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Our Classmate

Josh Stein 1968 - 2007

Josh passed away peacefully in his sleep on April 22, 2007 after a long illness (Multiple Sclerosis). 


photo of deceased   

Right photo: Josh's Parents Bert and Elaine, Josh, and Josh's Sister Jessica, Feb 2007




Memorial Service 5/1/07


A memorial service was held for Josh at Dorfman Chapel in Michigan on 5/1/07.  In addition a reception was held at the house of his parents, Bert and Elaine Stein.  Many '86 classmates attended, including


Tim Bullock (who spoke at the service)

Bret Sutton

Ron Kim

Rich Baum

Rob Wineman

Jim Sherman

Sergio Petrilli

Bob Earle

Beth Rubin

Stacy Burdette (Belinsky)

Chris Olson


There are comments about Josh in the discussion forum.


Among other memories, Josh's parents shared a poem which he wrote as a youngster, formed from the letters of his name.  The poem made people remember the Josh we knew from many years ago.  Here it is:


Text Box: J    Just a plain
O    Ordinary guy,
S    Sitting on top of the world
H    Hanging on life's edge

















Message from Tim Bullock 4/23/07:


" of Sunday evening, Josh's parents are planning a memorial in San Louis Obisbo, CA were Josh lived for 7 or 8 years and had friends from those more recent years.  His sister, Jessie, and his uncle Mickey also live in CA.  Josh had also requested that his ashes be spread at the top of Madonna Mountain in SLO.  When he was able, Josh loved to hike the trails of Madonna Mt and expressed this request to his dad some years ago when they climbed the mountain together.  Josh frequently talked about his love of SLO and Madonna Mt.  This request seems perfectly fitting."


Charitable Contribution Info (per Josh's family):
Anyone wishing to contribute in Josh's memory can do so to:
Affinity Hospice
15450 Northline #102
Southgate, MI 48195
Phone: (734) 284-4315

or to Kadima
15999 W. Twelve Mile Rd., Second Floor
Southfield, MI 48076
Phone: (248) 559-8235

or to a charity of ones choice.


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