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  • 09MAY21      Aye. Game suspended but the world turns onward ... Stay tuned.HOME
  • 07MAY08     
    FAQ: Spearmen vs. Horsemen and Archers
    " ... just a quick question. I see that horsemen have the same +2 bonus as spearmen or archers but cost quite a bit more. Do they have any real bonuses in combat that offset their cost more or is it their ability to travel quicker, also I see that archers [cost] less than spearmen. What bonuses do the spearmen have in a battle? I see that they are armored but can't find anything benefit for the armor. I understand that horsemen can be used to scout ahead, but I'm still stuck as to under the rules of the battle why spearmen should ever be mustered instead of archers."

    Good question.

    Horsemen v. Spearmen: [The difference is] Basically cultural. Some kingdoms rely on mounted fighters while others traditionally use infantry. Aside from the mobility of horsemen, they are only as effective as militia when dismounted, as when defending a siege or in some other situation or terrain where they cannot fight mounted (it happens). For the extra money, they become fast travelers and are as effective as massed spearmen on the battlefield.

    Spearmen vs. Archers: Missile troops [archers, longbowmen, crossbowmen] are intended to act in support of other troops on the battlefield. They are not equipped or trained to take ground or hold it against massed enemy attacks. Even though the bonuses are the same, an army consisting only of archers will be penalized. They may inflict heavy casualties on the enemy but will most likely be unable to stand or hold their position (depending on the enemy's composition). This doesn't apply in sieges, where archers are quite effective in defense ... Basically, an army of archers only against an equal force of spearmen only will inflict heavy casualties and then be overrun. Archers versus archers is a coin flip since they're on equal ground.

    This has prompted an update/tweak of the UNIT STATISTICS TABLE. For those monarchs who feel they have been cheated, overcharges for troops will be refunded. Just, send the Magister a bill.
  • 05MAY08      Another new location added: Congratulations to the knights and soldiers of King Thelric II of Anglamar (little brother intends that you never forget it).
  • 03MAY08      The first Player-instigated change to the Map: border change and new location. Congratulations to King Barashkar of Carthenia upon the founding of "Fort Barashkar" (named by the troops in His Majesty's honor pending official designation) ... renamed Fort Argelus by the King's order.
  • 01MAY08      Pirate attacks and rumours of war in the Inner Sea, a civil war averted and another brewing in the North, a new Priest-King takes the throne, and the Sons of Titan reemerge ... History is happening. Are you ready?
  • 30APRIL08      The Trade Rules have been updated in the RULEBOOK. Player monarchs, check out the list on the linked reference page for kingdom Goods and standing Trade Agreements. Adjust your kingdom stats accordingly. This may change your priorities, so it's up to you if you wish to amend your Turn 2 Declarations for May. The due date this week is extended for that purpose ... In some cases, Annual Revenue will change. But, under no circumstances will your kingdoms lose money from the Royal Treasury. Those totals remain the same.
  • 27APRIL08      Turn 1 for the game month of April, 1205 IR, is wrapping up. Players, if you haven't received your FINALs from the Magister yet, you will shortly. Declarations based on those for game month May, 1205 are due Tuesday Midnight.

  • The Gazeteer has some new entries, useful or not, and the Magister is working on a better presentation for Trade and Trade Agreements (coming soon). For now, if you're looking for new trade contacts, we'll put it on hold with whatever your kingdom has currently.

  • Your Majesty's, be familiar with the map - at least the map of your kingdom and the surrounding territories. North is at the top and east is to the right and if you tell the Magister your sending your team to Dallas instead of Chicago, they'll be playin' the Cowboys, not the Bears. 'nuff said.

    PLAYER FAQs: I'm getting emails from Players with questions about game mechanics, "What would I know and how would I do this?," etc. So, I'm gonna post some of the most useful ones here for Players to check. If one of your Qs shows up, it don't mean you're a dummy. It means you asked what others were thinkin' but didn't.

