Welcome to the World of Mythandar©, the setting for the SWORDLANDS PBeM Game©. Originally conceived as a role-play chat setting, Mythandar has been expanded to host a fantasy/wargame milieu.

Mythandar is an earth-like planet with a sun and moon (only one), varying climates and seasons, and the same natural laws that govern our world. The nations of Mythandar range from primitive savages to ancient civilizations and include non-human and pre-human people. Magic exists and the gods are real here, and they sometimes intervene in the affairs of mortals.

However, for the most part, the inhabitants of the world are left to manage their own affairs and resolve their own conflicts. And there are plenty of conflicts ... As a Player King or Queen, you will hold the fate of a kingdom in your hands. It would be helpful to know something of the world in which one bears so much responsibility.

Player applications for SWORDLANDS are not being accepted - for now. However, we'll be accepting new Players in the near future. If you are interested, go ahead and email the Magister to have your name placed on the list of future Kings and Queens.

                          ANGLAMAR taken                                                        ISTHIA taken
                          CARTHENIA taken                                                        KESH OPEN
                          EREDOR taken                                                             NORLAND taken
                          HURAN Nor is taken. Num remains unclaimed                        SHARAAZ
                          ISFAR                                                                        VARALKIA

For more information on the locations and history of SWORDLANDS, see the SWORDLANDS GAZETEER.

SWORDLANDS and World of Mythandar are copyright 2005-2008