DreamworldsOnline: My STO

Born in 2385, in the city of Seattle, Earth, of Scottish and Native American ancestry, Mac spent much of his youth between Earth and the colony on Dorvan V... As a child, Starfleet was never a goal. His grandfather, a member of the anti-Cardassian resistance known as the Maquis, was lost in the Cardassian/Jem'hadar sweep of the DMZ during the Dominion War. Mac's interests remained planetbound. His father, however, did join Starfleet. CDR Neil McAllen was killed aboard USS Montgomery Scott at Korvat in 2405. At age 19, Mac's attention shifted to space and the war with the Klingon Empire. He enlisted in Starfleet, passed the officer exam and received a security posting aboard USS Esperance upon graduation... Needless to say, Mac has little love for Cardassians or Klingons.

On stardate 87848, LtCdr McAllen recieved posting as executive officer aboard the heavy cruiser USS Bonaventure, Capt. Roberto de la Cruz commanding. He went on to serve as XO of the Vigilant class tactical escort USS Valiant B and the fleet escort USS Ranger B.
On stardate 87910, Mac was promoted to captain, given command of the USS Ranger and, subsequently, a refitted USS Valiant.