StarTrek: 2380 TIMELINE
The Last 100 Years

James T. Kirk 2285
2280   The Battle of Caleb IV. The Federation outpost is attacked by two Klingon divisions led by Kang and Kor. Commanding the D5-class cruiser IKS Klothos, Kor outmaneuvers Federation forces, catching the defenders in the midst of repair work.

2281   Rear Admiral James T. Kirk retires from James T. Kirk 2285Starfleet after a long and colorful career (he returns to duty as an instructor in 2284).

2285   Project Genesis. Khan Noonien Singh seizes USS Reliant and attacks the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the Battle of the Mutara Nebula. Spock is "killed," then rescued by Kirk and crew. USS Enterprise is destroyed in battle with the Klingon Kruge.

2286   Kirk is demoted to captain for disobeying The Enterprise Self-Destructsorders and given command of the Constitution-class USS Enterprise-A.
    ■      The Tralesta Massacre on Acamar III.

2287   A Federation starship suffers an unexplained ship-wide systems failure for the last time until 2366, leading to research in isolinear chip technology.

2289   Negotiations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire take place on Korvat colony.
USS Excelsior

2290   Commander Hikaru Sulu is promoted to captain and given command of USS Excelsior.
    ■      Klingon battle cruiser IKS T'Ong is sent on a high priority mission with the the crew in cryogenic stasis.

2292   The Romulan-Klingon Alliance comes to an end and the two powers once again regard each other as blood enemies.

Khitomer Conference

2293   The Klingon moon Praxis explodes, precipitating the Khitomer Conference which paves the way for 80 years of peace between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.
    ■      USS Enterprise-A is decommissioned and the Enterprise-B is launched under the command of Captain John Harriman. On its initial cruise, James T. Kirk is believed killed.

2293    USS Jenolan disappears while en route to the Norpin colony. Aboard is Captain Montomery Scott, Starfleet Retired.

2301   A good year for bloodwine.

2302   First and last official Federation contact with Angel I prior to 2364.

2305   July 13th, Jean-Luc Picard is born in La Barre, France.

The Neutral Zone, c. 2300

2311   The Tomed Incident sparks conflict between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, leading to the Treaty of Algeron. The treaty redefines the Romulan Neutral Zone and ends all Federation research into cloaking technology. The Romulans enter a period of complete isolation.

2318   Cardassia conquers Bajor, beginning 50 years of military occupation. Cadet Jean-Luc Picard, 2364

2321   Boothby begins his career as groundskeeper at Starfleet Academy.

2327   Jean-Luc Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2328   Bajor is formally annexed by the Cardassian Union.
Isolinear chip

2329   Starfleet adopts a new system of computing using isolinear optical chips.

2333   Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard is promoted to commanding officer of the Constellation-class starship USS Stargazer.

2336   Data is built on Omicron Theta and begins his quest to become more Human. Later that year, the colony is destroyed by the Crystalline Entity.

2337   The Changeling Odo is found adrift in his natural gelatinous state in the Denorios Belt, Bajor System.

2341   Data is permitted to enter Starfleet Academy.

2344   The Battle of Narendra III. the Ambassador-class USS Enterprise-C, commanded by Captain Rachel Garret is destroyed while defending a Klingon outpost against Romulan attack. This event reemphasizes the Khitomer Accords and ensures a lasting peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

2345   Data graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to ensign.

2346   (stardate 23859.7) The Khitomer Massacre. The Klingon colony is attacked and destroyed by Romulan forces. Among the casualties is Mogh, whose son Worf survives and is later rescued by USS Intrepid.

2347   The Federation-Cardassian Wars, known in the Federation as the "Border Wars," begin with the Setlik III Massacre. Cardassian forces raid a Federation colony in what will later be the Demilitarized Zone. The conflict will last into the 2360s. Galor-class cruiser

2351   Beverly Crusher graduates from Starfleet Medical Academy.
    ■      A population of Native Americans settle on the planet Dorvan V near the Cardassian border.

