tried to touch himself as tenderly as they touched each other, but his desire pushed him, and he found himself thrusting hard and fast into his hand. Spike and Xander’s motions increased and their kisses became harder, deeper, longer. Suddenly, they were coming all over each other’s hands and stomachs. Andrew bit his lip and came all over the monitor.

He sat back and wiped himself and the screen off with a paper towel as he watched Spike pull a sheet over the two of them. Xander curled up against him, head resting on his shoulder, and drifted to sleep. Spike smiled and kissed Xander’s head as he closed his own eyes. Andrew sighed as he pressed Stop and sat back against the closet door. Perchance to dream.

The End

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