    FAQ 1: Siege Weapons
    "1. I assume I own some, and if I do, how portable are they and how many?
    2. How long would it take to make siege weapons when my army arrives at a place?
    3. How many can my army make when they arrive at a location?
    I assume siege weapons are a necessity when trying to take on a fortified position. How much of a factor does it play in calculating battles? I mean, if my army attacked without seige weapons would they fair alright? Or do I need siege weapons in order to be effective? I suppose the question is, how important are siege weapons for attacking cities?"

    The UNIT STATISTICS TABLE only lists "catapults" as a separate unit, to be purchased as any other type. Their Battle Bonus has a stacking effect when used against fortifications, added to the Army's total Bonus. Whereas fortification bonuses do the same.

    It's assumed that any Feudal or Civilized army will come up with siege equipment out of necessity - battering rams, ladders and siege towers, troops and tools to dig under the walls, etc. They can scrounge up materials and construct them on the spot. Otherwise there would be no chance for an army to take a castle or walled city no matter how big. Time for construction isn't considered since we're dealing with month-long game turns here and we've tried to keep things simple by avoiding the minutiae - like how many wagons and oxen an army needs or how many loads of supplies. Common sense dictates that troops have wagons, equipment and supplies under normal circumstances unless they're operating in extreme circumstances (march a feudal army into the Great Desert and see how they begin to suffer).

    "Catapults" include catapults, onegers, mangonels (no trebuchets, they're too advanced for now). They're considered mobile as they can be wheeled or transported in parts by wagon at the same movement rate as infantry. Note that it may take more than a single battle to reduce a fortification. In the table the bonuses are graded from built(whole) to damaged to reduced. Each time the defending army loses a battle, the fortification they're in is reduced by 5 or more, depending on the score. Catapults just give you that extra punch to overcome the defenders' advantage ... Of course you can always just blockade a castle or city and starve'm out.

    It takes a month to produce catapult units, like other units. Something you might want to consider, going up against [an enemy with heavily fortified defenses] ... BTW, the army inside a fortification can have catapults, too.

    Keep in mind that wargalleys, war carracks and warbarges mount ballistae and catapults that can be brought to bear against enemy ships and coastal fortifications. Make the best use of what you got.

  • 23APRIL08      Thanks to Players for their patience and responses to Operation Redo. This is an exercise in organized chaos, not Total War Online. Now that we've had a "practice turn," be sure to ask about anything you're unsure of.

  • Additions to the Gazeteer ungoing. Lots of hints and useful background for Player Kings and Queens.

  • 23APRIL08      A note on Agents:
    ~ If you want to send ambassadors to several different foreign kingdoms, you have to hire them. Personages of the proper status and experience (minor nobles, etc.) are available in every kingdom. Salaries are 25, 50 or 100 crowns a year.
    ~ Spies are pretty easy to hire, too, though they're generally less loyal and reliable than ambassadors.
    ~ Champions and Wizards are hard to find. They will present themselves during the course of the game or you can search them out (there are some famous Wizards mentioned in the Gazeteer and elsewhere). Don't expect they'll work for you just because they're offered a job.

  • Keep in mind the chat room at Whispering Realms. Adventures in Mythandar is set in Anglamar, at the Olde Inn, a gathering place for Adventurers, Wizards and all sorts of folk. Ya'll are welcome any time.
  • 22APRIL08      Rules changes have been posted concerning the Royal Treasury and Troop/Ship/Fortification costs. Players, check the pages and your in boxes.
  • 21APRIL08      Traders in the Storm Isles, at Westhaven, and those sailing south to Eredor carry word of a new lord in Dragonsgaard ... Urlik has become the fourth King of Norland, ruling all but Rune Isle, who's own lord, Rolph Blackraven, has declared himself King as well.
  • 19APRIL08      First turn Reports from the Magister have been sent to those Players who have submitted their first Declarations (four so far). If you received your Set-Up email this week, send Declarations and I promise to Report by Tuesday. That'll put the game on schedule ... Two more Players have committed and will be starting next week.

    For those who've got their first reports, any non-formal questions or clarifications are welcome before your next Declarations are due on Friday.

  • 18APRIL08      The bishops throughout the West and Inner Sea have confirmed that the hierless King, Alero of Isthia, has been succeeded on the throne by Sir Graken a minor nobleman with blood ties to the family of Teodor. Graken I has been invested by the Patriarch ... The century-old dispute over sovereignty of Eredor was not addressed.

