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Photos of 3/25/06 Pre-Reunion Get Together

Many of our classmates got together on 3/25/2006 at 24 Seconds in Berkley to have some fun and  see each other before the reunion.  Why wait until November?  Thanks to superheroes Beth Rubin for spearheading this event and Jim Sherman & Stacy Belinsky (Burdette) for providing this set of pictures.


Photos from Jim Sherman:

Jennifer Kirkland, Amy King (Nowak), Christina Grieshaber (Griffin)



Amy King (Nowak), Christina Grieshaber (Griffin)



Jeff Feldman, Jennifer Kirkland, Mike Martell



Mike Martell, Barb Farley (Kurt's wife, BHS '90)



Kurt Farley, Jeff Feldman



Laura Peterson (Stanley), Riki Scott, Kris Morrison (Beloungea)


Shawn Popp, Kurt Farley, Beth Rubin, Jim McBride, Dave Nowak


Riki Scott and Mike Riddle



Dave Nowak, Kurt Farley



Amy King (Nowak), Dave Nowak, Barb Farley (BHS '90)



Jim Sherman, Mike Martell, Kris Morrison (Beloungea)


Norval Beloungea (Kris's husband), Riki Scott, Christina Grieshaber (Griffin), Kurt Farley


Photos from Stacy Burdette:

Renita Krahe (Balent), Beth Rubin, Rob "Tex" Brock


Jeff Feldman talks at the bar


Stacy Belinsky (Burdette), Amy King (Nowak), Christina Grieshaber (Griffin)


Laura Peterson (Stanley), JJ Stoval, Kris Morrison (Beloungea)


Riki Scott, Barb Farley (BHS '90), Mike Martell


Julie Schwartz (Hennesy) who went to Norup with us but graduated from a different high school, Stacy Belinsky (Burdette)


Beth Rubin and Shari Fine (Fesko) BHS '88 tear up the dance floor



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