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                                                                            Am I not one of gods creation?
                                                                            Do I not have a heart and soul?

                                                                            We were once respected
                                                                             until the media told may lies.

                                                                             They ruined our reputation and
                                                                             never once looked into our eyes.

                                                                             If  you look you would not see one
                                                                             ounce of evil or anything that is bad.

                                                                             You would see a loving friend and
                                                                              if you look deep you can see that 
  I am sad.

                                                                             They say we should be destroyed
                                                                             and in this world we have no part.

                                                                             But if they only knew the love
                                                                             and courage I carry in my heart.

                                                                             For I am one of god's creations
                                                                             and I do have a heart and soul.
                                                                             I would die for you in a heartbeat
                                                                             as I stand here by your side.

                                                                             Yes I am an American Pit Bull Terrier
                                                                              strong, stern, and full of pride.

                                                                              Poem by ...Susan Ann Gowen

                                                OUR DOGS ARE NOT USED FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES.  




                                                T he Short Wide N Bully