  • 16APRIL08      Check Your tax rates, Majesties. At this rate, y'all be nationally broke in 6 months.

  • Alay merchants have docked at Ramis in Kesh and at Gedom above the Rift Sea, carrying news as they always do. The "pirate lord of Shappur," a foreign rogue with foreign ways, claims that the new Queen of Huran is "someone you will not forget ... The taverns are good there too."

  • 15APRIL08      (Yes. It is 2008.) The Royal Cartographer has been properly tortured and the map is updated again (slightly). Hang in there with us.

    First In-Game Reports from the Magister are being sent.


  • Word in the western Inner Sea is that a new King has been confirmed by the Carthenian Senate. Rumors of political intrigue are certain to follow. The succession of King Barashkar as, apparently, the first monarch not chosen from the old Imperial Patrician class, prompts speculation of a political shift occuring within the Carthenian government.

  • Rumor has it that, following the passing of King Thelring of Anglamar without an heir over the winter (during who's reign the kingdom dwelt in relative peace since the end of the North War), rulership has passed to his younger brother, crowned Thelric II. Folk in the North are surely eager to see if the new king's policies will be as conservative as his predecessor's.

  • The recent civil unrest following the death of the King of Varalkia has ended. According to traders in the Eastmark and Inner Sea merchants, the Duke of Vareska has succeeded in taking the throne and been crowned King Czenobog I.

  • Word has spread as well that Pierre of Castellan has been crowned King of Eredor. The transfer of the Crown was orderly and according to the laws of succession.

  • 15APRIL08      Player confirmations are coming in and the First Turn Reports from the Magister are being prepared and sent as of this posting. Patience, please. All I need are a definite "Yes I'm in" and the name of your King. Be original. No Julius Ceasars or Czar Nicolauses, please - despite some of the parallels between Mythandar and Earth history.

    Two issues have come up:

    1. The Declaration PDF is not available. Simply use the example to organize your Player Declarations in email form. The information presented in the example is necessary for the Magister to keep things organized.

    2. It's already been asked about communication between Players. Fine with me and, lacking a forum, I'll be happy to present email addies for the Players here. It's up to y'all. HOWEVER, collusion between Players will bring the wrath of the gods. Any kind of official "in character" contact between rulers must be transmitted via the Magister. Emissaries, Ambassadors and Agents are required for Kings and Queens to communicate with each other in the game world. Travel-time lag is a factor as it can take months for an emissary to travel from one kingdom to another and return ... Alternately, folks can log on at Adventures in Mythandar and chat anytime.

  • One might have noticed that the Gazeteer is incomplete. It will be expanded and updated as we go so, check in occasionally for info on the minor and far-flung locations of Mythandar.

  • 14APRIL08      Welcoming the King of Carthenia and Seti-Ahmose, 105th Priest-King of Kesh. Six rulers have signed on ... Monarchs, please send the Magister confirmation that you are indeed committed and ready to play. Include your ruler's name. Introductions and beginning reports from the Magister will follow. It's now Monday, so time is extended this week for all Players to submit Declarations for the first turn - month of April in the Year 1205 according to the Imperial Calender.

    Declaration format is HERE. No PDF, so simply follow the example when you submit your Declarations.

    Thanks to everyone for the interest and enthusiasm thus far. This is it. So, if you have any questions, comments, or complaints, send them.

  • Meet and greet at the Olde Inn. Monarchs BYOBG ((bring your own bodyguards)) ... Cancelled. WRC is having tech difficulties with pics and whatever.
  • 13APRIL08      Thelron's heir and the Queen of Nor are online. Beware and watch the horizon ... One more monarch and the game's afoot.
  • 13APRIL08      The cartographers have been busy. New map updated ... with errors. They will be flogged.

  • 12APRIL08      The first Player responses have come in. The kingdoms of Eredor and Varalkia are off the board, pending final decision by the Players ... Apologies for the delay in finalizing kingdom background pages. That is today's project and it will be completed by midnight.
  • 7APRIL08     SWORDLANDS PBeM is online.

    SWORDLANDS and World of Mythandar are copyright 2005-2008