INTRO                                                 JOIN THE GAME

First of all, make sure that you meet the criteria for play. In order to join SWORDLANDS, you need:

  • A computer and access to the 'Net (obviously).

  • An active email address.

  • An interest in wargaming/role-playing and the medieval fantasy genre.

  • The ability to devote some time each week to the game. Familiarity with the rules, studying the Magister's weekly Report and submitting a Declaration each week are are the essential minimum. Missing a weekly Declaration puts your kingdom in limbo for a game month and events can quickly get ahead of you

  • Imagination. The ability to think "outside the box" and turn the rules to your favor is an asset ... Who says the King can't have all the nobles beheaded and declare himself Emperor of the West?

  • Patience. This is not a realtime computer wargame. The interval between Declarations and the Magister's Reports gives ample time for Players to absorb the information and contemplate their moves. It also give the Magister plenty of time to do his job, which is to tie everything together.


    1. Visit the Map on the front page and take a look at the game world.

    2. Select a kingdom from the Available Kingdoms List. This will change as Players join the game. As soon as five Players sign up, the game begins. So, you may be joining the game in progress. Not to worry, since no kingdom starts out broke and helpless (the Magister will take care of them until Players take the throne).

    3. With your kingdom chosen, send an email to the Magister and request to join. Indicate which kingdom you wish to rule and, maybe, a brief note on what your goals would be as King or Queen. The Magister will respond within 24 hours (probably sooner) with a welcoming email and the opening Report for your first month of play. Your first Declaration will be due the following Friday.

    SWORDLANDS and World of Mythandar are copyright 2005-2008