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A Little Porn


Xander wasn't sure how he felt about this situation. On the one hand, he was extremely horny, on the other, this was Spike! Okay, so it wasn't as if they were actually touching each other, but they were touching themselves, while sitting next to each other. Didn't that count?

The lights were out and the video was playing softly, cheesy porno muzak playing in the background. Xander couldn't even believe the video Spike had rented. He hadn't lied about the hot girls, but he hadn't mentioned that the threesome included two men who weren't shy about fucking, or sucking each other's cocks in the mix.

His hand stroked idly up and down his fully erect cock as Xander continued to ponder the rightness, or rather, the wrongness of mutual masturbation with Spike. But the sight of those two guys, one dark and one fair, going down on each other? How was he supposed to resist that? Yeah, he hadn't ever really thought about two guys together before, but seeing it really turned him on, making him wonder what he'd been missing all these years.

He imagined another guy touching him, wrapping warm wet suction around his aching cock, and Xander groaned. He sneaked a peek at Spike, who was also stroking his erection without qualm. And somehow, in his mind's eye, he saw Spike's mouth inching closer to the tip of his leaking prick, felt Spike's lips closing around the head, saw Spike's eyes flutter closed in ecstasy. Xander moaned softly at the fantasy, sneaking another peek at the vampire beside him.

He sped up his rhythm, stripping his cock roughly. His eyes shuttered closed and his head fell back against the couch as he moaned at the new sensations. He could still hear the grunts and groans from the small TV, and they only served to heighten his arousal. The slap, slap of Spike jacking off beside him nearly had Xander going out of his mind.

He thought of the video, and the scene that had led to the threesome. Peter, the blond, had gone out looking for a third to join he and his girlfriend. He'd come across a man lounging outside the door to a club. And in the completely unrealistic way that pornos had, Peter had found out that Aaron was for hire. The scene had faded out with Peter passing Aaron a wad of cash, then taking his mouth in a fierce kiss. The camera had zoomed in to show a close up of their tongues dancing in and out of each other's mouths.

Xander shuddered, his hand pausing for a moment as he thought of what it would take to be a prostitute. To have men pay to use your body. To want you enough to hand over hard earned cash.

"Oh, fuck," Xander moaned at the thought of being used in such a way. His body trembled, and at first the pressure against his thigh went unnoticed. But when a cool hand wrapped around his penis, Xander's body bucked into the touch and his eyes shot open in shock.


Spike had planned this very carefully. He'd scoured the Blockbuster for just the right video weeks ago. He'd been watching Xander for months, wanting him for forever. And he'd planned this seduction down to a tee.

It'd been difficult to get Xander to shuck his inhibitions and pull his cock free from its constriction. But Spike had been persistent and finally Xander had followed his suggestion.

The boy's cock was glorious. The shaft was thick and solid; the head purpled with arousal. He'd watched avidly as Xander stroked himself, milking the pre-come from his tip. Spike's mouth had watered and he'd had to fight the urge not to just lean over and take Xander into his mouth.

Instead he'd waited, bided his time. Xander needed to be lost to lust, wanton with desire, so that when Spike did finally make his move, he'd be too horny to protest. When Xander finally closed his eyes, letting his fantasies take over, rather than the by play on the screen, Spike knew it was time to make his move.

Gently he laid his palm on Xander's thigh, and when the boy didn't move to dislodge it, Spike began to slowly move upward. He caressed Xander's leg, his hand shifting closer and closer to his target. When he heard Xander moan and cry out, he struck, wrapping his fingers tightly around the base of Xander's cock and stroking upward hard, displacing Xander's own hand.

When Xander bucked off the couch and into his grip, Spike grinned continuing to strip Xander's prick unmercifully. "Like that, luv?"

He looked up to find Xander staring him, uncertain. His brow rose in question as he returned Xander's look, but his hand never faltered. The silence grew, except for the soft sound of Spike's hand gliding against slick flesh. When Xander's eyes went from uncertain to hot and wanting, Spike reached out to grasp the hand he'd displaced. He pulled Xander's palm forward until it hovered over his own aching cock.

"Go on, then, Xan," he encouraged, at first helping Xander find his rhythm. Then he let go, groaning as Xander jacked him hard. "Fuck, yeah, luv."

Soon they were both close to coming, so Spike pulled away, making Xander whimper in frustration. "Shhh, Xan." He leaned forward and kissed the boy, snaking their tongues together until Xander was panting for breath. "Want you. I'm so fucking hard I'm going to explode if I can't get into your tight little hole, luv." Spike peppered Xander's face with kisses as he made the shocking statement.


Merciful Zeus! Spike wanted to fuck him. Xander was reeling with the sensations the vampire had caused just by pulling on his cock. How would it feel to have Spike inside him?

"I... " Xander shook his head, still uncertain. Then he looked up into Spike's eyes and was caught in the maelstrom of emotions he saw swirling in those blue depths. Vulnerability. Arousal. Hope. Xander wasn't sure what he was seeing. But it was more than just lust. And somehow that thought spurred him on. "Yes."