2352   While on a three-year science mission, the Romulan Telek R'Mor is contacted by USS Voyager from the year 2371 via a micro-wormhole.
    ■      Construction of the Cardassian mining station Terok Nor, in orbit around Bajor, is completed.
Klingon Civil War

2353   The Tholians destroy a Federation starbase ( the only survivor is Kyle Riker}.

2354   Benjamin Sisko graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2355   The Battle of Maxia. Constellation-class USS Stargazer (NCC-2893) is attacked by an unknown vessel (later revealed to be Ferengi).
Captain Jean-Luc Picard devises a maneuver that makes the Stargazer appear in two places at once and destroys the alien vessel. The maneuver, accomplished by making a very short warp jump, is dubbed the "Picard Maneuver." Two Places at Once

2356   The Alcyone people destroy (what is assumed to be) the last Tarellian plague ship.
    ■      Production of Mark V transporters is stopped.

2357   William T. Riker and Geordi La Forge graduate from Starfleet Academy. Riker is assigned to USS Pegasus and La Forge to USS Victory.
    ■      During the Galen Border Conflicts, the Talarians attack the Federation colony on Galen IV.
    ■      The freighter SS Odin is declared missing after being struck by an asteroid in the area of Angel I.

2358   The Pegasus Incident. Oberth-class USS Pegasus (NCC-53847) is presumed destroyed after an apparent warp core breach. Secretly a testbed for a new interphase cloaking device developed by Starfleet Intelligence, the ship's crew had mutinied in protest. The ship, still in a phased state, is adrift in space.
    ■      The Parada Civil War begins.

2359   Deanna Troi graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2360   Velara Base on Velara III begins terraforming the planet.
    ■      Lieutenant Data is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
    ■      Roberto de la Cruz graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to USS ---, .

2361   Lewis Zimmerman, assigned to the Holo-Programming Center on Jupiter Station, begins development of the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) or "Holo-Doc."
    ■      USS Potemkin attempts to contact the failed Federation colony on Turkana IV, but is warned that anyone beaming down to the planet will be killed.
    ■      Worf graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2362   USS Tombaugh, under the command of Captain Blackwood, is attacked and assimilated by the Borg.
    ■      Miles O'Brien is hailed as the "Hero of Setlik III" after saving 13 men with a field transporter and leading an assault against a Cardassian regiment. He is promoted and transferred to Operations Division.
The Enterprise-D

2363   Construction is completed and USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy Class) is commissioned at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars.
    ■      USS Olympia, commanded by Captain Lisa Cusak, departs on an eight year mission to explore the Beta Quadrant.

2364   Captain Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the new USS Enterprise-D, with Commander William T. Riker as First Officer. The ship departs Earth on its first mission to Farpoint Station, subsequently making first official contact with the Q entity and the lifeform which formed Farpoint.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard, 2364     ■      The Enterprise makes first official contact with the Ferengi.
    ■      The star Beta Magellan goes supernova. Computer systems on the nearby planet Bynaus are destabilized.
    ■      Alien neural parasites infiltrate Starfleet Command. Dr. Beverly Crusher discovers a means of removing parasite from host; Captain Picard and Commander Riker destroy the mother creature.
    ■      Several Federation and Romulan outposts along the Neutral Zone are destroyed on or before stardate 41903.2. Both the Federation and the Romulans suspect each other. Based on similarities to other attacks, it is probable this marks the first appearance of the Borg in Federation space during the 24th century.
    ■      The Romulan Star Empire returns to interstellar politics after 53 years of isolation.
    ■       Roberto de la Cruz is promoted to lieutenant Commander.
    ■      Bajoran Ensign Ro Laren graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to USS Wellington.

2365   Dr. Beverly Crusher leaves the Enterprise to become head of Starfleet Medical. She is replaced by Dr. Katherine Pulaski. Geordi La Forge is promoted to full lieutenant as chief engineer. Worf is assigned as security chief.
    ■      Commander William T. Riker becomes the first Starfleet officer to serve on a Klingon vessel when he participates in the Officer Exchange Program. Riker is subsequently offered command of the USS Aries, but declines in order to remain with the Enterprise.

The Borg!     ■      First contact with the Borg after Q hurls the Enterprise 7,000 light years from known space. Starfleet initiates a series of tactical training and development programs to ready the fleet for a Borg invasion.
    ■      USS Yamato (Galaxy-class) is destroyed after discovering the homeworld of the ancient Iconians.

