Schedule for Steven Brust

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Schedule for Steven Brust

This is a text-only event schedule for Steven K. Z. Brust.

Appearance Information

Non-Schedule Information

2005 Schedule

2006 Schedule

2006 Calendar News

2007 Schedule

2007 Calendar News

2008 Schedule

Said schedule is meant for anyone who wants to know where Steven Brust plans to be (up through June 2008). This website does not provide contact information.

This website is not meant to replace, the Dragaera mailing lists, nor other SKZB resources. Those links can be found at Wikipedia.

Appearance Information

To request book signings and/or book tours, please contact Steven's publisher:

This is per Tor Books and includes fans, bookstores and libraries.

To conventions seeking Steven as Guest of Honor, Toastmaster, or MC:
(a) he prefers to attend a maximum of 4-6 conventions annually, and
(b)(1) Faire season may no longer limit his engagements from 2007 onward, although
(b)(2) he generally avoided conventions scheduled during the Minnesota Renaissance Faire season;
to wit, early August through September.

-- Exceptions DO exist, however. Please ask.

Non-Schedule Information


Steven's solo album, "A Rose for Iconoclastes," is also available on CD Baby:


A PayPal donation button now exists on email is working. This includes PayPal email transactions.

Enclosed PayPal *messages* do not always come through, however.


Dreamcafe's old weblog cache ended in early 2005. The Dreamcafe weblog has been replaced with a new forum elsewhere.

ABOUT & and are back up.

Anyone formerly on the Dragaera mailing list: please note that that DDB requested that all interested parties re-subscribe. The 2006 server crash wiped out the subscription files.

People interested in writing to Steven can reach him via his weblog or email. He is also subscribed to the Dragaera mailing list.

ABOUT Autographs:

Steven will autograph books via the mail when SASE is enclosed.

For those who do NOT dwell in the United States, please keep the following in mind: Steven will still autograph your book, but requires a postal money order against postage in US funds. *Please* apply the postage, OR enclose postage with the book. Canadian (and other foreign) checks are not accepted by his financial institution.

International postal vouchers *ARE* still accepted by USPS. They come to about 80-cents US per voucher.

2005 Schedule:

ConFusion: 31 Flavors of ConFusion
21-23 January 2005 - Detroit, MI.
Toastmaster: Steven Brust.

25-27 February 2005 - Richardson, TX.
Guests of Honor: Steven K. Z. Brust, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

Minicon Fortean
25-27 March 2005 - Bloomington, MN.

23-25 June 2005 - Las Vegas, NV.
Writers' Conference.
Guest Authors: Steven Brust, Elizabeth Bear.

Minnesota Renaissance Faire
18 August through 28 September 2005 - Minnesota.
Note: Playing doumbek during the Feast of Fantasy.

Last-minute autograph session - Minnesota:
Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis.
5-6pm Central, Friday, 9 September 2005.

LosCon 32
25-27 November 2005 - LAX, Los Angeles, CA (Thanksgiving weekend).
Author GoH: Steven Brust.

2006 Schedule:

ConFusion: Synthetic ConFusion
20-22 January 2006 - Detroit, MI.
Last-minute panelist: Steven Brust.

Stellarcon 30
17-19 February 2006 - High Point, NC.
Special Guest: Steven Brust.

Aggiecon 37
23-26 March 2006 - College Station, TX.
Writer Guest of Honor: Steven Brust.

Opus Fantasy Arts Festival (aka Opusfest)
19-21 May 2006 - Denver, CO.
Author GoH: Steven Brust.

25-28 May 2006 - Orlando, FL. (Memorial Day Weekend).
Author GoH: Steven Brust.

2006 Calendar News:

2006 Minnesota Renaissance Faire: Please refer to weblog entry for June 27, 2006

(25 October - 1 November 2006)
Brief visit to Minnesota to visit family and to attend John M. "Mike" Ford's memorial service.
Please leave messages via weblog entry

* * SKZB cannot access ANY Dreamcafe email away from home: Please take this into account. * *

2007 Schedule:

23-25 February 2007 - Richardson, TX.
GoHs: Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Harry Turtledove.
Featured Guest: Steven K. Z. Brust.

30 March through 1 April 2007 - Racine, WI.
Uncle Vlad's relaxacon.
GoH: Steven Brust.

20-22 April 2007 - Niagara Falls, NY.
GoHs: Steven Brust, James Alan Gardner, Nancy Kress.
Reprise; unable to attend as 2005 Guest.

CANCELLED - appearance:
Vegas Valley Book Festival 2007
2-3 November 2007 - Las Vegas, NV.

2007 Calendar News:

No further 2007 conventions, Renaissance Faires or conferences are scheduled. SKZB does consider every invitation himself.
ANY changes will be noted here as soon as this deponent knows.

2008 Schedule:

14-16 March 2008 - Birmingham, AL.
(St. Patrick's Day Celebration).
Guest Author: Steven Brust.

23-25 May 2008 - Columbus, OH. (Memorial Day Weekend).
Toastmaster: Steven Brust.

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention
(The RETURN of Fourth Street Fantasy...)
20-22 June 2008 - Minneapolis, MN.
Guest of Honor: Elizabeth Bear.
Programming: Steven Brust.


AggieCon 39
27-30 March 2008 - College Station, TX.

Any comments about this calendar may no longer be directed to Chica via the Dragaera list,
as the account no longer works. Sorry! My thanks to the many fine folks I met through Dragaera list...

All 2008 schedule questions are re-directed to Steve's new assistant (see his weblog).