Spike groaned then began helping Xander out of his clothes. It didn't take long. Xander's cock was hard and his nipples were puckered. He watched in fascination as Spike stripped in front of him. The vampire reaching into his jeans' pocket to retrieve a slim tube before tossing them aside.

"W-what's that?"


Xander shivered.


Spike nudged Xander onto his knees facing the back of the couch. It probably wasn't the best position, especially for a virgin, but it couldn't be helped. Spike wasn't about to stop to pull the bed out and make up the sheets!

He slicked his fingers, tracing circles around Xander's entrance until the boy was moaning and pushing back against his finger. Slowly he dipped the tip inside, then out again.

"Spike, please!"

He shuddered at the neediness in Xander's voice. He'd been waiting a long time to hear that, and he was now quickly becoming impatient. But he didn't want to hurt Xander, so he continued his methodical stretching. Finally getting his entire finger inside, then two, then three.


"Oh, God, now, Spike, now!" Xander couldn't take anymore. He'd never known anything could make him feel so... wild.

He wished he could see Spike's face, but maybe it was better this way. Maybe it'd make it easier to take Spike's cock, he didn't know. But as he felt the tip of Spike's penis probing at him, he suddenly didn't care. "Spike, wait!"

Spike backed off so fast, Xander thought he might've fallen off the couch. When he turned, Spike was looking at him with an expression so full of worry, that he immediately began to reassure him. "No, I didn't want you to stop. I just... it's just that," he shrugged, turning away slightly so as not to see the humor in Spike's eyes when he said it aloud, "I wanted to see your face. Can we do it that way?"


Spike rubbed his chest where a sharp pain had twisted it as Xander's words sunk in. "'Course, luv," he whispered, moving closer again and taking Xander into his arms. He kissed Xander's forehead as he warned him, "Might hurt a bit more that way though, Xan. Don't want to hurt you, luv."

Xander softened against him, relaxing in his embrace. "Don't care, want to see you." The words were muffled against his chest.

"Okay, Xan." He shifted, laying Xander on to his back on the couch. The room was oddly silent, the tape having run out and the telly left playing only snow.

Spike felt a wash of tenderness sneak over him as he watched Xander. The boy was eager, and staring up at him with wide brown eyes. Slowly he maneuvered his way between Xander's legs, taking them both and placing them atop his shoulders.

He pushed in slowly, watching Xander's face the entire time, searching for any signs of discomfort. It took several excruciatingly long minutes, but he was finally encased fully within Xander's tunnel, his wiry curls brushing up against Xander's arse.


Oh, God. Oh, God.

Spike was inside him, and Xander had never felt so full in his entire life. He could feel Spike's penis pulsing against his walls, pressing against him so deliciously. He moaned, and twisted his hips trying to get Spike to move. To thrust in and out, and make him feel even more.

"Ah, fuck, Spike!" he screamed at the first touch to his prostate. His body bucked, and he pressed himself against Spike, unconsciously bearing down and changing the angle.

His mind whirred with images. The two men from the movie...touching, fucking, sucking each other. His fantasy from earlier, Spike taking his cock into his mouth. Spike 'buying' him for a night. He shivered, goosebumps breaking out all over his skin, even as a thin sheen of sweat cooled his body.

"Yes, Spike, yes!" he screamed, meeting each one of Spike's thrusts. "Fuck me like you bought me!"


What the Hell? Spike's thrusts quickened as realization dawned. Xander had taken the video to heart. He'd hoped that the similarities in physical appearance would get Xander to think about the two of them together, he hadn't thought the boy would take it so far as to put them both into the same scenario. The idea that Xander had been fantasizing, that Xander wanted, to be taken like some sort of male gigolo, had Spike nearly coming.

He growled and began to fuck in earnest. Taking Xander far harder and faster than he had originally intended. Soon he was screaming his release. All the emotions he'd been holding in check for the past few months spilling out of him. "Xander!" He bucked into the boy's body, spilling his seed. "Love you, ah, fuck, Xander!"


Spike was coming inside of him, he could feel the cool wash of his semen filling him. But Xander wasn't flung over the edge into his own climax until he heard the words.

"Love you, ah, fuck, Xander!"

Xander's cock expanded, spurting sticky come all over both their bodies.

Afterwards, Spike pulled out of him, leaving him empty and cold. He returned with a warm wet wash cloth to clean them both, and then lay down atop him once more.

"'M I too heavy, luv?"

"No. 's perfect." And he meant it. Xander couldn't remember ever feeling so content. Though one niggling doubt began to worm its way into his brain.

"Did you mean it?" The words came out in barely a whisper. He felt Spike freeze on top of him, every muscle stilled completely. Xander held his breath.

"Yeah, Xan, I meant it. Love you, you stupid git." He could feel Spike's body coiled and ready to flee as the vampire waited for a reply.

Xander smiled against the crook of Spike's neck.

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