2366   Dr. Beverly Crusher returns to USS Enterprise. Geordi La Forge is promoted to lieutenant commander, while Worf is promoted to full lieutenant.
    ■      Three days before stardate 43152, the Husnock attack and destroy the Federation colony on Delta Rana IV. Among the dead is Rishon Uxbridge. In an act of revenge, her husband Kevin, who is actually an immortal and all-powerful Douwd, annihilates all fifty billion Husnock.

Standoff!     ■      A Romulan scout ship, suspected of covert operations in Federation space, crashes on Galorndon Core. The Federation and Romulans nearly go to war. Romulan Admiral Alidar Jarok, censured and reassigned to a remote sector for openly criticizing Imperial policy, defects to the Federation with faulty information about a new outpost on Nelvana III (intended to lure the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone). In a stand-off between the Enterprise (supported by two Klingon birds-of-prey) and two Romulan warbirds, the Romulans retreat.
    ■      USS Enterprise-C emerges from a temporal rift, causing an alternate timeline where the Federation is losing a war against the Klingon Empire. Captain Rachel Garrett is killed and Lieutenant Richard Castillo takes command. The ship returns to the year 2344 and the changes to the timeline are averted.
    ■      A Romulan warbird, which participated in the Khitomer Massacre of 2346, is captured by Klingons. Her logs identify the traitor at Khitomer as Ja'rod, the father of Klingon High Council member Duras. Mogh, Warf's father, had been accused of being the traitor at Khitomer. Worf accepts discommendation from the High Council (vowing to keep silent) in order to prevent the Empire from disintegrating into civil war.
    ■      The Federation is attacked by a Borg cube, which destroys the New Providence colony on Jouret IV, as well as the freighter USS Lalo. The Enterprise intercepts the Borg near the Paulson Nebula and Captain Jean-Luc Picard is abducted and assimilated. The Borg continue on a course to Earth.

USS Defiant     ■      Starfleet begins development of the USS Defiant and issues new type-2 phaser and tricorder designs. Uniforms are redesigned, now in two-piece versions with a higher collar and no striping on the shoulders.
    ■      The Cardassian transport ship Ravinok is attacked by the Breen and forced to crash land on Dozaria.

Locutus of Borg

2367   The Battle of Wolf 359. The Enterprise is severely damaged in battle with a Borg cube and unable to join the fleet massed at Wolf 359. Captain Picard is captured and assimilated. William T. Riker is field-promoted to captain and chooses Borg specialist Commander Shelby as first officer. At Wolf 359, a total of 39 Federation starships are destroyed by the Borg and 11,000 lives are lost. Riker devises a plan to recover Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew uses him to exploit the weakness of the Borg Collective, destroying the cube in Earth orbit. Picard's Borg implants are removed and he returns to command of the Enterprise, although he requires several weeks of recovery. Riker returns to his post as first officer. The Enterprise docks at Earth Station McKinley for six weeks of repair.

Battle of Wolf 359

K'mpec of the High Council

    ■      Chancellor K'mpec of the Klingon High Council dies, causing a power struggle between Duras and Gowron. Picard is appointed Arbiter of Succession. Duras murders Ambassador K'Ehleyr after she discovers evidence of treachery and collusion with the Romulans by the House of Duras. Worf then claims right of vengeance against Duras and kills him.
    ■      Vulcan Ambassador T'Pel is discovered to be a Romulan spy after she is unwittingly returned to a Romulan vessel with many Federation secrets.
    ■      A peace treaty between the Federation and Cardassian Union ends years of war between the two powers. USS Phoenix, commanded by Captain Benjamin Maxwell, launches a series of illegal raids against the Cardassians in hopes of instigating renewed hostilities. The Phoenix is tracked down by the Enterprise with the assistance of Gul Macet, and eventually surrenders.
    ■      Romulan Commander Sela orders the abduction of Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge and brainwashes him to murder the Klingon governor of Krios, thus drawing the Federation and Klingon Empire into war. The plan is thwarted and further Romulan/Klingon cooperation uncovered.
    ■      The Klingon Civil War. Gowron is installed as leader of the High Council. He is opposed by House Duras which is supported by the Romulans. Worf resigns from Starfleet to fight with Gowron, and his honor within the Klingon Empire is restored.
    ■      Jason McAllen graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Klingon Civil War

