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Official Photo from 10 year reunion


Thanks to Riki Scott for scanning in this large photo and providing the list of names:



Back row - Chris Olson, Rob Wineman, Marc Pearlman, Scott Werner, Scott Willis, Stacey Gurecki, Ted Smith, Stacey Arsht, Beth Rubin, Shawn Popp, Riki Scott, Paul Penman, Dave Nowak, Tammy Wonch, Jon Davidson, Sue Reark, Bret Sutton, Shelly Walker, Gary Ross, Scott Shy
Middle row - Jenny Vandenbroucke, Karen Schoessler, Chris Pate, Becky Walters, Lori Hammer, Laura Peterson, Sue Thomas, Mary Olah, Tracey Haire, Ken Sutton, Stephanie Wines, Kim Watchorn
First row - Sergio Petrilli, Mike Walters, Rod Wolton, John Stein, Jeff Webb and JJ Stovall

Back row - Mitch Master, Stacy Belinsky, Rachelle McLean, Lissa Lutman, Rich Baum, Kris Bowker, Sherry Millay, Sam Marra, Kris Morrison, Tracy Miller, Jim McBride, Denny Mulonas, Tim Bullock, Jeff Duncan, Jon Desenberg, Jay Imus, Jayson Brewster, Bob Earle, Craig Baldwin, Karen Chalk, Kevin Deschutter, Mark Jeross, Chip Holmes, Evelyn Allen, Kaylynn Mitchell, Mike Myziuk, Beth Craddock, Alicia Erlich, Barbara Auger (obscured), Michelle Cohen, Debbie Cheney, Mitch Goldstrom, Gayle Yourofsky, Alyssa Goldberg, Dennis Hermani, Tammy Morehead, Kim Lappin, Liz Eisenberg, Kelly Nigoshian (obscured), Chris Klaver
Middle row - Caryn Lawler, Holly Malseed, Amy King, Jill Mitchell, Julie Dyment, Kristine Geci, Tina Herbert, Shannon Hunt, Dawn Brown, Mike Bishop, Kerri Easterday, Carrie Moore, Kelly Brown, Josh Cohen
First row - Rich Lanning, Kevin Lane, Jeff Archambault, Ron Kim, Steve Morton, Jeff Dyment, Todd Ackerman, Kelly Bancroft, Paul Bourgeau, Chris McKenzie and Kurt Brandstadt

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