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The Crew Page

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The Articles of Conduct The crew of the Stygian Sun is made of Gypsies, Rogues, and thieves. The crew lives by a code that all obey, even the captain. Those that break the code are delt with in way befitting the crime, after a mock trial(just for looks).
*All that signed these articles, and sworn to their fellow crewmembers, will have a vote in all matters Those not signed or sworn will not vote.
*The Captain's word is absolute in time of chase or battle. He may punish, in whatever manner he chooses, any crewmember that dares deny his command in this instance. In all other matters the Captain will be governed by majority vote of the crew.
*Everyone will have equal right to the provisions at any time, and to use them at their leisure unless a shortage makes it necessary to vote a restriction for the good of all.
*If anyone defrauds the Company, or one another, to the value of one gold(dollar actual), he shall suffer whatever punishment the majority thinks fit.
*Anyone who deserts the Ship(skips out on a bill), keeps any dangerous secret(something that could get yourself or others arrested or injured)from the Company, or who deserts his station(leaves the camp unguarded or unsafe on their watch), shall be punished by marooning(exiled from shiphold), forfits share of plunder(charged a fee), or Death(possibly thrown out of event)
*All slaves and/or hostages(guests) are the burden of the owner or sailer charged with their care. Unattended guests are at the "mercy" of the crew.(see last article this above)
*No drinking while on duty(Drugs and Underage drinking will not be tolerated)see "marooning" and "Death"
*Flogging shall always be encouraged as mercy for light offences. Advance on to more crew members

The Captain

The duties of our Captain are as follows: Leadership, Webmaster, Overseeing quartermaster,Schedualing and planing events.

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The Quartermaster and Sailing Master

The Quartermaster is in charge of the ship when Captain is not available. He is incharge of purchase of Rum for an event. He can also carpool. The Sailing Master duties are also his as follows: He supervises the building of campsite and assigns duties on first night.
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The Boatswain and Carpenter

The Boatswain is in charge of supplies and requesting/collecting funds for buying new or used up ones. The Boatswain also helps the Sailing master with the camp building.
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