2368    With Gowron's forces outnumbered and on the verge of defeat, a Starfleet armada, led by Jean-Luc Picard and USS Enterprise-D, blockades Romulan supply lines. The Romulans are forced to withdraw, leaving Duras without support and Gowron victorious. Gowron secludes himself and begins to rewrite Klingon history, excising any mention of the Enterprise's help.
    ■      Reunification. Ambassador Spock is sighted on Romulus and the Federation Council ia concerned that he has defected. Actually, Spock working with an underground movement seeking to unify the Vulcan and Romulan peoples. Romulan officials attempt to exploit the movement in order to send an invasion fleet to Vulcan, but Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data and Ambassadore Spock uncover the plot and the invasion forces are destroyed.
    ■      Celebrated ambassador Sarek of Vulcan, Spock's father, dies at the age of 204 of complications from Bendii Syndrome.
    ■      Starfleet introduces the Danube-class runabout.
    ■      Julian Bashir graduates from the Starfleet Medical Academy.

2369   The Enterprise discovers an abandoned Dyson Sphere and the wreck of the USS Jenolan, where Montgomery Scott is found alive, suspended in the ship's transporter buffer.
    ■      The Cardassian Union ends its 41-year occupation of Bajor.
    ■      A Cardassian sneak attack on the Federation system Minos Korva in the McAllister C-5 Nebula is prevented by Captain Edward Jellico, temporarily in command of USS Enterprise-D. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is taken captive by Cardassians on Celtris III, but released after the embarrassing defeat of the Cardassians at the McAllister Nebula.

Klingon Civil War     ■      The mining station Terok Nor is abandoned during the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor. The Bajoran Provisional Government requests Starfleet assistance in maintaining the station and it is renamed Deep Space 9. Shortly afterwards, Commander Benjamin Sisko and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax discover the Bajoran Wormhole, the first stable wormhole known to exist.
    ■      A crucial victory is won for Spock's reunification efforts on Romulus when Vice-Proconsul M'ret defects to the Federation.
    ■      The crew of the Enterprise, along with Romulan, Klingon, and Cardassian interests, deciphers the last work of Professor Richard Galen. It proves a race of ancient humanoids were the common ancestors of most humanoid species in this region of the Galaxy. Afterword, most humanoid species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are collectively classified as Alphans.*
The Clone of Kahless     ■      Clerics on Boreth create a clone of Kahless the Unforgettable, hoping to use him to reunite the Klingon people. Worf uncovers the deception, but the clone is installed as the ceremonial Emperor of the Klingon people.
    ■      On Earth, the quadcentennial of Apollo 11's landing on the moon in 1969 is celebrated.
    ■      Another variant of the Starfleet uniform is released, this time with the entire outfit black except for the division color on the shoulders.
    ■      Darcy Malone graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2370   (stardate 47007.1) USS Equinox, commanded by Captain Rudolph Ransom, is commissioned.
    ■      Stardate 47025.4: A second Borg incursion into Federation space continues (having begun in 2369), as individualized Borg drones led by Lore, a Soong-type android, attempt to annihilate the Federation. Once again, the Borg are thwarted by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise-D.
    ■       Standard warp drive is discovered to have detrimental effects on the fabric of subspace. A program is launched to develop a safer means of warp travel, which is first incorporated on the Intrepid-class.
    ■      By supporting a Bajoran extremist group called The Circle, Cardassia attempts to regain influence on Bajor.
Captain Kathryn Janeway     ■      Kathryn Janeway is given command of Intrepid-class USS Voyager.
    ■      USS Pegasus is located in the Devolin system. The interphase cloaking device is retrieved by Admiral Erik Pressman and installed aboard the Enterprise-D, allowing it to escape Romulans from within an asteroid. Illegal Starfleet involvement in the development and testing of the device is revealed.
    ■      A group of Federation colony worlds declare unofficial war on the Cardassian Union after rejecting the Federation-Cardassian Treaty. They call themselves the Maquis.
    ■      Captain Jean-Luc Picard successfully passes a test of Humanity's worth issued by the Q Continuum and prevents the destruction of the Human race by a temporal anomaly.
    ■      Chief Miles O'Brien is captured tried by the Cardassians, who claim he is a member of the Maquis. In reality, the Cardassians hope to discredit the Federation and persuade Central Command to send ships into the DMZ and wipe out the Maquis.
The Jem'Hadar     ■      Commander Benjamin Sisko and others from DS9 are taken prisoner by the Jem'Hadar during a visit to the Gamma Quadrant. Although they are rescued, the Galaxy-class starship USS Odyssey is destroyed by a Jem'Hadar suicide attack.

