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Searching the Legend ...
- Geography: The temple of Lao-Tsun is located : "East of the lake Incaougji, between Magaoug and Sembo, in an almost desertic area, surrounded by walls."

Analyze: The spelling of these places are not correct but can be easily find if we take a Birman's map of the beginning of the XIX century (as you see on the right).

a. The Lake Indawgyi is the biggest lake in Burma. It is located among the Kachin Hills tribes in the State of Myitkyina. Our area is East of the lake (on the right part).

b. The city of Magaoug is in fact Mogaung, as you can see on the map,

c. The city of Sembo is in fact Senbo, on the Irrawaddy river.

We thus have a more localised area to study. Between the lake and a line between the two cities mentionned there is a mountain named Laipyet Hills and two others keukkmé Hills (near Senbo) and
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Topography of the temple of Lao-Tsun (habitation of the gods)

According to Gordon Russel:

"Following a rebellion and during the Bristish occupation of the Bhamo base, very isolated because remote from Mandalay [the capital of Upper-Burma where the Bristish government established itself], we had to protect the Kittahs against a Brahman invasion and we saved him from a massacre and sack." This happened in 1898.
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What do we learn from the legend (L) written by Mme Adams and from Gordon (G)?

a. These people were Bouddhist-lamaists (L)

b. The name of the Grand-Lama was The Yotag Rooh-Ougji (G)

c. Gordon has received from the Yotag a gift of a plaque representing the Sacred Cat at the foot of a divinity with saphire eyes. Gordon kept it in his collection in England in the city of Mildenhall (piece 4.108). (G)

d. Gordon saw 100 cats in the temple. (G/L)

e. The divinity of the temple was Tsun Kyankse. She is the godesss of soul transmigration.

f.. Auguste Pavie, the famous French explorer who helped teh French to increase their indochina possession is mentionned by Pavie as an authority on the origin of asian cats and the Birman.