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The city of Carthene was an important Imperial trade and naval port for hundreds of years. The province produced the grain that fed the Empire, and the city's slave market served the wealthy and powerful throughout the Inner Sea. When the Empire fell, the remnants of the Imperial Fleet found refuge at Carthene and the last loyal Imperial legion, X Phoenix, secured the city under the command of Governor-General Antarius. As Tharsis burned and the provinces were being ravaged by barbarians, mercenaries and pirates, the powerful elite of the city, the Patricians, elected Antarius Imperial Regent and commander of what remained of the Imperial Army. After twenty years defending Carthene against barbarians and pirates, Antarius was summoned by the Patriarch to Tharsis where the western provinces were to be divided. Tharsis was proclaimed a protected city under rule of the Patriarchy while Duke Teodor of Varena was given Isthia and Eredor and made Protector of the Imperial Sceptor. Antarius was granted the southern coasts, crowned King of Carthenia and Defender of the Imperial Seal.

CULTURE:          Civilized
WEALTH:           Prosperous

GOVERNMENT: By law, the King is elected by the Carthenian Senate. However, since Antarius' time, each King has been able to name his successor. The kingdom's constitution limits the powers of the crown and national policy is debated and voted on by the Senate. However, as commander-in-chief, the King is able to assume dictatorial powers in time of war.

City of Carthene Carthenia is well situated geographically, surrounded by rugged highlands and barren desert. Her only potential threat on land is Kesh to the east. However, the kingdom's extensive and sparsely inhabited coastline makes her vulnerable to attack by sea. The population is concentrated in two large cities, Carthene and Narene, and a few small farming towns and coastal settlements, which stretches the Carthenian military thin. Fortunately, the Carthenian Fleet is among the largest and most powerful on the Inner Sea, a necessity given the kingdom's size and the great distances between population centers. Carthenia's military is a professional force with the Xth Legion at its core, and the disciplinary traditions of the old Imperial Army have been preserved. The cities maintain strong garrisons and, when needed, desert nomad cavalry is employed to bolster the Army. However, the kingdom's greatest strengths are her navy and the city of Carthene itself with its massive walls and fortified harbor.

CHALLENGES: Carthenia is at risk of becoming stagnant. With the burgeoning population of her cities, and limited resources, expansion is a must. Past opportunities have given the kingdom two possessions - Sevarre in Eredor and Alta Carthea on the island of Medira. New opportunities must be taken advantage of when they arise, even at the risk of war. Southward expansion may be just the option needed, though the land is completely undeveloped and populated by savages ... For the King, maintaining Carthenia's strength on land and at sea will be a necessity if the kingdom hopes to survive. He will have to deal with the Senate, which has been historically reluctant to spend more money on the military than is absolutely necessary.

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