2371   The Federation becomes aware of the Dominion threat after the USS Defiant returns from the Founders' homeworld in the Gamma Quadrant.
    ■      Maquis member Thomas Riker steals the USS Defiant and exposes a Cardassian military buildup in the Orias system.
    ■      USS Equinox is lost in the Badlands and pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. The ship sets a return course home, but encounters the Krowtonan Guard and is severely damaged while losing half of its crew.
Voyager departs     ■      USS Voyager departs Deep Space 9 on a mission to find the Maquis raider Val Jean. Both ships are thrown 75,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. The Caretaker's array, the only means home, is later destroyed by Captain Kathryn Janeway in order to protect the Ocampa. Voyager makes first contact with the Kazon, who immediately become hostile. Neelix and Kes join the Voyager crew. Janeway grants field commissions to the Maquis, assigning Commander Chakotay as first officer and Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres as chief engineer. Tom Paris is given the field commission of lieutenant and assigned to the conn. The ship's EMH is assigned as chief medical officer.
    ■      Kai Winn of Bajor and Legate Turrel sign the Bajoran-Cardassian Treaty, which sends political shock waves throughout the Alpha Quadrant.
    ■      In the Delta Quadrant, Voyager discovers a micro-wormhole and uses it to transmit a message to the Alpha Quadrant. A Romulan science vessel commanded by Telek R'Mor is contacted. However, it is later determined that the wormhole is a rift through time and that R'Mor is in the year 2351. R'Mor agrees to deliver the crew's personal messages to Starfleet at the appropriate time but is later discovered to have died in 2367. The messages were apparently never delivered to Starfleet.
    ■      The Romulans allow the USS Defiant to operate a cloaking device in exchange for Federation data on the Dominion. However, the Romulans send a Warbird to destroy Deep Space 9 and the wormhole. Their plan is thwarted by Chief Miles O'Brien.
    ■      Worf is promoted to lieutenant commander.

The star Amargosa collapses     ■      Dr. Tolian Soran, an El-Aurian, uses a trilithium weapon to collapse the Amargosa star. The USS Enterprise-D is destroyed over Veridian III, though nearly the entire crew survives in the ship's saucer section, which crash lands on the planet. Captain James T. Kirk emerges from the Nexus and is killed helping Jean-Luc Picard prevent Soran from destroying the Veridian system.
    ■      The Battle of the Omarrian Nebula. The Cardassian Obsidian Order and Romulan Tal Shiar are lured into a trap when they attack the Founders' homeworld in the Gamma Quadrant. The Romulan-Cardassian fleet of twenty ships is completely destroyed, crippling both organizations and weakeneing Alpha-Beta Quadrant defences against the coming invasion.
Sisko's promotion, 2371     ■      Benjamin Sisko is promoted to Captain.
    ■      It is discovered that the Founders have already infiltrated the Alpha Quadrant.

2372    The Klingon-Cardassian War begins when Chancellor Gowron is convinced by a Changeling posing as General Martok that the Cardassian government has been infiltrated by the Founders. The Klingon Empire invades the Cardassian Union and the Federation objects. Chancellor Gowron withdraws from the Khitomer Accords, ending the Federation-Klingon alliance.
Gowron's ultimatum     ■       The Second Federation-Klingon War. Changeling/Martok persuades Gowron to take further aggressive action. A Klingon task force attacks Federation forces in the First Battle of Deep Space 9 and the Empire annexes the Archanis sector from the Federation.
    ■      The Klingon Empire attacks three Romulan outposts along the border.
    ■      Starfleet introduces a new design for its type-2 phasers and tricorders.
    ■      USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) is launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards on stardate 49827.5, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
    ■      Roberto de la Cruz recieves a battlefield promotion to commander and takes command of USS ----- when Captain Eric Bourne is killed in battle against Klingons in Archanis sector.*

2373    After the true identity of General Martok as a Changeling is revealed, the Second Federation-Klingon War ends with a temporary cease fire. However, after the declaration, Klingon forces invade Ajilon Prime.
    ■      Starfleet Command declares USS Voyager officially lost with all hands.
    ■      Starfleet introduces a new uniform design which quickly replaces all uniforms in use, with gray quilted shoulders and department color indicated by the undershirt.
    ■      The Battle of Sector 001 takes place with the second major Borg incursion into Federation space. USS Enterprise-E plays a major role in the battle and pursues a Borg sphere into the year 2063 to prevent the Borg from interfering with Zefram Cochrane's historic warp flight.

