THE RULEBOOK                                        PAGE FOUR

                                                          PAGE ONE: KINGDOMS
                                                          PAGE TWO: THE ROYAL COUNCIL
                                                          PAGE FOUR: THE ROYAL TREASURY
                                                          PAGE FOUR: LOYALTY
                                                          PAGE FIVE: THE MILITARY


Royal Champion Each kingdom has a Loyalty rating, determined by Culture and Tax Rate. Other factors that effect Loyalty include war, disasters, the King's behavior and the loyalty of the nobles and ministers.

Base Loyalty
Culture     Loyalty                     Tax Rate                     Individual
Savage         50%                       None            +25%       Devoted      +100%
Barbaric        75%                       Low             +10%       Loyal            +75%
Feudal         100%                      Modest                        Dedicated     +25%
Civilized        75%                       High              -25%       Neutral
                                                 Crushing        -50%       Treacherous  -50%
                                                                                    Traitorous    -100%

Loyalty is checked each month with a percentile roll. A score greater than the kingdom's Loyalty rating indicates Loyalty Failure, resulting in some type of turmoil or unrest within the kingdom. The magnitude of the unrest depends on the margin of failure.

For example, the kingdom has an overall Loyalty Index of 75%. The Magister makes the monthly Loyalty Check, generating a random percentile score. Any score of 75% or less indicates no problems within the kingdom. A score of 76% or greater indicates unrest ... The Magister rolls a score of 85, 10 points beyond the kingdom's Loyalty Index of 75%. The Loyalty Check has failed and the margin of failure (a score of 10) is checked on the following table:

1-20    Bandits appear within the kingdom, robbing tax collectors and assaulting officials or
          Feuding between two tribes, clans or groups within the kingdom erupts.
          Tax revenue is reduced by 5%.
          If not dealt with, the next Loyalty Check failure will result in a Peasant Revolt.

21-35  Peasant Revolt (punchline: Yes they are.) Peasants in an area of the kingdom are refusing to pay
          taxes and rebuffing officials.
          Tax revenue is reduced by 10% and overall Loyalty falls 10%.
          If the revolt is not put down, the next Loyalty Check failure will result in Rebellion.

36-45  Treason! A plot against the King (members of the nobility and Royal Council may be involved,
          as well as foreign agents). The plot may be uncovered by the High Constable or others. If not, the next
          Loyalty Failure will result in an Assassination Attempt or open Rebellion.

46-50  Assassination Attempt! Someone close to the King makes an attempt on his life.

          Loyalty is checked for each and every Minister, Advisor and Agent close to the King (absent individuals           might be involved but not directly). If no one fails, then Loyalty checks are made for all members of the           Royal Family. Lastly, any NPC foreign agents present are checked.

          If the King's Royal Guard is present, subtract 25% from the roll.

51+     Rebellion! Traitors have decided to take up arms against the King. The forces they command depends           on who is involved, and they may be aided by forces from outside the kingdom. Tax revenue stops as           part of the kingdom is lost to rebel control.

          The King has several choices:

Civil War: The King must act quickly, rally his supporters and issue orders to loyal troops. Foreign allies may be called upon for aid, bribes made, assassins dispatched to eliminate the traitors ... Whatever it takes to hold the throne. If the King is defeated and captured, he will be executed (and the game is over for the Player).

Royal Exile outside the kingdom, where the King may be able to work with allies to regain the throne. Those loyal to the King will likely be executed. Loyal troops may accompany the King into exile or fight on.

Abdicate the Throne for the good of the kingdom. The King steps down and accepts exile (and the game is over for the Player).

Note that these results are time-sensitive. If a revolt occurs in a distant province of the kingdom and it takes a month for word to reach the capitol, then the King won't learn of it for an entire month. Loyal forces within the province may or may not take action independently, depending on what their standing orders are).

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