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'86 Folks Hanging Out in '06


COLLEGE FOOTBALL SATURDAY:  BHS Alumni Ron Kim (front row, far left), Josh "Beef" Pollack (seated in blue shirt) and Rich Baum (Standing, black shirt without baseball hat) hang out with friends on opening Saturday of the college football season 9/2/06.   The second photo shows a comparison of some of the guys to a 1988 photo.  - Submitted by Ron Kim



OAK PARK BUDDIES:  Stacy Gurecki (Welford), Steve Morton, Elyse Applebaum (Guerrero) 8/06- Submitted by Steve Morton


TAMMY MOREHEAD (WATSON) AND HER SISTERS, all are BHS alumni! July 2006- Submitted by Tammy Morehead (Watson)


PARTY ON, STEVE AND JEFF!  At "24 Seconds" bar during Dream Cruise-  8/18/06: Steve Morton & Jeff Duncan - Submitted by Steve Morton



MIKE RIDDLE'S WEDDING 8/12/06: Jim Sherman and Mike Martell;  Chip Holmes and wife Jennifer (Lucas) Holmes (BHS '88)- Submitted by Jim Sherman


YOU GO, GIRLS- Beth Rubin & Jennifer Kirkland- Submitted by Beth Rubin


YOU GIRLS GO ALSO-  Kelly Haener (Mertz), Michelle Cohen (Gilbert), Alyssa Goldberg (Tobias), Gayle Yourofsky (Byck)- Submitted by Gayle Yourofsky (Byck)


JJ Stoval and Girlfriend Patty- Submitted by Beth Rubin


Rodney Wolton helps out at the Augusta National Golf Club- Submitted by Rodney Wolton



Photos of 3/25/06 Pre-Reunion Get Together

Many of our classmates got together on 3/25/2006 at 24 Seconds in Berkley to have some fun and  see each other before the reunion.  Why wait until November?  Thanks to superheroes Beth Rubin for spearheading this event and Jim Sherman & Stacy Belinsky (Burdette) & Beth for providing this set of pictures.


Photos from Jim Sherman:


Jeff Feldman, Jennifer Kirkland, Mike Martell



Mike Martell, Barb Farley (Kurt's wife, BHS '90)



Kurt Farley, Jeff Feldman



Laura Peterson (Stanley), Riki Scott, Kris Morrison (Beloungea)


Shawn Popp, Kurt Farley, Beth Rubin, Jim McBride, Dave Nowak


Riki Scott and Mike Riddle



Dave Nowak, Kurt Farley



Jim Sherman, Mike Martell, Kris Morrison (Beloungea)


Norval Beloungea (Kris's husband), Riki Scott, Christina Grieshaber (Griffin), Kurt Farley



Photos from Stacy Burdette:

Renita Krahe (Balent), Beth Rubin, Rob "Tex" Brock


Jeff Feldman talks at the bar


Laura Peterson (Stanley), JJ Stoval, Kris Morrison (Beloungea)


Riki Scott, Barb Farley (BHS '90), Mike Martell


Julie Schwartz (Hennesy) who went to Norup with us but graduated from a different high school, Stacy Belinsky (Burdette)


Beth Rubin and Shari Fine (Fesko) BHS '88 tear up the dance floor


Still Bears after all these years...



Photos from Beth Rubin:

Gwyn Riggs, Rob Brock, Robert Gordon


Riki Scott, Laura Peterson (Stanley), Christina Griffin (Grieshaber), Dave Nowak


Kurt Farley, Amy King (Nowak), Barb Farley


Renita Krahe (Balent), Mike Deddeh, Cathy Kreuger, & Gordi Stewart, & Mike Deddeh's wife


Peter Meyer & Friend, Robert Gordon


Renita Krahe (Balent)


Robert Gordon,  Deanna Couet

Thom Inman, Robert Gordon


Cathy Kreuger, Mike Riddle


Leslie Masters, Jeff Feldman, and in the back, Jim Mcbride, on the right is Leslie's sister


Mike Riddle, Beth Rubin, Mike Martel


Paul Malloy (BHS Class of '85(?)) & Mike Riddle


Gordi Stewart, Shawn Milmine, Laura Peterson (Stanley)


Shawn Milmine, Rob Brock


Shawn Popp


Jeff Ceresnie, Shannon Hunt (Shanebrook)


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