The Dominion invades the Alpha Quadrant     ■      The Dominion War begins. Dominion forces invade the Alpha Quadrant and the Cardassian Union officially joins them. Klingon Chancellor Gowron reinstates the Khitomer Accords with the Federation. At the Second Battle of Deep Space 9, Dominion-Cardassian forces take control of Bajor sector.
    ■      In the Delta Quadrant, the Borg are attacked by Species 8472 after the Borg attempt to invade fluidic space.

2374    The crew of USS Voyager assists the Borg in driving Species 8472 out of the Delta Quadrant and back to fluidic space. In the aftermath, a single Borg drone, Seven of Nine, is marooned aboard Voyager and separated from the Collective.
    ■      The Seventh Fleet fails to stop the Dominion in the Tyra system. Only fourteen ships from a fleet of one hundred and twelve make it back to Federation lines.
    ■      USS Defiant successfully destroys a Dominion sensor array in the Argolis Cluster.

Operation Return     ■      Operation Return is one of the greatest engagements of the war as the Federation-Klingon Alliance drives Dominion forces out of Bajor sector and recaptures Deep Space 9.
    ■      The Dominion invades and occupies Betazed.
    ■      The Romulan Star Empire joins the Federation-Klingon Alliance against the Dominion after the Romulans discover questionable but sufficient evidence of a planned Dominion attack.
    ■      The First Battle of Chin'toka. A combined Federation-Klingon-Romulan fleet successfully invades the Chin'toka system, delivering the Dominion's first derious setback.
    ■      Through the actions of Dukat, a Pah-wraith is released and enters the Bajoran wormhole, sealing it and cutting the Bajoran people off from the Prophets. Dukat kills Jadzia Dax in the process.
    ■      Neral becomes Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire.
    ■      The Evora achieve warp drive.

2375    The Romulan Star Empire constructs a hospital on the Bajoran moon, Derna, but equips it with several thousand plasma torpedoes. Colonel Kira Nerys leads a blockade of the moon in protest, and the situation is resolved when Starfleet Admiral William Ross threatens the Romulans with Federation intervention.
    ■      IKS Rotarran destroys the Monac Shipyards by triggering a solar flare.
    ■      Benjamin Sisko finds the Orb of the Emissary. The Bajoran wormhole is reopened and Sisko returns to Deep Space 9.
    ■      In tha Delta Quandrant, USS Voyager enters a sparsely-populated region of space called the Void. While there, they discover a subspace vortex which brings them 2,000 light years closer to home.
    ■      The Evora become protectorate members of the United Federation of Planets.
    ■      Voyager raids a Borg sphere and steals a transwarp coil, which allows it to travel 20,000 light years. Seven of Nine is lured back to the Borg Collective by the Borg Queen, but she is later rescued by the Voyager crew.
    ■      The Breen Confederacy joins the Dominion and Breen forces raid Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco.

Death of Defiant     ■      At the Second Battle of Chin'toka, the Breen energy dampening weapon inflicts catastrophic damage to the Federation Alliance fleet. Destruction of USS Defiant.
    ■      Disobeying orders, Lieutenant Jason McAllen leads a boarding party to destroy a Breen warship by manually detonating a quantum torpedo. After charges are dismissed in court martial, McAllen is promoted to lieutenant commander. *
    ■      Determined to free his world from Dominion occupation, Damar forms and leads the Cardassian Rebellion.
    ■      General Martok assumes the leadership of the Klingon Empire as Chancellor after Lieutenant Commander Worf kills former chancellor Gowron in a duel.
    ■       The USS S�o Paulo is renamed USS Defiant under the command of Captain Benjamin Sisko.
    ■       The Cardassian Rebellion is crushed, but Cardassian citizens rise up against the Dominion. In response, the Jem'Hadar begin orbital bombardment of Cardassia Prime. Damar is killed in an attempt to storm Dominion Headquarters.

Alliance Fleet departs for Cardassia
    ■       The Battle of Cardassia. The Federation Alliance, with the aid of the Cardassian fleet which turns on its Dominion masters, takes control of the system. Dominion Headquarters is captured and Odo cures the Female Changeling of the morphogenic virus. She then orders Dominion forces to surrender. The Dominion War comes to an end.
    ■      At the request of Chancellor Martok, Worf becomes the Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS.
    ■      Captain Benjamin Sisko is lost, presumed dead, in the Fire Caves on Bajor, together with the former Cardassian leader, Dukat, and the Bajoran spiritual leader, Kai Winn Adami.
    ■       USS Voyager encounters the USS Equinox, another Starfleet vessel stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

2376    USS Voyager pursues the USS Equinox, which is destroyed by nucleogenic lifeforms. Only five crewmembers survive.
    ■       After five years, the Pathfinder Project at Starfleet's Communications Research Center establishes contact with Voyager. Eventually, Voyager is able to transmit and receive monthly data streams from the Alpha Quadrant.
Jason McAllen

2377    Borg drones capable of entering Unimatrix Zero begin a rebellion against the Collective, aided by USS Voyager. Communications between Voyager and the Alpha Quadrant improve when real-time communication is made possible.
    ■       Bajor's renewed application for Federation membership is granted and all Bajoran military forces are absorbed into Starfleet. Colonel Kira Nerys becomes a member of the Bajoran planetary government.
    ■       Lieutenant Commander Jason McAllen is transferred to DS9 as Security Chief.
    ■       Wesley Crusher returns to Starfleet at the rank of lieutenant junior grade.
Voyager returns

2378    Voyager Comes Home. One of the six Borg transwarp hubs is found and Captain Kathryn Janeway at first orders the ship to avoid it at all costs. Aided by technology brought from 2404 by the future Kathryn Janeway, and utilizing the Borg transwarp network, Voyager's seven-year odyssey through the Delta Quadrant comes to an end ... Miral Paris, daughter of B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris, is born during Voyager's trip home.
    ■       Captain Kathryn Janeway is promoted to Vice Admiral.
    ■       Roberto de la Cruz is promoted to Captain and given command of USS ---.Vice Admiral Janeway

2379    William T. Riker and Deanna Troi are married on Earth.
    ■       A military coup on Romulus results in peace overtures made towards the Federation. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, commanding the new Federation flagship USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class), is ordered to Romulus. He discovers a plot by the new Praetor, Shinzon of Remus (a Romulan-created clone of Picard), to lure the Enterprise to Romulus. The Enterprise-E is seriously damaged by Shinzon's ship, the Scimitar, during the Battle of the Bassen Rift. Shinzon is killed by Picard and the Scimitar is destroyed when the thalaron energy weapon on his ship is overloaded by Lieutenant Commander Data, who is also killed in the process.
Battle of Bassen Rift     ■      USS Hood (NCC-42296) is part of Star Fleet Battle Group Omega, sent to intercept the Scimitar. This marks the 94th year of service for the Excelsior-class design.
    ■       The Enterprise is towed back to Earth for repairs.
    ■      After the death of the Reman Praetor Shinzon, the Romulan Star Empire descends into turmoil and once again withdraws into isolation.* A Starfleet taskforce, led by the new Prometheus-class USS Titan (NCC-80102), is dispatched to the Romulan Neutral Zone. William T. Riker is promoted to captain of USS Titan, with Deanna Troi as ship's counselor and Lieutenant Wesley Crusher as Assistant Chief Engineer.

* Non-canon material exclusive to Star Trek: 2380.

2379 is the current end point of the Star Trek canon, in that no films or television series have been set chronologically later than the conclusion of Star Trek Nemesis. Scenes set in later years have always been presented as parts of alternate timelines or as "the future," and therefore subject to change due to actions taken in the "present."

Enterprise in dry dock

2380    USS Enterprise-E remains in dry dock at Earth undergoing repairs, with most of the crew on leave.
Captain de la Cruz     ■       The newly refitted and commissioned Akira-class USS Reliant is launched from Utopia Planitia Shipyard under the command of Captain Roberto de la Cruz.
    ■       The Tzenkethi attack a Federation colony near the border ...